Michael Robinson likely retiring


Fullback Michael Robinson rejoined the Seahawks during the 2013 season and stuck with them through a Super Bowl title that put a very happy twist on a year that started with a health scare that caused him to lose over 30 pounds while making two trips to the hospital.

That might turn out to be something of a Hollywood ending for Robinson’s NFL career. His contract expired after the Seahawks won in New Jersey and Robinson is exploring other career options in the event his career comes to an end, something Robinson called likely.

“There really isn’t a market for 31-year-old fullbacks headed into their ninth year in the league,” Robinson said, via StateCollege.com. “Economically speaking, I understand that. I’m going to give myself a little time after the draft to let teams see how their rosters shake out. After seeing what happens, I’m probably going to call it a career.”

Robinson has done some broadcasting for major outlets as well as running his own web show and he’s branching out into acting with an appearance on The Young and the Restless next month. The future’s a lot brighter on those fronts than they are for 31-year-old fullbacks, which may mean it is time to get familiar with an unhelmeted Robinson.

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  1. What a realistic outlook. Nice to know he’s not going to be dragged from football kicking and screaming.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to set my DVR to record The Young and the Restless.

  2. Mike Rob has been nothing but the consummate professional.

    He nearly lost his life to a medical condition, lost his roster spot to Derrick Coleman, and worked his way all the way back, to finally be rewarded with a Super Bowl ring. All in the space of one season.

    And not one single word of complaint, self-pity or frustration throughout.

    An example that some younger players around this league could do well to follow.

  3. He’s a solid player and it also sounds like he’s got a good perspective on things. Here’s hoping for success in his new ventures.

  4. Hes just sayin this so a team will pick him up. Why wont the Seahawks take him back as he just helped their team win a superbowl. Their running game and defense is the reason why they are so good and won it all.

  5. Mack Strong followed up by Michael Robinson, hard acts to follow, both on the feild and in life. Grateful I got to watch both of them in Seattle.

  6. The man will be a regular on NFL Network very soon. I think Sharper will not make it back so there is one opening for sure. Storybook ending for both, who dat just happens to be the villan. Go Hawks!

  7. He had huge shoes to fill taking over for Mack Strong. But he filled them and then some. Outstanding player, outstanding person and there’s no doubt he’ll do great things whether he’s in pads or not. Derrick Coleman now has the huge shoes to fill and by all accounts he seems talented and humble enough to do so. Best of luck to Mike Rob and keep your phone close in case Coleman has another injury.

  8. Michael Robinson is a solid citizen, one who was mentored by Joe Paterno. Yes, that evil and malicious Joe Paterno.
    It’s quality people like Michael Robinson who Mr. Paterno coached and molded. Robinson is one of many reasons the city of State College, Pa., is soon going to erect a statue in honor of Mr. Paterno.

  9. This is a smart guy w/ lots of friends/connections and a great personality. Whatever he does, I’m sure he’ll be great at it.

    Thanks MikeRob for the years and the Lombardi! Best of luck!

  10. One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He has a great career ahead of him in Broadcasting. He could take over for Darren Sharper on the NFL network in a heartbeat.

  11. As a fan, I always hope guys who play really love the game, but I realize that some play for money only. I think Robinson is a guy who loves the game. You can tell by the way he has so much knowledge about other teams and players, along with the fact that he was willing to change positions to play in the NFL. I’ve always respected him, and I wish him well. He is fantastic on TV so I hope he continues that.

  12. Met MikeRob in person and he was awesome. Even teased my girlfriend, who was instantly won over. Dude is humble, personable, extremely bright and very quick on his feet. He’ll have a great future in broadcasting and/or acting, whatever he chooses.

  13. Used to love watching him at Penn State.

    He seems like a class-act…and you always love seeing those kinds of guys be able to go out on their own terms when they want.

    I wish him nothing but the best.

  14. One of my favorite Seahawks of all time. Class act. Hard worker. Funny and engaging off the field. One of the true leaders of the team. He’ll be missed, but I have no doubt that he’ll be as successful as he wants to be post-football.

    I just hope he can find time to give Pryor a talking-to about switching positions in the NFL.

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