Russell Wilson gets another win over Peyton Manning


This just in — winning Super Bowls is good for moving merchandise.

The NFLPA just released its NFL Players Inc. sales list, and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took over the top spot from Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Wilson was joined on the list by teammates Marshawn Lynch (seventh, and the only non-quarterback in the top 10) and Richard Sherman (12th).

Manning was followed by Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, then Lynch, with Eli Manning, Andrew Luck and Drew Brees rounding out the top 10.

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt was the highest-ranked defensive player, in 11th just ahead of Sherman.

The list measures sales of all licensed merchandise, including jerseys and other items.

47 responses to “Russell Wilson gets another win over Peyton Manning

  1. This is from the NFLPA Website. This chunk of players is just too good. Austin Miles? haha and flacco and trich on the list wow who is buying these jerseys.

    34. Austin Miles, Dallas Cowboys
    35. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens
    36. Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears
    37. Trent Richardson, Indianapolis Colts

  2. Ugh, but he sucks so bad! He’s like Trent Dilfer, but worse. His defense does all the work. In his first 2 years, he only has a 100.9 rating and has only thrown 52 td’s to 19 interceptions. His team has gone 28-9 in the years since he’s been the starter with one of those wins being a Super Bowl win. But it absolutely had NOTHING to do with Russell Wilson. Waah wahhh waaaahhhh!!

  3. In the end this is all the NFL really cares about. Selling $300 jerseys made by children in Taiwan.

  4. No team he has been on since High School has ever lost a game by more than a touchdown. In other words, he has at least helped keep every team he has played on in every game. No blowouts.

    I guess he has always had the benefit of a great defense.

    Two Superb Owls in a row is now the focus of this “mediocre” quarterback. In the course of that pursuit, I predict he will throw 35 or more TD’s, and have another 100+ QB rating.

    And ignorant haters will still call him over-rated.

  5. Alex Smith………..QBR – 81.0
    Trent Dilfer……….QBR – 70.2

    Russell Wilson…..QBR – 100.6

    Easy to see how you could get them confused….as long as you’re ignorant and biased.

  6. How many of you Russell Wilson haters would trade your starting QB for RW? Probably everyone of you except Denver, New England, New Orleans and Green Bay – and even you four will be thinking seriously about it in a few years when your current QBs retire. Don’t hate, just enjoy what we have. It won’t last forever.

  7. So what! Pay-a-ton sells more pizza,Buicks,Gatorade,Mastercards,Oreo’s golden double stuffs,Sprint packages,DirecTV,you get the message. Plus he makes rap videos.

  8. I wasn’t sure the direction you were going so I’m going to say RW has the best two first seasons EVER ANY QB EVER . Most td passes most wins . Tied for Super Bowl wins . Best qbr through two seasons most playoff wins , beat home
    Record one of the best road records and most home victories . More than Brady , Bree’s ,manning , Big Ben , Matt Ryan , Tory aikmen , joe Montana just to name a few current and older . Stop acting like his offensive accomplishments are desperate from team success . He’s also a good runner and is among leaders in that category as well .

    He does whatever is asked of him , just doesn’t get attempts to rack up a ton of yards but was a prolific passer in HS and college . He’s more than capable of becoming one on the nfl . He’s a winner no matter how it gets done and he’s selfless in not asking for more touches . Get over yourself he’s a legit top 7 qb and he’s super and upside is probably up their with the likes of both Luck and Rg3 and Rogers . Just accept the fact he’s joined the party .

  9. What makes it more remarkable is that the
    Wilson jerseys only come in extra small short (XSS) and (XXSS) sizes for adults. There is a wider range of sizes available for children and toddlers.

  10. The smartest jersey buyers are those Seattle fans who went out and bought Sidney Rice jerseys when they were on sale at clearance prices shortly after he was released.

  11. Peyton could careless because he knows that superbowl XLVIII Bronco apparel is dominating the market in some third world country.

  12. Russell Wilson is a god, and as such, it is meaningless what mere mortals say or think about Him.

    The Church of Wilsonism will always welcome new members. One of the biggest benefits is that you automatically become a member of the 12th Man family, which also means you are rooting for the current World Champions.

    It’s okay. We won’t judge you. You can take off that silly Ronald McDonald 49er Kaepernick jersey, or the beer-stained mildewy Roethlisberger Steelers jersey. Again, no judgement. It’s all love in the Emerald City.


  13. everyone is too young to remember that dilfer played for seattle and did a respectable job helping us forget abot the rick mirer catastrophe.

  14. Regarding RW’s size…

    It doesn’t matter the size of the dog in the fight.

    What matters is the size of the fight in the dog.

    RW will keep on breaking records and you haters will have nothing to say.

  15. Dilfer should never be in the conversation with Alex Smith, let alone Russell Wilson. Smith had a few rough years with some bad teams but in the past 3 years has the least amount of INT’s, a high QBR, and is playing good football. Russell Wilson is on a whole different level.

    Dilfer? go look at Trent Dilfer’s stats. he was lucky to throw more TD’s than INT’s. he didn’t have a 2 game stretch as good as Alex Smith’s last 3 years.

  16. RE: No team he has been on since High School has ever lost a game by more than a touchdown. In other words, he has at least helped keep every team he has played on in every game. No blowouts.

    I had to go look this up, and although I didn’t go back to H.S., this is an accurate stat. I am not a Hawks fan by any means, but this is an impressive stat.

  17. Regarding RW’s size…

    It doesn’t matter the size of the dog in the fight.

    What matters is the size of the fight in the dog.


  18. November 21 of 2009 was the last time RW lost a game by more than a TD.
    70-some games…
    He’ll never be a good qb with a record like that.
    /end sarcasm

  19. Correction:
    Over his last two years in college – at two schools, mind you – Wilson also somehow managed to avoid any lopsided losses. The biggest margin of defeat was 11 points against Virginia Tech, and that came after two Hokie touchdowns in the last 1:15.

  20. Well you know Kaepernick went out and bought a Wilson jersey. That way he has something to wear with his blue shoes and hat.

    And he finally gets to wear the jersey of a winner.

  21. stepheninportland says:
    Apr 28, 2014 12:12 PM
    “Two Superb Owls in a row …”
    Seahawk fans are so fair weather they don’t even know how to spell Superbowl.

  22. To all my fellow Seahawk fans. These people calling Wilson s gale manager or comparing him to Dilfer are fans of their own teams & not fans of the game. All they see is what the mothership shows them in a 10 secondhighlight. They might see then in one or ytwo nationally televised games. They simply are ignorant & don’t see him play week in & week out. Why would the hawks offense ask him to do more than he needs to with their running game & shut down defense. If the hawks did that it would be the coach & front office taking the flack. In 2 seasons he’s had at least half a dozen 300+ yard games & kept plays alive behind an offensive line that would get Manning or Brady killed. Every game they’ve needed him to go to the air he’s done just that. The 12 th man will have the last laugh. He’s a 2nd year qb. Just wait till he actually develops. And to all those doubters. Try actually watching a Seahawk game. Or did you miss the playoffs & the bowl. He’s gonna be a good passing qb bit in the meantime they’ll just run Lynch down your throat.

  23. A more apt comparison than Dilfer would be Doug Williams, and not only because they are the two black QB’s to win the Superbowl. They both had very physical running backs to establish the ground game, John Riggins and Marshawn Lynch. Of course Wilson might still win another unlike Williams and Dilfer. Charisma as much as talent also affects merchandise sales.

  24. I’m surprised at this for two reasons:

    1) Those jerseys are hideous, but the new Bucs jerseys guarantee they aren’t the worst.

    2) Seahawks fans spend so much time patting themselves on the back over the 12 thing, I’m shocked they would buy a jersey of an actual player.

  25. Wilson is convinced that the winning interception in the NFC championship should have been called a touchdown for the 49ers. I mean, he thought it was a good call when it happened in his favor against the Packers, so he would think it was a good call if it happened against him, right?

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