NFL denies Hard Knocks field has been cut to three teams

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Last week, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the next subject of the Hard Knocks series will be determined soon.

This week, the NFL has denied that the field has been cut to three teams.

Per multiple reports, league spokesman Greg Aiello says that a report that the Hard Knocks field has been narrowed to the Giants, Bears, and Steelers isn’t accurate.

That’s a shame, because any of those teams would be great choices.  Usually, the Hard Knocks team doesn’t have a national following but hopes to build one.  The Giants, Bears, and Steelers already have a national following.

Under standards the NFL passed last year, the Bills, Bears, Cardinals, Giants, Jaguars, Raiders, Rams, and Steelers can be compelled to do the show.

35 responses to “NFL denies Hard Knocks field has been cut to three teams

  1. It should be the Giants but Mara will flex his Muscles so they Giants don’t do it

  2. Quality franchises like the Guants, Bears, and Steelers shouldn’t be relegated to taking part in a reality show (I’m not a fan of any of the three teams). Hard Knocks is for teams with egotistical owners (Cowboys) or coaches (Jets) or teams desperate for attention (Raiders).

  3. Those teams would be great? I can’t think of anyone who cares what is going on with the giants. Especially not in a year where pretty much any other team in their own division would be a better choice given the offseason.

    Steelers would be interesting since roethlisberger is nearing the end of his career and they are in total transition, and Tomlin is always great for an audio clip or two.

  4. Stop with the hard knocks series already!!! This MUST be another GREAT Goodell idea to force a team to do this!!! Honestly the series sucks no matter what team it is!!!

  5. I guarantee if you put the Bills on there, people will really enjoy watching all the characters that are on that team…and anyone who watches will root for them to win and get that thing turned around.

    Like EJ Manuel who autographs Jordan’s and leaves them all over the city, posting instragrams for people to go find them.

    That’s just an example.

  6. I’ve never watched the show. It’s a cool idea for fans, but I think it’s bad for whichever team ends up doing it. I know a team with a new coach can’t be picked… what if you fire your coach immediately after being picked?

  7. I can’t comment on the show, ’cause I’ve never watched it. But as a Bears fan, I hope they are not the team chosen to participate.

  8. some fool reporter released this so he can then go pester the teams for a response.

  9. I think forcing a team to endure this kind of distraction during a key time of preparation is wrong. The league makes such a big deal about being “fair” and not allowing a “competitive advantage” yet for money and PR they will force a team to endure unfair distractions?

    If a team wants to do it fine, but no team should be forced…that’s a joke.

  10. I agree with Larry, I have never watched it so can’t comment on it. Most reality shows are scripted so I wouldn’t be worried too much if your team does get selected. Mine being the Bears I still strongly disapprove of them having this distraction this year.

  11. No team should be forced on the show. Do it like an overbooked flight by offering draft picks or extra cap space until someone volunteers.

    Eg #1, offer additional rounds of picks in advance of the 7th round. Everyone who volunteers gets one, and the league chooses which team is the lucky winner. No takers? Offer extra picks in advance of 6th round. So on.

    Eg #2, offer $1mm of extra cap space for volunteers. No takers? $2mm. So on.

  12. There is NO chance EVER that the Steelers or Giants will do it.

    Old money overrules new money all day long.

    Helllllllllo Bears…

  13. I’m a Bears fan and I’d love to.get a behind the scenes look at the team. After the Lovie years, I think it be great. They have a ton of “characters” on both sides of ball. I say BEAR DOWN on Hard Knocks.

  14. The Steelers should definitely do it! That way Tomlin can show the proper technique required to break up a successful kick return for a touch down so everyone on the team is on the same page!

  15. From a ratings perspective, the Bears, Giants and Steelers would make the most sense, but I wouldn’t discount the possibility of the league choosing Jacksonville or Oakland if one of them were to draft Manziel.

    They’re always looking for an interesting storyline and, love him or hate him, Manziel would probably draw viewers.

  16. 1rockyracoon says: Apr 29, 2014 1:47 PM

    Quality franchises like the Guants, Bears, and Steelers shouldn’t be relegated to taking part in a reality show (I’m not a fan of any of the three teams). Hard Knocks is for teams with egotistical owners (Cowboys) or coaches (Jets) or teams desperate for attention (Raiders).
    McKenzie made it clear he has no interest in doing that show. The Raiders are desperate for wins, and a new stadium, but not attention. There are some remarkably ignorant posters on this site.

  17. It’s going to be Jacksonville, They already have a HBO crew there. Unless all of a sudden Steelers tell The NFL they really want to be in it which no team has it’s Jacksonville. People work for HBO already been told it’s Jacksonville so barring a crazy thing it’s Hard Knocks Jaguars.
    I know for a fact that HBO really wanted NY GIANTS to do it

  18. The only way the Steelers do it is if Rooney tells Goodell it’s ok. Know your place RG.

  19. Please go to any team but my Bears, not interested in a circus environment. I can see the Steelers being pretty interesting. Tomlin is a personality might make it interesting.

  20. Keep that crap in the Arena League.

    The last thing Jerruh needs is more camera time.

  21. I hope it is the steelers . everybody talks about the distraction ,players and coaches are paid a lot of money to deal with distractions and still have success . as a fan I would love to have more coverage of my team

  22. Some are saying no team should be forced but it is difficult to say any team is being forced when the owners of said teams have agreed to continue with Hard Knocks and agreed on the how teams would be eligible each year.

    Coaches are employees so their desires not to have a film crew in camp really doesn’t matter. I am sure for any team that has to endure that, it isn’t the first time they are required to adhere to something employer wants, regardless of whether it would be their own choice.

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