Report: Saints won’t pick up option on Mark Ingram

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The New Orleans Saints already expressed their intention to pick up the fifth-year option for defensive end Cam Jordan. However, it doesn’t appear they will give the same treatment to running back Mark Ingram.

According to Jason La Canfora of, the Saints do not intend to pick up the option for Ingram.

Ingram was selected by the Saints with the 28th pick of the 2011 NFL Draft. As per terms of the new collective bargaining agreement, all draft picks sign four-year contracts with first-round selections having a team option for a fifth season. The deadline for teams to pick up that fifth-year option for players from the 2011 draft is May 3.

The Saints electing to pass on picking up the option for Ingram isn’t particularly surprising. He’s started just 12 of the 37 games he’s appeared in the last three seasons. His best year came in 2012 when he rushed for 602 yards and five touchdowns.

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  1. The fact that Ingram has never lived up to his billing isn’t so much a knock on him as it is a testament to those incredible Bama OLs he ran behind. In retrospect he shouldn’t have been a 1st round pick but at 28 it’s not like the Saints reached stupendously on him either.

  2. Atleast I won’t have to convince myself NOT to draft him AGAIN for FF. Man, what a disappointment. I thought the 1st yr was definitely bc Payton wasn’t there. Then I figured the 2nd yr ineptitude was bc Payton was unsure how to use him. The 3rd yr I believed Payton when he said this was the yr he’s ‘really’ gonna use him. Yeah, that worked out well. I FINALLY learned my lesson. & now I won’t even have the option. I’d love to kno the real reason for his less than stellar ‘career’ up to this point.

  3. Thank christ. they need to drop his arse before the season starts. Dropped passes, fumbles, injury prone, and the like. It dont matter if they are switching to a zone blocking scheme fully this year, robinson, thomas, and cadet are much better choices. maybe even another undrafted or late flyer in this draft to fill his very small role.

    get rid of him now before he costs the saints another game.

  4. Good news for Ingram! Now he can go to a team whose entire game plan isn’t about padding Drew Brees’ stats, and he can have a shot at showing what he can do.

  5. Strange piece of business from the Saints – to trade up in the draft to pick an RB who is only going to be part of a commitee.

    Ingram has been underwhelming so far – another guys benefitted from an awesome college O-line.

  6. Just too bad he’s still on the team this year. Complete bust in the NFL. Against college teams he was a beast. Goes to show that you never can tell what you get from the draft and I hope it does not happen again this year.

  7. So who are they going to replace him with? They sent Chris Ivory to the Jets and kept somebody who did little for just one more year. Great move Saints!

  8. Of course they won’t. He was probably the best RB in the draft at that time but never really fit into New Orleans offense. He’s had a good run there but it’s time to turn the page. He could be a good backup somewhere else.

  9. Makes sense. Let him prove that he’s worth it, if he does then they can either trade him next year or keep him, I’m sure they will pick up another back either late in the draft or an unsigned free agent…

  10. Ingram’s best year was actually last year when he came on like a ball of fire. He might have had better numbers in previous years but he was twice the runner at the end of last year than he was at any other time of his pro career.

  11. Colts should jump all over him. They could fill their backfield with ex-Tiders who never lived up to their potential.

  12. No guarantee Ingram will even last through this season, as Saints will probably draft his replacement – a true Deuce McAllister-type power back – next month. I would also not be totally shocked if the Jets let Ivory go (having signed Chris Johnson) and Ivory ends up back with the Saints.

  13. No surprise that they’re not picking up the option, but that doesn’t mean they won’t resign him to an extension. His one year option would be for $5.2M, which is higher than the current market rate for running backs. Based on his past production I don’t see him being able to demand more than about $3M/year — if that.

  14. Good for Ingram! Now he can move on from the Napoleonic coach and qb who don’t seem all that interested in running the ball.

  15. “Let’s face it we reached on Ingram. ”

    I still don’t know what the Saints were thinking. If it’s all about throwing on every down so Brees can break records, fine. But why move up to take a running back?

  16. He wasn’t a reach at the 28th pick, but they TRADED UP to get him, only to put him in a pass happy offense in a rotation with P. Thomas, C. Ivory and D. Sproles. He spent his limited carries running tentative and playing with nagging injuries. He showed flashes of goodness in 2012, and really ran hard towards the end of 2013. I would like to see him get more opportunities and make the best it.

  17. I’m a huge Saints fan, and here are my thoughts.

    Ingram stayed injured with turf toe…it seemed like he sat out forever with that injury. He came back from it and instantly re-aggravated it. It seemed like he was injury prone there for a while. Maybe he just wasn’t used to indoor turf?

    He did pretty good at the end of last season, but it seemed like too little too late. He needs to really prove himself this season. Keep in mind that one of his “great” games was against that Cowboys defense that gave up 40 first downs. He also needs to work on ball security a little.

    I like the guy, and I hope he proves himself, but it seems like a waste of a 1st round pick. Payton hoped that Ingram would be some sort of monster back to supplement the pass game and take the pressure off of Drew, but instead, he sat out a bunch with turf toe and only started to prove himself at the end of his third year against suspicious defenses. The Saints have gotten more mileage out of un-drafted free agent running backs.

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