Report: Seahawks reach a big deal with Earl Thomas


Last week, it sounded like things were close between the Seahawks and cornerback Richard Sherman on a new deal, which may not have been as close as it sounded.

Now, another member of their secondary has beaten him to the bank.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Seahawks have locked up star safety Earl Thomas to a long-term contract.

The deal is said to make him the highest paid safety in the game.

A deal with Sherman could happen as well, as the Seahawks begin paying off all that cheap young talent they accumulated.

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  1. In other, much more depressing news, the Eagles drafted Brandon Graham and Nate Allen…

  2. Few players are worth being paid top dollar at their spot. ET is one of them.

    Love how a lot of teams don’t value the position, and think if you have an old corner who’s lost a step…aw just stick him out at safety!

    Thomas + Chancellor = makes the defense work.

  3. 3 players (Sherman,Thomas and Wilson)will account for at least 35 percent of their salary cap when all is said and done. That my fellow posters is not an ingredient for long term success.

  4. lol you can’t have a `dynasty’ by making all your players the highest paid at their position. This team will be good for a few seasons before they crumble under the cap just like every other dominant team in this era of football

  5. So begins the reckoning that accompanies going from one of the youngest teams in the league to a veteran squad. Sherman and Thomas will eat a bunch of cap space, and Russell Wilson comes up for his negotiating window after the 2014 season. Teams in today’s NFL are going to struggle to compete every year, so they will either keep rebuilding around the core players, or repeatedly starting over like the Hawks did a few years ago. General managers have to be a lot more savvy in this new way of doing things, and will more than earn their salary if they can compete annually for the playoffs and championships.

  6. Thanks for the reminder Eagles fan. I remember when Phili traded up in the first round that year and totally thought they’d take Thomas. They passed on him and Hawks took him right after and Seattle has been happy ever since.

  7. Dude Really. Your comparing Earl Thomas to Harrison Smith. Im a Irish fan to the core but get real. This guy is the best safety in the game and its not even close

  8. Now if only they could play Peyton Manning every game for an entire season. Would 50 ints and 20 safeties be in the cards?

  9. Beginning of the end. Carroll has been away from the college game for a few years and all of their young studs need to get paid. At least they got the ring out of it.

  10. Thomas negotiated his contract the right way-confidentially between the 2 parties with the appearance of a team player. Richard should have adopted that approach.

  11. I was so stoked when the Eagles passed on ET at 13 in the 2010 Draft, knowing the ‘Hawks would grab him with the next pick. That was just based on him as a player, but now that I’ve had the privilege of seeing what a quality person he is as well, this is awesome news. He is vital to this defense and has definitely earned his big payday.

  12. But but the Seahawks can’t sign all these guys . With the cap increasing yearly and expecting a big increase after the season bc of new tv deals the Seahawks have done well already working in Sherman which will get done . And can’t even give Russell a raise until after the season or the next when he becomes a free agent . The Seahawks are just fine and will continue to draft for need and develop those players in areas that can be cheaper options then mega free agent deals .

    The Seahawks draft and develop the best in football right now . Yes indeed they will lose some key contributors but are banking on being able to find gold in the draft and continue to drafty to their team needs . Welcome to BOOM TOWN ..

  13. As any fan of a recent SB team can tell you Seahawks fans, you may not regress in the first year post-SB but once you start locking up big names… Then you become very tight in the cap… Then your talented rookies come to the end if their contracts… Then you have to choose between your vet studs and young talent… Then your talented coordinators all head for HC jobs…It’s hard to stay on top for long.

  14. macdaddyspeed says: Apr 28, 2014 5:20 PM

    Your teams cannot beat the Seahawks so your last hope is that the salary cap can do the deed for you. At least you have that hope.


    Yup. You just stumbled on to why the salary cap was created. Thanks for catching up.

  15. I love how all of you say this will hurt the hawks because were giving money to one guy but if we didn’t resign him people will say the same thing… People are just mad rofl

  16. Thomas should defiantly get his before Richard gets a cent. Richard should give Thomas half of what he gets because Richard is nothing without his safety.

  17. Super Bowl winning teams are the most impacted by the salary cap. This guy is a great player and worth the money, but his expecations were higher after winning the Super Bowl. So were many other players on the team I am sure. That’s part of why it’s so hard to repeat.

    The Seahawks are set up to have another great year, but it get’s harder after that.

    Look what happened to Green Bay. Won the Super Bowl in 2010. Had the best team in the league in 2011 and almost went undefeated. Lost in the playoffs to the Giants, and then really have been mediocre since.

    It’s hard to keep a team together with injuries, salary and age to consider.

    The Seahawks have their best shot this year.

  18. Everybody understands that the Cap System keeps teams from having significant number of Veteran players who are dominant in their respective positions……However, the Seahawks are very young and still have about 3-5 years before having to “rebuild” and they have the cap space in future years to push that “rebuilding” time period back.

    The Seahawks are in great shape for the near future and after Sherman is signed, will look to get Baldwin signed to a reasonable contract for the next few years. Then onto the draft.

    Russell Wilson is likely to be due a huge payday when his contract is eligible to be negotiated, but that is a year away. It really will be huge should he take the Seahawks to the next Super Bowl. I would love to be his agent then.

    Go Hawks!

  19. If anyone should be concerned its chiefs fans knowing Reid passed on him. Reid and the draft don’t go hand in hand and he won’t relinquish any control

  20. Eric Berry is the best safety in the game. BUT, Sherman is the best CB, hands down

    In 2 years, KC will be just as dominant as seattle is now.

  21. Hawks fans should feel very happy – and they should also understand there is no magic sauce here. You sign big name players to big contracts and slip lower in the draft and you start to lose your ability to nimbly manage your cap.

    You don’t think so? Well, what do you think the Steelers and their fans were saying when they signed all their big names – Polamalu, Brown, Woodley, Timmins, Big Ben, et al? All the same things Hawks fans are saying now. And what was everyone else saying? Yep, everything everyone else is saying now.

    I don’t say this because I’m a “hater”. I say it because it’s the reality of a cap driven league. Sherman has said he wants a contract that respects him. That means “sign me to the richest, or one of the richest, contracts ever for a CB”. When you add his $10 million+ a year contract to Wilson’s re-up at $16 million (or more) and Thomas’ ($8 million or so – guessing on that), you are looking at $30 to $40 million a year on 3 guys.

  22. Hands down the best safety in the NFL and the guy that really makes that secondary go.

    – Niners fan


    Kam’s done. Earl’s done. Sherman is next. RW3 next year. And draft, draft draft, to replace the Red Bryants, Golden Tates, Walter Thurmonds and Brenno G’s of the world. Let other teams overpay those guys.

  24. Great deal! We get him for a little less than Byrd! In my mind at least…

    Byrd: $45M/2014-2018
    ($54M minus $9M for 2019)

    Thomas: $44.6M/2014-2018
    ($4.6M/2014 + $40M/2015-2018)

  25. Front load the contracts of Earl and Richard, have Russell’s slowly increase over the years.

    Bunch of other ways to work a contract inside the numbers.

  26. This is what distinguishes the Seattle Seahawks from those Keystone Kops of football organizations such as the Minnesota Vikings.

  27. Love how all of the “keyboard experts”, fancy themselves to be smarter than Pete and John. Our HC and GM, get paid millions themselves, because they DO know what they’re doing, and have shown conclusively that their prowess wins championships. (Div. Title, Conf. Title, NFL Championship.) I understand it that the haters want the Hawks to fail, but even if we don’t win another SB, we are going to be the same “in-your-face” hard-hitters you saw last season, for this and every season moving forward.

  28. I know that some of these Seahawks players are top 5 at their posotions, but if they want to start a dynasty, they can’t all be taking these kind of deals. Earl Thomas is great, but a contract averaging $10mil a year for a safety?

  29. Smile while you can but let me remind you that have to prepare for life without Kancellor and Lynch and probably Wagner, It won’t be pretty.

  30. I remember the 2010 draft and when the Lions picked Suh and then the Seahawks took Thomas, I remember thinking that sometime Im gonna look back thinking the Lions should have taken Earl Thomas. As much as I like Suh, I think Earl Thomas has been the more impact player.

    Best safety in the league.

  31. Cudos to Earl and the Seahawks great move. Not a fan but you got to respect the direction Seahawks are going in. Very smart!

  32. Other team’s fantasy:

    “They won’t be able to keep everyone”

    “Seahawks gonna get worse when they have to pay all his young talent he lucked up on.”

    “Seahawk fans will realize how hard it is to be Elite for a long time when you have to resign Sherman and Wilson too. While paying for Harvin as well”

    “Fallout from winning super bowl…they will be falling back to the pack this year or 2 now that they have to pay everyone.”

    Blah blah blah…

    REALITY: Now those poor desperate Seahawks only have $43 million in cap space for 2015 to sign Wilson, Sherman, Okung, and anybody else they see fit to extend. The reality is they can keep this team together as long as they want, and they’ll be contenders if not dominant for at least 5 years.

    All you guys seem to think that just because the Ravens screwed up their cap situation the Seahawks will too. Wrong.

  33. Oh and PS – Harvin’s biggest cap year is 2014. After that his deal becomes smaller and smaller and the Seahawks can cut him for bigger cap savings every year.

  34. remember how Taylor Mays was upset Pete Caroll picked Earl Thomas over him. Wow what different directions their pro careers have gone.

  35. Much respect for Thomas. Deserves it and he what allows Sherman to shine along with the pass rush. Thomas and berry are the best 2 safety’s in the league so he defiantly deserves it.

  36. Kc will be as dominant?? After that ultra-choke in the playoffs?? Get real. So happy to see ET locked up before Sherm…ET is the best on the field, and no controversy off of it.

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