Fletcher started to “feel a little bit uneasy” about Redskins name in 2013

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It remains to be seen whether the firestorm emanating from comments made by an 80-year-old basketball owner will affect the 81-year-old name of a football team.  But the Donald Sterling situation provided former Redskins linebacker London Fletcher a context for sharing his views about whether a change should be made.

“I played in Washington for seven years and the first six I didn’t really pay that much attention to it until this past offseason when more groups started coming out and talking about the Redskins name,” Fletcher said on Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.  “I started looking at it and doing a little bit of research on it and I started to feel a little bit uneasy about it; I spoke to our G.M. Bruce Allen about it.”

So what did Fletcher tell Allen?

“I told him Mr. Snyder should go and speak with Native Americans to get a true understanding of how they feel about the Redskin name and if it was offensive,” Fletcher said.  “I wanted Mr. Snyder to go out and talk to them because he’s the one that is ultimately going to make the decision.  It’s his football team and he’s the one who’s been adamant that he’s not going to change the name, but I think if he goes and has some conversations maybe he might look at it a little different.”

To date, Snyder has yet to provide any indication that he’d ever change his mind about changing the name.  He could be changing his tune if/when the winds of change that blew Donald Sterling’s house down swirl toward D.C.

49 responses to “Fletcher started to “feel a little bit uneasy” about Redskins name in 2013

  1. While we’re on the subject, a city in England and arrow makers everywhere would like to speak to the former Washington linebacker about an issue that’s been troubling them.

  2. Fletcher said he didn’t even think about the name in his first 6 years playing for the team. On the 7th year it started being forced down his and our throats.

  3. To even attempt to equate a non-racist team name with Sterling is nothing but desperation from The Misinformed.

    The Misinformed are the largest growing social group in the country. And they have no problem rearing their ill-informed heads in their inherant and unnecessary nastiness.

    The Misinformed are The Misinformed because when they cannot grasp the truth of an issue they go off on any tangent they can because the goal of The Misinformed is their own selfish victory, not truth.

    And this is what you have here. A non-factual (poor attempt at) linking something negative with the issue at hand that they are misinformed about.

    It’s desperation, and desperation is always present when one is on the wrong side of an issue; an issue that The Misinformed themselves have ginned up and now refuse to let go because letting go would be an admission they’re incorrect; which admission of mistake is in direct contradiction to the psyche of the Misinformed one. They are simply not able to do so.

    So they will never stop picking fights and destroying because they are unable to stop, as present here. So, you must fight the Misinformed in every argument.

  4. Mike’s mad since Rich Tandler told him that he didn’t see a Redskins name change happening in his lifetime at the very least. Tandler is only around 50.


  6. If that’s how London Fletcher feels then he should forward all proceeds he’s earned as a Redskin directly to Native American Indians and not Native American In Name Only lobbyist – maybe that should ease his conscience…

  7. 80 years and never heard a complaint. Last one year the press won’t let up. Two years from now will become a never talked about issue.

    What’s in a name anyway?

  8. Snyder took his advice and visited 26 reservations, and he’s not changing the name.

  9. If there were a large number of Native Americans playing in the NFL that name would have been changed a long time ago. That alone tells you two things. (1) It’s racist. (2) It needs to go, now.

  10. The issues aren’t in the same world. Donald Sterling is a racist. Talks, acts, and is a racist.

    No one is accusing Dan Snyder of personally being a racist, saying racist things about Native American’s or anything in the same world.

    I don’t know if the ‘skins name is right or wrong, but the NBA and the NFL are not going to be looked at as a similar issue.

  11. There is a big difference between the REMARKS that were made by Donald Sterling and the Redskins team name. Sterling made REMARKS that were both racist and comments towards numerous ethnic groups. The Redskins organization has not yet made any racist REMARKS or comments toward Native Americans.

    Apples aint got nothing to do with oranges!

  12. It’s pretty incredible that we still have a sports franchise with the name ‘Redskins.’ Can someone please explain to me how that is any different than if an NBA team were named the ‘Darkies?’

  13. Snyder is also a racist, and his team should be banned for life as well. Not like anyone would notice they’re gone since they’re consistently the worst team in the NFC over the last 20 years.

  14. Give up. A name change is not happening. Not everything is politically incorrect or racist. I’m offended by crackers. I’m offended by cracker jacks. Get over it people.

  15. People see what they want to see.

    But I agree, I may not see it offensive although I’m part Indian.

    So…change all names that are offensive.

    And once we are done, no more special breaks for anyone. No matter the race, the creed, the religion…

  16. I think its dumb the NBA banned him for life over a private conversation. Yes 2 wrongs don’t make a right. He should of been fined and apologize then let it go.

  17. I could show you so many historical quotes and contexts where native Americans call themselves redskins and find pride in it. What goes up must come down I suppose. These cycles.

  18. If Synder talks about Native Americans with the same fervor and negativity as Sterling did about Black Americans, I would definitely want the NFL Commissioner to react, similarly. To date, I would say that it has been just the opposite. Barring some tape recording from an estranged wife/girl friend, these two issues are vastly different.

  19. Nor should he provide any indication of changing it. As a Fletcher fan, I must say that his opinion doesn’t matter any more than the rest of us. So what if he allowed left wing sissified media to brainwash him into thinking the name is “wrong” after only six previous years of playing for the team and not noticing it being offensive. A lot of weak minded people can be convinced of anything. That, however, is not me, nor Dan Snyder. Go to your little corner and continue to be offended. Smh


  20. It remains to be seen whether the firestorm emanating from comments made by an 80-year-old basketball owner will affect the 81-year-old name of a football team.

    That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

  21. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

  22. Apparently Mr. Snyder has spoken to various Native American groups and they are NOT offended….. It’s cute how AFTER you’re done taking his money your allegiance changes, & your opinion begins to “evolve”…… I still maintain that the most offended group in this case are liberal white people in the media, who refuse to acknowledge the fact that the name was adopted as a way of honoring Native Americans. The historical record and evidence of that position are clear, yet the media insists that the franchise’s intention is bad, racist, and demeaning.

  23. Mr. Snyder did exactly as Fletcher said he should do and the Native Americans spoke loud and clear. They overwhelmingly support the name and logo. Don’t believe the hype the media is feeding you!!! HTTR!!!

  24. Daniel Snyder would have a perfect right to be ANGRY for connecting Sterling to the ‘Redskins’. Guess the next step would be to argue that keeping the name is tantamount to Slavery…

  25. Snyder listened and the only group that cares is this Oneida outfit because they want the press. I’m a Cherokee Indian and if someone called me a Redskin I’d be the farthest thing from offended. The stigma behind the n-bomb isn’t comparable to redskin..so dumb to even compare the two.

  26. Hail to the Redskins!

    Pizz off to ANYONE trying to invent an issue or voicing concern re: Redskins name; name is not a slur no matter what you desire and it has never been used as a slur…

  27. “He could be changing his tune if/when the winds of change that blew Donald Sterling’s house down swirl toward D.C.”

    And we haven’t seen even the first move from
    Sterling yet. You can be sure he won’t just roll over.

  28. During Sterling’s PRIVATE conversation with his BLACK gold-digging girlfriend, not once did he use a racial slur, such as the n-word.
    And as long as ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith can continue to call the city of Washington, D.C., “Chocolate City,” without ramifications, I see no reason for the city’s football team not to be called the “Redskins.”

  29. They should just change the name to “Washington Punching Bags” because that’s basically what they’ve been for the last 20+ years.

    Or “Washington Running Jokes”. That works too.

  30. Sterling will sue the NBA book it. Also, the Clippers are worth like $600 million. He will cash out a very rich (even richer) man. I love how all these people keep saying he is ruined or been brought down. Poor Donald. Yeah, what he said was suspect but didn’t deserve a lifetime ban. Comparing the Skins to this guy is totally out of line.

  31. but it didnt bother him enough to keep cashing the checks with Redskins letterhead

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