Marty Mornhinweg: Geno Smith opens as starter


We may not know what number Michael Vick’s going to wear, but we know that for now, he’s No. 2.

Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg told reporters Tuesday that second-year quarterback Geno Smith would open as the starter, with Vick expected to compete.

We’re going to structure it in a certain way,” Mornhinweg said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “One thing I want to make sure of is nothing impedes the young quarterback’s progression. I’m talking about Geno. He progressed beautifully, . . . I’m talking the last quarter of the season.”

The presence of Vick makes it far from a given that Smith keeps the job, and Mornhinweg was careful to leave the door ajar. The two have background together from Philadelphia, but it was clear the idea is to push Smith to something more.

“We’ve got a plan,” Mornhinweg said. “Geno is in the middle of a progression. He’s a fine, young quarterback. You know I think highly about him. We brought Michael Vick in for a purpose. He’s going to compete, he’s going to push, he’s going to make Geno the very best. If he’s called upon to play and when he’s called upon to play, I expect Mike Vick to play at a real high level.”

That’s fine, but in admitting Smith will get the first snaps, and the most snaps, it’s clear the Jets are pointing to him as the favorite for the job.

Unless, of course, they’re pointing at someone else.

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  1. Getting the first / most snaps before camp starts is not a big deal. Who gets the most snaps in regular season play is the only thing that matters.

    Marty is not looking to mess up Geno’s head now, which is just smart. I bet Vick gets it too.

  2. Yeah Yeah Yeah keep the jokes coming guys. We are over here at Metlife building something. Crack your lame jokes while you can, because the JETS are going to surprise some people this year. And the only ones that are going to be surprised are the trolls on this blog.

  3. Geno ideally is the QB of the future, so the hope should be that he’s the starter and keeps progressing like he did at the end of last season. So this makes sense.

    And yes, actually, we DO know what number Vick will be wearing: #8.

  4. Looking forward to watching Geno with some weapons. The West Coast offense requires trust, and his receiving options just could’t get open last year. If Hill didn’t suck so bad this offense would be basically set.

  5. It will be trippin and exciting how this season gonna start.. Gonna watch the preseason games more closely who playing better… Geno or Vick.. Hmm.. may the best winner wins!

  6. Vick will start opening day. Smith will get
    a year or two to learn.

    People can slam the Jets. Everyone predicted
    they would win 3-4 games last year. They won
    8 games with literally zero offensive talent.
    Now they are building the offense. At some
    point an outside fan gives the Jets credit as
    they build their franchise.

  7. Again, here is the difference between a winning franchise like the Patriots and a losing franchise like the Jets. Why is it important to tell the media your plan with the QB’s? You think Belichick would say a word to them if asked who’s the starter? No, yet the Jets just have no problem talking. It never ends. And it attributes to the losing ways. No matter how much old-washed up talent they bring in, it starts at the top. Maybe when they learn to shut their mouths and just play football they will have a chance. That’s the thing, the Jets are good. They always match up well against New England. The franchise just talks to much for anyone to really respect them.

  8. Geno might start #1, but once the preseason games start, the Jets will be hard pressed not to admit that the dag killa is the better QB. Not because Vick is that good but because Geno sucks.

  9. As a Dolphin Fan I hate the Jets. But I think they will surprise a few teams this year. I hope one of them is the Pats.

  10. Media heads assumed that Kevin Kilb would be the Eagle starter when Vick was tehre, younger, and had less of a resume, but somehow Geno Smith needs to worry even though, you know, Vick has stunk the last couple of years and has never been one of those backup QB cancers that’s trying to Doug Flutie the young starter. But keep throwing stuff out there until it sticks I suppose.

  11. iamkillerfin
    Apr 29, 2014, 3:58 PM EDT

    AGAIN a never was or a has been don’t make a difference, JUNK JETS!!! GO FINS!!!


    Hey pal, my cable was out that day, how’d Geno play in the last gm of the yr vs. MIA when MIA was fighting for a p/o spot? Who won that gm?

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