Truncated PFT on NBCSN continues to get you ready for the draft

It’s 10 days until the 2014 draft, and we’ve got 30 minutes to get you ready for it on Monday.

The half-hour show will be jam-packed with news and analysis and information.  Our position-by-position look at the draft begins with the receivers, and we’ll take a loot at today’s poll question.

Which actually borrows from an idea I had over the weekend.  Which is based on the NFL’s apparent idea to make the draft a four-day extravaganza.

So tune in for the 1/48th of a day extravaganza on NBCSN, which precedes NASCAR America and a hockey playoff doubleheader — Penguins at Blue Jackets and Sharks at Kings.

Officially, we’re neutral.  Unofficially . . . let’s go Pens.