Talk persists that the 49ers could move up

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The 49ers have 11 draft picks and not nearly enough needs to find roster spots for all — or even half — of them.  And so it’s reasonable to think that the 49ers may try to make a move up come draft day.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen was the first to articulate the theory of a San Francisco surprise last week, suggesting that they possibly will be trying to get receiver Mike Evans.

Whether it’s Evans or someone else, the 49ers wouldn’t move up unless they had a specific player for whom they wanted to move.  Last year, the Niners jumped from No. 31 to No. 18 to get safety Eric Reid, filling a glaring need after the departure of Dashon Goldson via free agency.

They don’t have nearly the same need at receiver.  Anquan Boldin re-signed.  Michael Crabtree is still on the roster.  Ditto for Vernon Davis, who recently told Pro Football Talk on NBCSN that he views himself as a receiver.

Unless the 49ers plan to move on from Crabtree (whose contract is up after this year) or Davis, it could make more sense to target another more certain need, like pass rusher (given Aldon Smith’s tenuous status) or inside linebacker (given NaVorro Bowman’s serious knee injury).

Regardless, the 49ers have the ability to make a move.  They simply need the motivation and the opportunity.

43 responses to “Talk persists that the 49ers could move up

  1. Cb or receiver in a move up would shock no one,moving up for Barr or Mack would send a message to Aldon

  2. we dont really need a wr. we have boldin, crab and patton. we have a good backup lb that will fill in for bowman till he returns. we have a good pass rushing prospect who will fill in for aldon till he returns. what we need are CB’s!!!

  3. I would bet on Anthony Barr. But they won’t turn their nose up at Mike Evans if he happens to be sitting around the #11 spot, either. Tennessee is most likely trade partner because they have just five picks, I think. Also where Barr and Evans are being mocked, although I think that Evans goes much higher than that.

  4. Starting jobs and roster spots are not the same in this case. The Niners probably won’t draft 11 guys, but it’s easy to guess that 6 or more of the guys they draft will be with the team come September. Now, they certainly don’t have 6 starting jobs available, but competition for backup and special teams spots is what rookies usually compete for on this team anyway.

  5. Move up and draft Mack Brooks will be 31 after this year you can cut him after this year and then have Mack on one side with Aldon on the other if they decide to keep him. Then you can rush Lemonier Carradine Bowman up the middle Mack and Aldon off the edge. Now that’s a serious pass rush. Then draft S Bucanon in the 3rd Martavius Bryant WR in the 3rd. Get a RB and CB in the 3rd or 4th I would be happy with that draft.

  6. Trade up in the first for another inside linebacker? That’s absolutely ludicrous. Wouldn’t be for pass rusher either until they see what they have in Carradine. It will be a WR that they plan on being the #1 a year from now or a CB

  7. Prediction: San Fran sends #61 and #94 to Miami for #19, and select CJ Mosley. Miami takes Morgan, Kouandijo or JuWuan James.

  8. Aldon isn’t going anywhere. He is too rare of a talent. The Niners will deal with his issues and try and rehab him. Crabtree is an ordinary receiver, they want want to re sign him since they have a better version of his style in Boldin. Look for the Niners to move up into the top 12 and take Evans.

  9. Niners need DB, coverage safety, and speed/ returner kinda if wr. Only guy I see them trading up for is cooks or Dennard. A back up MLB is a later round but edge rusher isn’t to bad either sense Lemonier played well in Aldon absence last year but lack of a elite corner has hurt us for years and I image niners need to get 2 DBs in these draft.

  10. With the amount of picks the 9ers have, it would surprise me if they didn’t move up. They only have so many roster spots to fill.

    Would not shock me at all to see them move up into the late teens/early 20s. Philly is short on pick this year (6 total) and I’m sure they’d be willing to talk about dropping 8 spots for an extra pick or two.
    The Jets have enough holes that they almost have to be willing to trade down unless the exact guy they want drops to them.
    That is assuming they don’t want to go all out and trade up into the top 10. Either way, there will be deals to be made, and they have the picks to make them if they like a guy enough

  11. Maybe they’ll trade up for Mosley. Still holding out hope Evans lands with the Giants somehow.

  12. the 49ers dont pick until the late 20s or even 30th maybe im not sure…so if they want to move into the top 10 they will have to give not just this years 1st and 3rd but maybe next years 1st round also…Thats still a good bargain for them but if i was GM id want there 1st and 2nd this years and next years 1st and 3rd…thats just for a top 10 pick in this years draft ..being a raider fan id rather have raiders trade will the bills or for extra picks ….the bills pick 9th they can move 4 spots down take Oaklands 5 over all pick and give Oakland there 9th overall and there 2nd round and 4th round…

  13. Probably moving up to take a QB who doesn’t choke in the 4th quarter of a NFC Championship game.

  14. Mort’s comments has usual make no sense. You would have to give up a truckload of picks to get up to where Evans and Mack will be taken. There are a ton of wide receivers in this draft. Tall ones,short ones,quick ones,fast ones trading that far up would be crazy. Mack makes a little more sense but again a truckload of picks for a guy from the MAC whom you are hoping is your next Aldon Smith?
    They certainly may trade up but into top 7 would be crazy.

  15. I keep hearing this but I simply don’t understand who for? There will be plenty of corners around throughout the draft, and I can’t believe they’d move up for a linebacker even if Smith and Bowman weren’t around (I mean, do we really think they’d mortgage their future over the idea that Patrick Willis, and Brooks need help? Everyone they’ve plugged in has played fine, nothing to get worried about). The line on both sides is fine. Why move up?

    Of course, now they’ll definitely move up.

  16. They need to move up and take Manzeil or Bridgewater.

    Trade all your picks to Houston… that’s the ticket.

    He can’t be any worse than #7.

    Signed: Seahawk fans everywhere.


  17. Despite what is commonly espoused the 49ers have trouble running the ball in short yardage situations. Their stats on running seem to be favorable because they try it a lot and if the call occurs at the right time the backs can get some good yardage; however, if the other team is trying to stop the run, it is stopped.

    This suggests the line is not as strong as advertised. I’d rather see moves to trade most of the lower picks to get an additional second rounder or to move up 10 spots or so in the first. Try and get the highest three draft picks in the first two rounds that you can. Don’t chase a top 5 pick at the expense it would take.

  18. At 6’5 230lbs 4.5 speed with the ever Baalke-coveted 35 1/8″ arm reach, Mike Evans makes too much sense for the Niners not to go get.

    If he slips out of the top 10, we’re coming for him.

  19. I don’t get why people keep saying they don’t have any glaring needs, they have one of the weaker CB groups in the league, Frank Gore will only be around for so long and the back ups are unproven, boldin is old and Crabtree will most certainly want waayy to much money. Navarro is hurt, Justin Smith is also on the wrong side of 30. Aldon Smith is not someone you can rely on. I think they need to retool for the future, because they have alrdy missed their window, make the rebuilding a short one.

  20. Their number one need is cornerback because they lost 2 to free agency and Culliver has legal problems with hit and run and brass knuckles. Receiver is a need too because Crabtree may be too expensive to keep and because Boldin is a year closer to retirement.

  21. Trent, please draft Paul Richardson in the 2nd round. I challenge anyone to watch his tape and find a more explosive WR other than Watkins in this whole draft. I was torn since there are so many good ones but this kid is unreal.

  22. A lot of the Niners heirs are already in place.
    Justin Smith to Tank Caradine
    Frank Gore to Marcus Lattimore
    Aldon Smith to Corey Lemonier (if needed)

    They should not be using a higher draft pick for part time relief, so no MLB. CB is the highest priority and they would need to move up to get any of the blue chip players. That being said, if they plan to go bigger then there will be plenty of options at CB in late Round 1 through Round 3 this year. It is pretty deep in that regard. If they do trade up in the first it will probably be only to the early mid 20’s for a falling CB. I do see them being very mobile in round 2 a 3 though to get the most out of the top 100 picks.

  23. I believe if it’s a CB, it might be Darqueze Dennard from MSU as he’s going towards the 15-25 range. Odell Beckham, Jr. 10-20 range, Mike Evans 5-10 range, Anthony Barr 5-15 range and I wouldn’t rule out a trade out all together because of the dropping stock of QB like Bridgwater because owning him an extra year before he’s eligible for extension or an option to drop to the early second rd (cb Bradley Roby)and pick up an extra pick say 3rd – 5th rd in 2014 and and extra pick for 2015. Of course, in the second rd, don’t rule out a trade up to get another but this time and package the Alex Smith second rd pick + an extra pick to the Raiders to draft a wide receiver.

  24. Lawrence Okoye is a great prospect for replacing Aldon smith if necessary, and he’s already on the team. He may not be ready to start this year, but with his size he “could” be a major key on the D line in the near future. If Smith can get it together they would be dangerous together.

  25. Dear 49ers,
    pleaz draft the most talented 11 players you can regardless of position or need. Then, keep 5 of them and drop 6 off the practice squad so the Seahawks can pick them over and sign 2 or 3. Thanks, we are a bit short on picks this year.

    JK, but another reason you might want to burn some of these picks and trade up. Just sayin’…you know how we both like to steal/swap p-squad personnel.

    See you at Levi for Thanksgiving!
    Hawks fan

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