Nick Caserio: QB visits this year no different than in the past


Like every other team in the league, the Patriots visited with many players over the last few months as they gathered information for the draft.

Their visits with quarterbacks drew more attention than the time they spent with players from other positions, with some wondering if the team was looking for an heir apparent to Tom Brady not named Ryan Mallett. Director of player personnel Nick Caserio said that the meetings with Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel and others was nothing more than business as usual, though.

“I think this year is really no different,” Caserio said, via the Boston Herald“I think what we try to do is take each position and really try to know top to bottom as thoroughly as we can, as many players at that position. Historically, we spend a lot of time this time of the year whether it’s players that we bring to the stadium, that we work out on campus. The process, I would say, is really no different this year than it is in years past.”

No one would expect Caserio to make the team’s intentions at quarterback or any other position explicit, so no one’s going to rule anything out for the Patriots. If a team really likes a player and has a chance to get them, there’s a good chance they’ll do it and then figure out the rest.

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    I doubt anyone other than the Patriots coaching staff has any idea how good Mallet is. When he came out of college, he could make all the throws. His negatives were character concerns and a tendency to force balls.

    He’s been a model citizen and after two years of experience behind Tom Brady, I would think he’s improved his decision making.


  2. I remember a few years back when everyone was shocked to see Bill Belichick in a public restaurant shortly after the combine… with Tim Tebow. They didn’t draft him. Maybe they were considering it and didn’t find the right time to do so. Or maybe they were impressed with his intangibles and wanted to learn more before making a choice. Or maybe, they just wanted a chance to evaluate potential starters for OTHER teams before the draft to be able to game plan against them later. It could just be a coincidence they decided to pick him up as a free agent later after he left the Jets. Or maybe the fact they have a file two inches thick on every player in the league is part of the reason for their ongoing success in the draft, free agency, and on the field.

  3. I long ago lost count of the posts along the lines of “the Pats are finished once Brady retires” that I’ve seen on this site.

    Funny that so many of those people don’t seem to think Belichik already has a plan in place for what happens when Brady reaches that point. He will draft Brady’s replacement soon, be it this year or next.

    If this year I don’t think it would be with their first round pick though, they have to address the Dline and a couple other positions before they can take a QB.

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