LeSean McCoy shrugs at Giants, praises Vick

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Eagles running back LeSean McCoy routinely offers up plenty of interesting sound bites.  On Monday, he provided a couple of them.

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, McCoy weighed in on both of the NFL’s New York teams, the Giants and the Jets.

As to the Giants, McCoy was unfazed by the offseason additions.  “I’m not paying attention to the Giants,” he said.  “What’ve they done?  Signed some guys.  Big deal.”

As to the Jets, McCoy is ready to declare a winner of the team’s quarterback competition between Geno Smith and Mike Vick.

“He’s going to be the Jets’ starting quarterback,” McCoy said of Vick.  “He’s way better than Geno Smith.  Way better.  That’s no contest.”

McCoy also believes Vick would still be the starter in Philly if he hadn’t gotten injured last year.  McCoy misses the fact that Vick gets injured pretty much every year.  Last year, his replacement, Nick Foles, was good enough to keep Vick on the bench after he healed.

This year, the ultimate question for Vick will be whether, once he’s inevitably injured, Smith will be able to play well enough to claim the job.

72 responses to “LeSean McCoy shrugs at Giants, praises Vick

  1. Who would argue with the statement that Vick is better than Smith? McCoy never thought much of the Giants. So what else is new?

  2. Yea Vick was so good he lost his starting job and could not get it back from Nick Foles. Vick looked horrible in the Chip Kelly offense looking lost and confused most of the time then what do you expect from a fool who was involved a dog fighting operation.

  3. I’ve long felt that if LeSean McCoy were not a member of my favorite team, I would absolutely despise the guy. The immature behavior, the diva attitude, the childish twitter battles he gets into…

    DeSean falls in that same category for me, and now that he plays for a division rival I can actually get to hate his guts for real now. Oh joy.

  4. I like McCoy. I can appreciate him getting behind his friend. But Foles was going to start at some point. Had way more upside than Vick and needed to develop, and he did just that. Plus Vick gets injured because he refuses to slide. Admirable, but stupid. He keeps that up, there’ll be no controversy.

  5. I would like to thank Mr. McCoy for providing the Giants with there first bulletin board material of the year. Should help focus the team at the task at hand because they really haven’t done anything yet. Should drive the already high voluntary program attendance even higher.

  6. Sometimes I wish Shady would just shut up. What have the Giants done? Win the Super Bowl since you’ve been drafted.

    I’m a die hard Eagles fan, but I wish players would just say “no comment” regards to other teams. Not only does he fuel the Giants, but he just threw Foles under the bus.

  7. Well of course Vick is better than Smith, hands down winner, no contest. Geno might turn out to be good in a year or so however, ya never know with QB’s. He has a strong arm and can move back there. He’s better than Sanchez although I think Sanchez could possibly be very good on another team. Its a roll of the dice with QB’s, one can be horrific for a few years and turn out to be one of the greats.

  8. lol “he’s way better than Geno Smith, way better.”…..two reasons this is funny.

    1) Vick is not that good a quarterback anymore–injury prone, turnover machine, not very accurate


    2) He’s still worlds better than Geno Smith, despite point number one


  9. Remind me again what did the Eagles do this off season. Oh that is right they dumped their “way better, that’s no contest” receiver, and according to McCoy the better of their 2 QB’s.
    Hmm, that must be the addition via subtraction theory.

  10. I have a feeling next year your going to see the same scenario with McCoy as you did Jackson. I bet Chip wants nothing to do with this guy. Think he would learn from what happened with Jackson and keep his mouth shut and in the play book. Though I cant say I hate him as a Raider fan, The fact that he shows up to Eagles games in Raiders gear is priceless.

  11. Eagles got vastly worse in the offseason with the big killer loss of Desean Jackson that they have no replacement for

    Giants got vastly better in the offseason with their free agent upgrades (Geoff Schwartz, Rashad Jennings, DRC, Walter Thurmond, Stevie Brown, Robert Ayers, JD Walton, John Jerry)

  12. Lady Gaga shouldn’t diss the Jets. He’ll be a Jet in 5 years because that’s where ol’ washed up RBs go to die.

    Btw Shady…Giants have done more in 3 years than the Eagles have done in 54.

  13. In 2 years ole Chippie will dump the Eagles like he did Oregon and leave them in shambles.

    You guys will be whining about Andy, Vick and Jackson. “Oh Chip screwed us”….ha ha

  14. McCoy is irritating. The Eagles will be better than they were last year, not because they dumped Jackson, but with a healthy Maclin along with Zack Ertz and Lane Johnson’s progressing, they’ll just have a better offense and one can only assume the draft will provide at least one week 1 upgrade at defense somewhere.

  15. hahaha this guy needs to shut his mouth.
    “I’m not paying attention to the Giants,” he said. “What’ve they done? Signed some guys. Big deal.”
    They’ve just won 2 super bowls, no big deal or anything.

  16. I love this guy as our RB but aside from football he is a total AH. Just ask the bar owners is Harrisburg that he stiffed out of paying his bill several times and the poor waiters and waitresses he stiffed out if tips. He is not a good guy !!!

  17. You can’t doubt Mccoy’s talent, he’s the most elusive back since Barry Sanders and it’s him and AP at the top of the NFL today.

    But you can certainly question his intelligence and common sense. The Giants, while coming off an awful year, have still had a ton more success than the Eagles have. Why can’t he just acknowledge what they’ve done and say we’ll see what happens in September? It’s not that hard, Shady.

  18. As an Eagles fan, I too shudder at some of McCoy’s comments and antics. The man can play though. But yeah, he should look at DeSean as an example not to follow and keep quiet more often.

    Not sure how the Giants’ previous Super Bowl wins will factor in to the next season as much as Manning’s increasing penchant for throwing the ball to the other team though….

  19. DRC was statistically a top 5 cb last year. He is not a horrible cb at all….he was just horrible as an eagle.

  20. Hey what did your team do McCoy? Oh yeah get rid of the one thing keeping Defenses from stacking the box on you. Oh by the way that guy they got rid of is now on a rival in the same divisions team. Now Morris gets the open lanes and we will be shrugging at your stats at the end of the year. Skins and Giants will battle for the division…Eagles will bottom feed with Dallas. HTTR

  21. It doesn’t matter who the Giants bring aboard.

    Their over all team attitude is what needs adjusting.
    I honestly believe that the current players have no faith in Eli.

    They respond to his body language on the field, and it’s more of a pouting little kid.

  22. It’s all good I hope he continues to run his mouth and show how pathetic he is and how they have NEVER won the BIG 1!!!! Hold up. GIANTS have won 4 you say? Hmm real winners have Championships and Eagle fans continue to wish they could just win the BIG 1 ONCE!! GO GMEN they can never take away our RINGS!!!

  23. This should surprise no one, and the reality of it is…? So what…?

    Giants aren’t going anywhere even if they make the playoffs. The only thing we need to watch is which NFC East comes out on top to get pummeled by the rest of the NFC in the end.

  24. I would actually feel bad for Eagles fans for having this bozo on their team…but they’re Eagles fans.

    “Shady” (cheesy nickname btw) should just pipe down until the Eagles win a Super Bowl. Or 2 in a decade.

  25. Eagles have no room to talk or shrug at the Giants. It’s all about winning the Super Bowl and the Giants have won 2 recently. My Skins have won 3. What have your Eagles won? Now shrug

  26. Giants fans, you should not be upset by this, and bring up the 2 Super bowls your team won since McCoy has been in the league. This guy is exuding obvious jealousy and it should be taken as a compliment.

    He is right to some degree, the Giants had a terrible season, and until proven otherwise, will be just as bad this year. They need a pass catcher more than a lineman. Without Nicks, or a TE who can catch, I see bad, bad things again for Eli.

  27. 19,480 days since the Eagles Last Title.

    Imagine not being able to celebrate with your kids or share with your Dad the joy of winning a SuperBowl…nope, can’t imagine that.


  28. Last time I checked, McCoy was on the Eagles when the Giants won the Super Bowl in ’11.

    The question is, Shady: what have YOU done? You can have the rushing numbers and the division title; Giants fans are happy to have the rings.

  29. As an Eagles fan I wish he would keep his mouth shut. But it is a bit baffling that the Giants (an organization I respect, unlike that franchise in Washington which is a complete joke) would go out and sign 20 free agents….if not exactly the “Dream Team” the “lets throw a bunch of s..t against the wall and see if it sticks” team. Just not usually their m.o.

  30. “What’ve they done?”

    10/6/13 – 20 carries for 46 yards, 2.3 yards a carry, 1 TD

    10/27/13 – 15 carries for 48 yards, 3.2 yards a carry, 0 TD

    Apparently the Giants have figured out how to take you out of the game.

  31. lol he really said Vick is way better?? I mean sure but I would question a guys decision making ability to come out and say something like this to the press. Unreal!!

  32. So what have the Giants done? How bout got better, and let’s review in 2 games last year against the Giants you gained a whoping 94 yards and 1 TD so I would say they SHUT U DOWN

  33. Seriously, how dumb is this guy?

    Eagles fans, this is simple football. You used to have secondaries fearing your outside wideout.
    They don’t anymore. How does your RB figure he will be as successful? Arrogance.

    The last time he started a verbal altercation with the Giants, they won the Superbowl. Please, continue to show what a moron you really are.

  34. The fan talking smack about the rest of the NFC pummeling who ever limps out of the NFC east better watch out. Last time the Giants limped into the playoffs they wiped the floor with the group of ya.

  35. boycord says:
    Apr 28, 2014 6:59 PM

    Kiss the rings McCoy, and that goes for all Eagles fans as well.

    typical bitter I cant think of anything else to say type comments. Love it

  36. Geno was a different QB the last 4 games of last year.
    Considering the guy never ran a pro style offense, he came a long way.
    And when you consider the lack of weapons he had, it’s even more impressive that he was able to actually grow as the year went on.
    He may surprise some people this year given the talent they have added on offense.

  37. “I’ve long felt that if LeSean McCoy were not a member of my favorite team, I would absolutely despise the guy. The immature behavior, the diva attitude, the childish twitter battles he gets into…”

    McCoy may be a diva, but he’s OUR diva 🙂

  38. I’m a Giants fan and have learned to WATCH McCoy instead of listen to him. When I watch him, I see maybe the most talented runner in the NFL.

    I can only hope the Eagles keep him neutered with their fancy office. If he was on my team I’d give him the rock all day long.

  39. I can’t believe that Eagles fans would have the nerve to talk about overspending on free agents. Do you remember your ” dream team” of 2011? Now quit being hypocrites.

  40. McCoy is a great player but he is even better at running his mouth. He is the type of guy that will split a locker room because he cant think of his team mates before he gets diarrhea of the mouth and he is too good for the coach to get rid of. Way to support your QB (Foles) McCoy!

  41. I also remember McCoy saying that he felt his rushing would suffer after Foles took over for Vick because the defenses wouldn’t have to worry about the QB scrambling. He’s wrong alot when he talks.

  42. “Last year, his replacement, Nick Foles, was good enough to keep Vick on the bench after he healed.”

    Lord what a stupid comment. Foles was the highest rated QB in the NFL and what, third highest in history?
    That is supposed to reflect poorly on Vick?

  43. Hey Chip the 49ers on line 1. They said you can have Lamichael James for a 6th rounder. Then U can cut McCoy and save 7 million a year.

  44. He is right, NYG are an absolute joke & have signed nothing but trash…as 4 NYG fans giving history lessons, do I come on here & talk about my steelers SBs? No, I live in the present, last year we stunk & we aren’t looking much better for this year — but def better than the NYG, who have a horrible D-line & an even worse O-line —- still no #1WR & no TE & oh btw, an old injured QB coming off surgery and led the league in interception (elite? Lol)…maybe 5-11, lucky to be in an awful division..(good thing Mara made sure the cowboys & redskins were financially crippled by the league for not following imaginary rules…the past 2 years)
    Folks…thank John Mara for constantly hurting the league…real nice..keeping it classy!!!

  45. Vick has never been a good quarterback. That he’s better than Geno Smith only means Smith is horrible.

  46. Eagle asking what have the Giants done is hilarious. Should be thankful the Giants have some NFC playoff wins and titles for the East the past decade.

  47. The Giants were 7-9 last year. That’s not good. It’s slightly below average. I don’t get why everyone thinks they were horrible. They were just on the lousy side of mediocre. It’s not like they were the 3-13 Redskins after all.

    You are what your record says you are. At this point everyone is 0-0.

  48. What’ve they done….huh? ANSWER: Won 4 Super Bowls including 2 in the last 6 seasons. Mr Mccoy riddle me this……..What haven’t the Eagles done? ANSWER: Won anything since 1960. Pre Super Bowl era. Last time the Eagles won weren’t helmets made of leather…….lol

  49. His comment, much like those of a lot of athletes these days, wreaks of arrogance. What he fails to realize is his luck of still being wanted by an actual NFL team, albeit the team is the ever dysfunctional skins. And the reality is if he underperforms in the next couple of years, Washington may very well be his last stop. Keep talkin’, see who really cares when you’re out and trying to find a team that will sign you for even the low veteran minimum, ala TO and Ochocinco, oh wait, this worked out differently and with much better result for them…. Yeah right!!!!

  50. kev86
    Apr 28, 2014, 10:15 PM EDT
    Eagle asking what have the Giants done is hilarious. Should be thankful the Giants have some NFC playoff wins and titles for the East the past decade.


    Kevin are you a history major? No one cares about the past…do u see me me talking about my steelers?

  51. Last time I remember Shady running his mouth, he was attacking Osi and bitter after the Giants won their 4th SB while the “dream team” was having a nightmare. “It should have been us” was Shady’s bitter whine on social media. This was at the same time that Michael Vick was declaring the Eagles a dynasty, comparing them to the 49ers and Cowboys. How’d that work out for them? 4-12.

    As a Giants fan, I’m not sure that I would even disagree with Shady. But I not sure what he’s running his mouth about how the Giants aren’t any good. It’s not like he’s ever won a SB, or even one playoff game. And by the way, his playoff performances have been rather pedestrian. Despite the Eagles hype, the only playoff team they beat last year was the Packers with no Aaron Rodgers. With good fortune they were able to beat Kyle Orton and the Cowboys to squeak into the playoffs and got knocked out at home in the first round. Nothing to talk about Shady!!

    Bottom line is that you don’t hear from the guys with the rings like Brady, Brees, Mannings (yes Eli included), Rodgers, Roethlisburger, Russell Wilson

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