Breaking down the Jets’ draft needs


At this time last year, there was a lot of doom and gloom surrounding the Jets.

One look at their roster and the uncertain future of their coaching staff was all it took for many people to predict a bottom of the barrel finish for the Jets, but they surprised those people by going 8-8. That saved coach Rex Ryan’s job and gave the team something better to build on this offseason. They’ve done some of that building by signing wide receiver Eric Decker, running back Chris Johnson and quarterback Michael Vick and they’ll continue it with a league-high 12 picks in the draft.

Decker’s arrival hasn’t stopped wide receiver from being a big need for the Jets while Antonio Cromartie’s departure has left the door open for another top cornerback to round out Ryan’s defense in the 2014 season. With so many picks, the Jets may be a team to watch in terms of trades as they have the flexibility to make moves throughout the process to nab the players they want before other teams can take them away.

Our preview of their needs has some suggestions of what positions those players might play. Check it out and then let us know what you think the Jets should do with their first-round selection.

15 responses to “Breaking down the Jets’ draft needs

  1. Stephen Hill stinks, he shouldn’t be relied upon to do anything. He’s expendable after the draft. If the Jets take ODB or Cooks with their 1st pick they really revamped their receieving core. And with the addition of CJ?K They’ve added a different dimension in the running attack. Now that they’ve actually got a viable NFL offense the Pats better watch out. Could see that AFC East dominance stopping this season.

  2. Obviously, it depends on who is available when the Jets pick. If Ebron is available, I think they should draft him knowing there is a good depth available at WR. If Ebron is gone, I think they should draft Odell Beckham and then the best available TE in round 2. If Ebron AND Beckham are gone, get the best CB available in round 1 and the best WR/TE available in round 2.

  3. I cant find the poll option “Get psyched out by Belichick and trade up for another bust”.

  4. I want them to draft a big WR in the first badly, but with the Jets playing so many strong passing attacks early in the season CB makes more of an impact in terms of W-L. Rather see an undersized WR with speed ala MeSean Jackson in the third or so.

  5. it’s the mark sanchez era again, trying desperatly to win games with a strong defense, a run game and poor qb play. eventually your going to need a qb to make a big play or a big throw and the jets do not have a qb that can do that.

  6. they both stink, but i’d rather take jamurcus russell then vick anyday. vick is so fragile ,they should put a sticker on his jersey saying ”handle with care” ”breaks easy” ”dont drop me” ”fragile”

  7. Pats fan here so I am contractually obligated to make fun of the Jets. But I think they will contend for the division this year, Rex has always had a lot of passion for the team and he’s got them pointed in the right direction. Vick stays healthy (I know, I know), maybe a surprise or two from the draft and away they go. I think 10-6 is in the cards.

  8. People always talk about how fragile Michael Vick is bottom line is IMO this might be the best offensive line he has ever had and if they can go and grab one or 2 more in the draft they will be fine. But they also have needs at other positions

  9. I see where they need to draft a CB (while I still believe they should have gotten one in free agency) but if Gilbert, Dennard, and Fuller are gone by 18 they should draft Beckham unless Ebron is still available

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