Jay Gruden: Redskins aren’t worried about DeSean Jackson off-field


Though it should have been apparent when they gave him a three-year, $24 million contract, Redskins brass said Monday they weren’t worried about how DeSean Jackson was going to fit in, or whether he was a risk.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden talked to reporters for the first time since the deal, and said he had no concerns.

I don’t know about any red flags,” Gruden said, via John Keim of ESPN.com. “I know he’s a great football player. We met him, I felt great about his character. Time will tell, but I don’t foresee any challenges in that regard. He’s a good player. He’s been productive. I think we’re excited to have him and anything off the field, we’re not concerned about.

“We’re counting on DeSean as a player and person moving forward that he’s going to be a fit in the locker room and obviously be a great asset off the field.”

General manager Bruce Allen likewise praised the obviously wise move me made, saying talking to other players was helpful in the process.

“We try to form our own opinions on people,” Allen said. “The way it transpired it gives us a full day just to get to know him. We feel he has a lot of good football in him and he’s a good young man. He wants to be great in the NFL.

“The player community is a very small group and everybody knows each other. They know the good and the bad and the indifferent. We felt very comfortable what we found out about him and felt very comfortable after talking to him and spending a day with him and seeing how he’d fit into the locker room. Our players embraced him.”

And they’ll likely continue to if he produces at last year’s rate, and doesn’t become the kind of player the Eagles were eager to get rid of.

46 responses to “Jay Gruden: Redskins aren’t worried about DeSean Jackson off-field

  1. we laugh at your ineptitude, washington

    you continue to make us all laugh, year, after year, after year

  2. Because we have bigger things to think about and greater things to achieve rather than our coach profiling people or labeling people as other organizations who are backwards or deceptive like Sterling is or shall I say stuck back like its still in the 1800’s.

  3. “He wants to be great in the NFL.”

    The most overused statement in all of sports. Someone let Desean know what it takes to be great and that “wanting it” is not going to get it done.

  4. lol at the Ravens fans coming here. No matter how many games or Super Bowls your Ravens win, the Redskins will still be more beloved around the Beltway region and surrounding areas. Heck, the Redskins are still loved throughout the south. It will never change. Get over it.

    No matter how many games the Ravens win and no matter how many game the Redskins lose, the Redskins will always, ALWAYS, be more cared about than the Ravens.

  5. Gullible just like those useless bureaucrats in DC.
    Over/under on when the fool gets picked up by the cops.
    Within 6 months

  6. Overpaying for questionable free agents has been one of Daniel Snyder’s signature ineptitude moves along with firing coaches.

    In the 14 seasons since Mr. Synder has been the majority owner, the Redskins have:

    -had double digit wins 3 times including the first season.
    -not won a playoff game.
    -a record of 104 wins and 140 losses for a winning percentage of .426.
    -7 head coaches and much staff turnover.

    They have been profitable for ownership.

  7. He. Just. Walked. In. The. Door.

    Give it time gentlemen, give it time.

    At least wait till the season starts and the Redskins open up 0-4 to start saying what you’re worried about.

  8. Griffin, Morris, Garcon, Jackson, Reed.

    Kerrigan, Hatcher, Orakpo.

    I like the Redskins to capture the NFC East crown for the second time in three years.

    Hail to the Redskins !

  9. He wants to be great in the NFL…don’t we all. But we’re not and the way he is headed, he won’t be either.

  10. Yeah Jay. The Eagles made it all up. Whatever makes you sleep better at night.

    I can’t wait for the circus to get rolling in DC this year. This will make it 23 years without a title. At least they will always have 2012. Arguably the greatest team to have ever lost on wild card weekend, or at least that is what they like to think.

  11. Our locker room is full of high character, leaders. Desean will be no problem what so ever. Eagles remember what you did when Desean is burning you guys twice a year.

  12. I don’t get some of the commenters saying they should be worried. Why? Jackson has NEVER gotten in any legal trouble, no DUIs, no arrests, nothing. We haven’t even heard of a speeding ticket. Jay Gruden is right, Redskins shouldn’t be worried about Jackson off the field.

  13. DeSean should bring a big box of cupcakes to the locker room on day one. Everyone enjoys cupcakes.

  14. For ALL THE HATERS of The Gang Banging Djackson. Questions when was he ARRESTED FOR ANYTHING? Just a question. And to ALL PHILLY FANS. You KEPT the known Racist…. But cut THE ALLEGED Gang Banger. Sounds like A Donald Sterling type Community. Bask in it!

  15. The fact that even Andy Reid did not inquire about him when he was released should tell you something

  16. Rams 1 legit Super Bowl, Seahawks and RedSlurs 0 super bowls without cheating! They should have azertik’s next to their name for either PEDs or shortened season! Oh well I guess we’ll have two more legit super bowls than either of those two losers! #sambradford4mvp #ramsownthe49ersseahawksandredslurs

  17. Incorrect again bobnelsonjr. They’ve won two playoff games under Snyder, and yes they have been very profitable under him also, and will continue to be.

  18. Skins fans act as if he’s Jerry Rice in his prime. But the facts are… He averages 66 yards a game after September. Half of his career 100 yard games are in September. He quit for nearly an entire season when he blew threw all his money and wanted more. I could care less about the punks he hangs out with. If Riley Cooper can become a decent receiver in Kelly’s system with an unproven Nick Foles as the QB, of course he can have a career year. Every year they sign or draft someone and all of the sudden he’s one of the greatest ever.He cares more about the off field stuff than anything else. Simple as that. With that pathetic defense, he won’t be fielding many punts, and that he was great at..

  19. Man. With the high-character DeSean Jackson and this year’s #2 pick, the Redskins are poised to become one of the elite teams in the NFL!

    Oh wait…..

  20. Redskins fans have a team that won all of 3 games last year, got Philadelphia’s used up WR and now think they are taking back the east? Man… What magical wonderland do you people live in?

  21. Maybe Jackson didnt respect kelly? Kelly seems solid and this year will tell.

    Im glad to have Desean in DC.

    I still don’t understand he led the team in receiving then gets cut? Must BE something there. It will come out sooner or later.

    Hopefully it doesn’t end with teams vanquishing a particular jersey

  22. Wow. Reading comments from people that do not like the skins are to funny. Makes me laugh. Did your momma not pay enough attention to you when you were little. You people just craaaave attention. Like please pay attention to me. Look i made a remark about the team name. Ooohh look i said something about dan snyder. Whhooaa look here ir3. Rgme. Etc. Etc. I mean seriously come up with something new. I hate the word troll but good zeus you give trolls a bad name. I mean absolutely no thought in what you write.

  23. Alligator Arms in Game one if asked to go across the middle. Nothing to play hard for with guaranteed money. Wait til they start 1-3. RG3 will be looking to Garcon and Desean will quit.

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