Jason Verrett thinks he could go from 20 to 32

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Former TCU cornerback Jason Verrett likely will be a first-round pick next week.  He has narrowed his high-low estimate to a 12-pick range.

He told PFT Live on Tuesday that the former Horned Frog thinks he’ll go anywhere from No. 20 to No. 32 next Thursday night.

Verrett said that he had one private workout, with the Panthers, before undergoing shoulder surgery in March.  Since then, Verrett has visited the Rams, Texans, Jets, Cardinals, and Steelers.

Despite being a mere five-nine in stature, Verrett plays big.  His tackling skills could make him a great candidate for a Cover Two defense.  Verrett also thinks he will excel in the slot.

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7 responses to “Jason Verrett thinks he could go from 20 to 32

  1. Because of his height limitations, he’ll be a great…nickel back…

    And I wouldn’t want to spend a first round pick on a nickel back…

  2. Depending on who is still on the board, I suspect he won’t make it past the Bengals; they need a CB.

  3. no way cardinal will spend a first round selection on a cb that will play the slot wr. we need an impanct player that can defend those damn TE. cards should draft a SS or DE maybe a right tackle if Bobby Massie isn’t mentally ready for the challange.

  4. Keep in mind its more of a passing league now and 3 wide receiver sets are almost standard. Any fan that’s seen their teams defense get burned over and over by a slot receiver knows the value of a good slot corner. 2nd round pick at latest.

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