Ray Rice’s court date has been pushed back


Everything else in the NFL is getting pushed back on the calendar this year, so why should Ray Rice’s day in court be any different.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, Rice was supposed to appear at his arraignment conference for felony aggravated assault charges, but it was pushed back to Thursday.

While there’s still plenty we don’t know about the night Rice allegedly punched his then-fiance, now-wife Janay Palmer, we do know that the Ravens are standing by their man.

Both owner Steve Bisciotti and coach John Harbaugh have said they expect to keep him, and it would be naive to think finances didn’t play a part in that, since they’ve already paid him $25 million the last two seasons.

Rice could face jail time if convicted, though he could avoid that through a first-time offender diversionary program. The league can sanction him without a conviction, via a fine and/or a suspension, but hasn’t ruled yet.

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  1. Dude knocked her out cause she wouldn’t stop nagging him. They were fighting and that was his logic to end the fight. Diddle diddle ray rice shouldnt be going up the middle for awhile. He should have jail time for this and be shamed.

  2. Of course it was pushed back, he married the witness.
    She isn’t testifying. Nothing but a slap on the wrist, waste of time and money. He weaseled out of it.

  3. I’m sure there’s no possibility that the Ravens are merely deferring to the league for any appropriate punishment for Rice at all. I mean, it’s not like there was any precedent set before like with Ben and the Steelers or anything (who had a much longer list of personal conduct issues at the time than Rice has ever had).

    Speaking of Ben, I find it quite interesting that Steelers fans all wanted his head on a plate at first and were outraged that the Rooneys chose to stick with him. Then five months later, the Steelers were in the Super Bowl, and he was quickly forgiven for his indiscretions by both fans and across the league. So why are fans so quick to crucify Rice here when there’s a perfectly appropriate precedent in Ben?

  4. Aldon Smith is considered worse than Ray Rice because his laundry list of misconduct is much, much longer than Rice’s. I’m not excusing Rice in the slightest when I say that, but Smith has had ample opportunity to straighten himself out, and yet he has shown no motivation to do so. He’s already been arrested four times, and had to miss 5 games last year because he had checked himself into rehab (which hasn’t apparently helped him much). His off-field antics have impacted his ability to contribute on the field, and he’s a negative influence in the locker room.

    Rice was never in trouble with the law prior to the incident with his now-wife in Atlantic City. He was a very active member of the community, participating in fundraisers and kids all around Baltimore. What he had allegedly done (and unless he’s convicted by a jury, the appropriate term is “allegedly”) was reprehensible, but he hasn’t caused the kinds of trouble or headaches that Aldon Smith has.

  5. First time offender programs are patently ridiculous. Especially when it comes to domestic violence.

  6. If Rice had any sense whatsoever, and that obviously is an entirely separate debate, he’d enter a plea deal now and end this as soon as possible. Short of the tape showing his fiancé individually head-butting the elevator wall, he will lose in both the court of law and public opinion.

  7. You can’t compare Ben to Ray because no charges were filed. Also Ben didn’t hit a WOMAN, but I guess as a raven fan that is ok…. Shameful you can’t see that.

  8. So you people that thumbs downed the aldon smith ray rice comparison think its better to knock a women out cold then own fire arms and flip out at an airport? All I can say to that is WOW.

  9. Yes maybe Aldon has been arrested more times, but what Rice did is far more scummy then what Aldon has done COMBINED. It is utterly pathetic. If they both wound up in prison, guess who would be a target? The women beater. Even low life scum have no respect for that. And I sures hell don’t.

  10. If this were a normal person they would have been convicted already and serving time. Just goes to show how notoriety can buy your freedom. Lost all respect for the man. Simple as that.

  11. The NFL loves to show their love of women by weraing pink a few games a year, but when it comes to the nasty issue of violence against women all we get out of them is garbage. It is disgusting that the Ravens have publicly given Rice support. The Harbaugh brothers are turning out to be blowhards without a moral compass. The league and teams don’t need a conviction to suspend a player. He should have been immediatly suspended from all team/league activities until the league finished its own investigation. Disgusting.

  12. Ray Rice is a piece of trash and deserves a short stay in jail for what he did. Even though he married her there is enough video evidence to convict him without her testimony. Cant hide from this one.

  13. Raven’s fans have hammered other team’s fans for players who have broken the law, they’re the first ones to start pointing fingers, but now that it’s one of their own, it’s “he didn’t do anything that bad.” Pathetic that this clown still has a job and wasn’t cut immediately after the indictment, there is never an excuse to beat a woman.

  14. And with the 17th overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Baltimore Ravens select…
    And with the 48th pick in the 2014…aw, you get it.

  15. Oh, so Ben allegedly sexually assaulting two women is okay as long as he didn’t hit them at all? How exactly is that consistent?

    Plus, there’s the case of his DUI while joyriding on his motorcycle without wearing a helmet. Shortly before that accident, there was an alleged case where he was riding around a highway near Pittsburgh – also not wearing a helmet – where he had flipped off a local TV station van.

    There was a pattern of bad behavior over several years with Ben. Once he was suspended in 2010, he got his life together and hasn’t been in trouble since. The point is he had a very long list of incidents, much longer than what Ray Rice has allegedly done.

    Ray Rice deserves to face punishment by both the legal system and the NFL. I’m not arguing against that. What I am saying is that Ben’s history is a precedent, and Steelers fans chose to forgive and forget.

  16. This is domestic violence and the Ravens have in many ways say its OK with us. Where are you at God-del and all your mighty clean up the league talk.

  17. Steelers fans were very critical of Ben when the news came out, especially the second time. As the process took place it became obvious these women saw dollar signs and Ben did not commit the acts that he was accused of, hence the fact that he was never charged.

    While Ray Rice will get his day in court now is the time to be critical. Unlike Ben, Rice had his incident video taped so its not a stretch to think it happened… unless your a Ravens fan.

    Also, its not illegal in PA to ride a motorcycle without a helmet and there was no DUI so stop making things up.

    My point is, just because hes a player on your favorite team doesnt mean you should condone his actions or make excuses. Especially when you have been throwing stones at houses in rival cities for years.

  18. Who’s condoning Ray Rice or making excuses? I said his alleged actions were reprehensible and that he deserves whatever punishment the court decides, as well as whatever Goodell hands down in the league.

    I honestly thought Ben had a DUI in his motorcycle accident. If that was a wrong presumption, then egg on my face.

    It’s NEVER fair to be critical of anyone going through due process. I don’t care if you were there and saw the events transpire with your own two eyes; unless an individual is convicted of a crime in a court of law, EVERYTHING is *alleged*. Talk to any lawyer, or any first-year law student. They will tell you the same thing.

    The only way Ray Rice can be fairly criticized is if a jury found him guilty. It’s even unfair to lump him in with Lawrence Taylor, because at least in Taylor’s case he was found guilty.

  19. He should be fine if all he did was beat his wife. Apparently is SAYING something wrong is what gets you in trouble with the media.

  20. No DUI for Ben, but he was riding the bike on an expired permit. As for the helmet, there is a law, for the first 2 years of being licensed a person must wear a helmet. So if his permit/license were up to date he would’ve broke the helmet law. There wasn’t enough evidence against Ben for either alleged rape. That is the main reason Steeler nation forgave. He earned the suspension for putting himself in bad situation and thankfully he learned his lesson.

    Rice is a first time offender but it’s a doozy of an offense. Video footage and plenty of witnesses. I believe his wife can be forced to testify since the incident happened before they were married. He should be suspended, 4 games reduced to 2 and he should take it upon himself to make a sizable donation to a local women’s shelter.

  21. I honestly thought Ben had a DUI in his motorcycle accident. If that was a wrong presumption, then egg on my face.

    It’s not an egg it’s a freakin omelette!
    You made the mistake of comparing Ben to Ray Rice and making up lies along the way. The fact is you support an abuser of woman as long as it benefits your team which shows you to be a morally corrupt person . Your attempts after the fact to restate your case so you don’t support an abuser are comically weak.

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