Jeffrey Lurie on DeSean Jackson: I trust Chip Kelly

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Jeffrey Lurie owns the Eagles. But they’re Chip Kelly’s team.

As if there were any doubts that Kelly is in total control of his football team, Lurie said today that his only thought on the decision to cut DeSean Jackson is that if Kelly believed it was the right decision, then it was the right decision.

“With Chip, I just give him the benefit of the doubt. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get there. It’s an organization that absolutely supports the direction we’re going, and that’s the best way to be, everyone in it together,” Lurie said.

Lurie is grateful that Kelly was able to take over a team last year that was coming off a 4-12 season, and immediately shape them up to the point where they won the NFC East.

“Just thinking about last year, this time last year,” Lurie said. “[We] weren’t sure of who the quarterback was going to be. Weren’t sure how the wide receivers were going to be. A lot of positions were up in the air. After watching what Chip and his group were able to strategize, put together and implement, it wasn’t like everyone thought it would be in terms of predictable certain things from Oregon. It was what’s going to be best in the NFL? I think this is just sort of the tip of the iceberg of what this team can perform and do.”

And if Kelly thinks the Eagles will perform better without Jackson than with him, that’s a decision Lurie is more than happy to let Kelly make.

37 responses to “Jeffrey Lurie on DeSean Jackson: I trust Chip Kelly

  1. Ok so that explains how the mistake happened. Kelly was discombobulated with regard to this whole situation and he’s not a sharp guy to begin with, so to have him direct or influence key personnel decisions is just not a healthy way to operate. I think Lurie really screwed up and put his trust in the wrong person for a decision like this. He should hire a GOOD GM first and go through that person to figure out how to manage the roster.

    This team has an awful management infrastructure.

  2. Considering during the Saints game, until Keenan Lewis was taken out in the second half, D-Jax had nothing. If you stick on him at the line and play man with a corner bigger than him, you can stop him.

    If we get another good WR, we’ll sell enough jerseys to make up for that DJax sized hole, don’t worry Lurie.

  3. What the heck is he babbling about last year the receivers were Jackson, Maclin, Avant and Cooper and Benn, the QB’s were either Vick or Foles, why do reporters let these guys keep shoveling crap at them? Maclin and Benn were injured and they went from there.

  4. Boy they are “Sweating” DeSean Jackson. Its over. Get over it. We dont need to hear anymore about his departure from the eagles. Its tiring like my flight being delayed right now at the airport.

  5. Yep exactly what we thought, the beginning of the end for Kelly, you just can’t treat pros like college players, least of all your star players. Philly will pay through the teeth for Kelly’s arrogance ~ wrong hire Lurie, you’ll be kicking yourself sooner than you think.

  6. You guys obviously haven’t watched many Eagles games to think he warranted his contract. He was shut down quite often.. yah he torched scrubs but who doesnt? Good call Chip.

  7. I am done talking about Desean Jackson. Yeah he’s good at catching deep balls by outrunning everyone but have a bigger corner on him and a safety up top and ask him to go across the middle, it literally feels like he’s not even playing. And paying him that much… thank you. Glad the Redskins are overpaying him now. Guarantee it’s gonna backfire like Mcnabb.

  8. Lurid hasn’t won a Super Bowl, but I like how he hires the people he wants to run the team and then he gets out of the way. Somebody should tell Rex Ryan this is how real head coaches are able to control their own roster.

  9. On the field the Eagles got worse, a conference rival got better and you let a top 5 WR go without compensation. The cost benefit ratio seems a little tilted to me, even if you consider the gain in cap space and the dumping of a diva.

  10. Let’s give the defensive coordinators the “benefit of the doubt” that they will figure out how to stop the Eagles offense in year 2.

    This isn’t college Chip … can’t just recruit the best players.

  11. The Eagles did better last year under Kelly than any of the previous several years under Reid. Can certainly understand the owner wanting to let Kelly have the reins.

  12. Either Chip will come out smelling like flowers, or he will be the laughing stock of the NFL.

    He has a ton of weight on his shoulders on this one as everyone will be judging him on DJax box score numbers week in week out.

    For his sake hope he thought this out.

  13. Eagles didn’t want to overpay for DeSean who’s numbers actually got better.. but they overpay for Sproles who’s number actually got worse.. *smh.. great call.

  14. Anyone who thinks DeSean is a top 5 WR knows nothing about football. Even morons who rely on stats should check out his last 10 games. 2 big ones against Minnesota and Oakland and all other games between 20-82 yards. At least Oakland and Minnesota are smart enough not to grade other receivers based on how they do against them. Sorry skins but you’re pathetic team just got worse.

  15. Gotta love this guy as an owner. He stays out of the way and lets the guys he pays to run his team, run his team. Never an issue about getting cash for a guy they want, never a boneheaded comment or media worthy buzz from him.

    The only fault I can find in him as an owner is he may be overly loyal (Reid would of been fired 5 years ealrier almost anywhere else), but if you going to have a fault, that’s not a bad one to have

  16. So a rookie head coach takes a team with the same players from a 4-12 record to a 10-6 record with a division title win and he still stinks, makes bad choices, and is not a very good coach? What logic are we going on here? Sounds like fear to me.

  17. Redskins are the laughing stock of the NFL. Kelly will win more Lombardi trophies, then all of the bad contracts given out by Dan Snyder, combined. Fly Eagles Fly.

  18. NO BRAINER—–IN CHIP WE TRUST, ALL OTHER’S GET RELEASED, he took a horses*&* team and turned them around in 1 year, it really shouldn’t be up for debate!!!!

  19. Next season DeSean Jackson would have been throwing weekly hissy fits over his contract. We saw the results of a diva WR with Owens.
    Lesson learned.

  20. Are you Eagle fans really that single minded and clueless? How can you actually say Chip is better than Andy ever was after ONE YEAR! Andy gave you multiple division championships, gave you a trip to the Super Bowl and did it with class and respect. Also he also coached Jackson for 6 years without cutting him because he knows how to coach. Andy also understood to constantly win in this league you do need a defense. Andy did say he wanted DeSean in Kanas City but had no cap space. You Eagle fans are tired of hearing about DeSean but it is your press your coaches and your players who keep bringing it up. Why? Because it was a dumb move period!

  21. A simple case of addition, by subtraction… Seems to me he had wore out his welcome regardless of what his stats were or will be.

  22. Cowboys, Giants, Redskins 12 SB wins combined guess what team in the NFC East has gone winless in the 2 SBs they have been in?

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