The Cowboys take their turn in PFT’s draft previews


We’re fairly certain that the Talking Heads didn’t write “Once in a Lifetime” about the Dallas Cowboys, but repeating “same as it ever was” over and over again certainly fits Jerry Jones’ team.

It has been three straight years with an 8-8 record earned on the back of rousing victories and humiliating defeats in the regular season and three straight years where one more win in the final week of the season would have given the Cowboys a division title. One good way to break the cycle would be to load up on talent in the draft and the Cowboys have 11 picks to use on that effort in May.

Their most glaring needs are on the defensive line, where the departures of DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher have left the Cowboys relying on two players — Henry Melton and Anthony Spencer — coming off serious knee injuries, although the 16th pick won’t guarantee them a shot at one of the top players at either end or tackle. With 11 picks, the Cowboys could move up to address that area or they could repeat last year’s move down the draft order that netted them center Travis Frederick at the end of the first round and the pick that became wide receiver Terrance Williams in the third round.

Should the Cowboys be looking to move again this year? Check out our preview of their draft needs and then let us know what you think the Cowboys should do.

12 responses to “The Cowboys take their turn in PFT’s draft previews

  1. Even if Romo weren’t 34 and wasn’t coming off back surgery, and even if the Cowboys were maddeningly mediocre over the last decade, I would still think that Johnny Football and Jerry Jones were made for each other.

  2. The Cowboys continued to lead the 2013 Harris poll that asked fans to name their favorite NFL team, despite the fact that they’ve only won one playoff game since SB XXX in January 1996.

    I suspect that this is enough to placate Jerry Jones’ competitive instinct, and that there will be little improvement on the field in 2014, because he’ll keep doing the same old thing, his way. So I’m sure they’ll squander a lot of opportunities in this year’s draft too.

  3. I like when they trade up and make their roster thin.

    I also like when they trade down and draft camp fodder.

    Go Jerry. Keep up the medicore work.

  4. Somehow I think we’ll stand pat. We’ve been alarmingly smart thus far this off-season. It’s kind of scary actually…

  5. I’m not that bad an owner, folks. I only discriminate against talent and winning.

    J. Jones

  6. It’s impossible to answer this question without knowing who’s left on the board when they need to make the decision.

    They’ll no doubt have an idea of how much they’d be prepared to give up to move up, or what they’d want in return to move down, but you need to wait and see who falls and someone almost certainly will.

    That said, the second round looks full of talent and it must be a temptation to move down to fill holes.

  7. Jerry PLEASE trade all your picks to move up and draft Manziel. You know you want to Jerry.

  8. Jerry has picked up some defensive linemen in FA including Anthony Spencer but drafting a DE should still be a very high priority.

    If they stay put, Aaron Donald would be a great pick as long as he is still available. If not, I think they consider Jernigan, Ealy and RaShede.

  9. Why are we still talking about the most over rated and underwhelming and under achieving team in the NFL!! This team Is so horrible. I mean jerry jones has ruined this team. Now granted I love watching them lose. But it’s getting even for me to watch this team. They suck!! Keep up the good work jerry. No matter what you do this team will not do anything until they draft good people and make good decisions and that would end up happening around 2025 after Romo contract is up are jerry jones had died. But I hope for you fans sake its not longer LOL!!!

  10. I’d say the team should be eying Donald, Barr, and Clinton-Dix, in that order, among reasonable possibilities at #16. Perhaps Lewan too, if he’s high on their board.

    If those names aren’t an option, trade down a bit and then look for Ealy, Pryor, Hageman, and Jernigan (Pryor should not be an option at #16, as that high a pick should only be spent on a safety who has top-notch coverage skills in today’s NFL). Final fallbacks: Mosley, Martin, Ford, and Ward.

  11. People… Donlad will NOT be there, neither will Manziel or Barr. Your talking about Jernigan, Ealy, et al. If the FS from Louisville is there, then that should be the pick, if not, then they should trade down and get Ealy. See Jerrah, it’s not that hard.

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