Orakpo bristles at suggestion that he has something to prove


Washington outside linebacker Brian Orakpo wants a long-term deal, but the team has so far given him just the one-year franchise tag, with coach Jay Gruden saying it might make sense for all involved to give Orakpo a year to show what he’s worth on the free market.

But Orakpo says he’s already done everything he has to do to earn that long-term deal. According to the Washington Post, Orakpo bristled at the notion that he has to do anything more to convince the team of his value.

“Oh, I’ve got to prove myself again, huh? I don’t have to prove myself to anybody. I’m already proven in this league,” Orakpo said. “Like I said, I’m here. I have a great relationship with Coach Gruden. I have a great relationship with Bruce Allen, and I have a great relationship with Mr. Snyder, and I’m here. It is what it is. I signed my franchise tag. I’m here. So, play it out, whatever the case may be, I still want something long-term. But I’m not going to be in a situation where I’m holding out, this and that stuff and I’m a distraction and all that comes with it. But I don’t need to prove anything to nobody. That goes for fans, that goes for media, anybody. I’m well proven in this league, and if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. I don’t have to prove anything to anybody.”

Orakpo is a three-time Pro Bowler who had 10 sacks last season, so it’s easy to see why he thinks he’s already proven what kind of player he is. But while he may be eager to get a long-term contract, the guaranteed base salary of $11.45 million he’ll get this season as Washington’s franchise player is a pretty good deal.

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  1. Despite those two freak injuries, Orakpo has been fairly solid to say the least. If you were only looking at his sack numbers you would only think he was slightly above average, but in reality he only rush 2/3 of the time the top 5-8 pass rushers do.

  2. Dear Rak,

    You (and every other franchise tagged player in the history of the world) still have something to prove.

    The only way you’re going to get the money you want from anyone is to ball out.

  3. Rak. If you want a top tier deal for a OLB, then yes you have something to prove, a you haven’t performed up to that level. Get at least a nice 12 sack season then he should get a nice deal.

  4. I think it’s funny that Snyder will give DeSean Jackson big money and lock him up but won’t pay Orakpo long term. He’s right, he doesn’t need to prove anything. He’s more important to that teams success then RG3 is and is a class act to boot.

  5. He does have something to prove – that he can lead his team to a championship, and not have the 32nd ranked defense in the NFL.

    You have a self proclaimed best DB in the league, you regard yourself as one of the best. You have a DL that can rush. What’s the problem Rak?

  6. Orakpo, RG3, D-Jax…Oh boy. Nothing like a team filled w/ selfish, me-first players who are going to drive Jay Gruden out of coaching & into broadcasting w/ his brother.

  7. Every time a player steps onto the field they have “something to prove,” I love Orakpo! (He’s my 2nd most favorite player on the team behind Moss) But, he should have never said what he said.

    Even Tom Brady & Peyton Manning have to prove they can be as good or better than last year, this year!

    No one is ever entitled to have their job, everyday you must prove you deserve it!

  8. He does have something to prove, he has finished 3 of his 5 years on the disabled list.

    He needs to prove durability and that he has more than 1 move to the QB.

  9. I agree with Orakpo. Everyone knows he is a baller. What does he have to prove? Meanwhile, make that nice franchise paycheck for a yr.

  10. Rak and the rest of the Skins are gonna bring it this year. The east will be ours again. HTTR

  11. Every morning you wake up, you have something to prove. Unless you’re JaMarcus or Haynesworth or similar. Nice group to associate yourself with, Brian.

  12. If he wants a better or long range contract he better dominate this year. Rak despite him believing that he does not have anything to prove which is ok well he has not had a steady injury free career. Rak is a beast but a lot still remains to be seen.

  13. He needs to step his game up, so that Washington can get into the playoffs.

    Seattle needs a warmup opponent in the postseason, and nobody has ever filled that role better than the Washington Redslurs. 3 times in a decade.

    Hail to the Russell!!

  14. He certainly has the talent and anyone who watches him knows it…but that has never been the question. His issue is and always has been staying healthy. His pass rushing abilities aren’t of much use to them if he can’t stay on the field…

  15. Every great athlete always feels they have something to prove. I’m sure Lebron James still feels he has something to prove. When Michael Jordan was 40 years old playing for the Wizards, he had something to prove.

    ORAKPO. YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO PROVE EVERY YEAR YOU LACE THEM UP. If nothing else, you’re proving that you can still do it…God forbid prove you’re improving??!


  16. He’s getting annoying with these comments. The first time he said something like this it was in response to him not having any new pass rush moves (i.e. spin, club, up and under). All he does is speed rush and bull rush. SMH Great players constantly ADD to their game. They don’t stand pat. He’s wearing out his welcome. Play out the tender and go rip someone else off to do the same 2 moves and get 10 sacks.

    Here’s a hint. If you can get 10 sacks with the same two moves. Imagine what you could do if you actually GOT BETTER. SMH Then maybe you’d deserve to get paid the way you want to be.


  17. I remember those days when Montana, Marino, Lawrance Taylor, Elway, Breez, Brady all said that they have proven themselves.

    You’re a quick one Orakpo….. smh

  18. incredible.. these entitlement loving players making millions

    yes, Rak, YOU do need to prove… every damn game you play… something… so shut your mouth and prove you can stay on field and that you can be a top player.. and prove it every game

  19. Raks claim to fame.. at this pt… only guy to ever be traded by his team in Pro Bowl (and not really PBowl player.. he was a damn replacement)

    guy is primarily a bull rusher

    and I’m ticked that he let a little boo boo keep him off field in last Skins/Cowgirls game when all Skins needed to save a little pride was for him to rush .. a little.. on one play…. and he was not so injured he could not have played (even players said he was fine)

    Rak… you have a lot to prove.. and I am hardcore Skinsfan

  20. Orakpo still has a lot to prove. Kerrigan already seems like a better player than Rak. He’s not great in coverage and he seems like he’d be better suited in a 4-3 as a defensive end. I know he played outside linebacker in a 4-3 when he first was drafted 12th by the Redskins with Jim Zorn. But his 11 sacks mostly came when they had his hand in the dirt on 3rd downs and passing/blitzing situations as a defensive end. I hope he has a break out year and shows he’s worth the money (even as a franchise tagged player, he’s making a lot regardless). For him to prove his worth he needs a 12+ sack year and needs to read run better as well as play better when in coverage..

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