Brian Hoyer taking reps at Browns minicamp


It is widely assumed that the Browns will be drafting a quarterback next week, likely with one of their first-rounders.

But the incumbent got a chance to show himself today, in hopes of keeping his job beyond next weekend.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, quarterback Brian Hoyer was taking snaps and doing drills when the Browns opened a minicamp Tuesday.

Hoyer tore his right ACL last October, but was able to show reporters (during their 15 minutes of access) that he was moving well for a guy six months out of surgery.

The Browns also brought free agents Vince Young and Tyelr Thigpen into camp on a tryout basis, and trick-shot artist Alex Tanney was also there.

Hoyer was better than acceptable during his short stint healthy with the Browns last year, and he at least gives them a quality backup, if they find their next quarterback of the future in the first round.

12 responses to “Brian Hoyer taking reps at Browns minicamp

  1. Hoyer to Watkins, here we come! Avoid the fraudulent top tier QB’s in this draft and go for a guy like Jimmy G at pick 35. Let him hold the clipboard for a year or two but give him enough practice reps to get a read on whether or not he can be the guy.

    Then, to spread the risk, draft another QB in the 4th round. Dump Tanney and Young and whoever else shows up at camp and let the QB stable develop.

  2. As a bengals fan i hope they do draft a qb in the first round and let him start. However as a sports fan in general they should wait till round 2-4 and let hoyer get the nod and draft some good players to help the team win.

  3. Hopefully Hoyer bounces back to 100% and the brownies use their first and 2nd round picks to surround him with weapons. Grabbing Watkins at #4 would give them a WR corps to strike fear in opposing defenses. Then hopefully they can nab a top OL or CB at #26, Carlos Hyde in 2nd Round, and one of the supposed 2nd tier QB’s such as McCarron, or Murray in the 3rd round to learn for a year, as long as Hoyer stays healthy. I believe Hoyer would give the Browns the best chance to win as starting Qb. in 2014 as opposed to any rookie in this draft. Go Browns! The dynasty starts in 2014

  4. agree w/ above. Browns D actually looks pretty darn good on paper. on offense, they need a HB which they can get in the 3rd round and not the first like the old regime would have done. you go with Watkins, and add him to Gordon and Greg Little, and that is going to be a tough WR group to stop. Jordan Cameron at TE, they could push for a division title if Hoyer plays like he did last year and learns to slide

  5. Why the H, can’t the Browns ever sign a really “good” QB, in the draft or elsewhere, and stop playing around with these has-been and never-was guys? Its like a guy knows he wants a new Corvette, has the money to buy a new Corvette, and goes to a Chevy dealer and switches into a used Malibu junker instead.

    They had a great free agency and no one knows what they’ll do in this years’ QB-rich draft, but to even entertain thoughts of bringing Vince Young into the picture?!? For what???

  6. It doesn’t matter if they draft a QB in the first round. They should still let him sit behind Hoyer for a year. There have been very few QBs come into the NFL that are ready for the speed of the game as a rookie, and most of them have had a good run game to take most of the snaps.

  7. Fill the holes first.

    There are plenty “Grade B” QB’s that might be able to move up to “Grade A-” over the years with a lot of work. QB Murray from Ga seems to be the most likely to do that. I also have a hunch that QB Savage from Pitt could be the real sleeper in this group. He had no O-line at Pitt, and wouldn’t that pre-qualify him for the Browns?

    I’d like to see the Browns move down a little and still get WR Evans from Texas A&M. Bigger, thicker body to bang around the middle of the field. Maybe WR Benjamin from FSU in a later round for the same reason. Josh Gordon to spread the field, and a real #2 for the middle, while TE Cameron grabs the dinks & dunks.

    If we draft a RB, I hope he has hands…maybe Hyde from OSU?

  8. Hoyer is to Aaron Murray
    Danielson was to Kosar

    Hoyer is the starter …

    They take Watkins at #4, he Gordon and Cameron as a receiving corp will make most QB’s look better along with getting the safeties attention opening up the middle for the running game

    They take Yankey at #26 the bulldozer guard who can get outside, because well … you saw the running game last year…

    Either take Murray with our 3rd, or package Pittsburgh’s 4th and our 3rd just to be sure and move up for Murray

    None of these QB’s are worthy of a top 10 pick, Guys like Murray, Mettenburger, Garoppolo and probably Bridgewater the way he is dropping will be there, and Hoyer is the veteran QB to mentor a guy.

  9. cincyalldaway says:
    Apr 29, 2014 3:42 PM


    He’s no Andy Dalton….luckily!!!

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