Panthers need tackles and receivers, but want a “blue goose”

Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman, in case you’ve not heard him speak, did not grow up in the Carolinas.

But the Boston-born Gettleman has caught his fanbase’s attention with some smart patchwork and some new catch-phrases, and introduced another one Tuesday.

Gettleman said he wouldn’t hesitate to take a “blue goose,” at a position other than the ones the Panthers needed the most, presumably meaning “a really good player.”

“You can look at me like I’m nuts, but if there’s a blue goose pass rusher there, or a blue goose defensive tackle sitting there, I’m not going to be afraid,” Gettleman said, via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. “If there’s a great player there, we’re going to take him. If there’s a guy we feel can help us right now, the guy that we feel is going to play immediately and help us.”

A blue goose. Of course.

The man who introduced “hog mollies” to the Carolina lexicon last year when they doubled up on defensive tackles knows he’s tapping into a deep draft of receivers and offensive tackles, at a time when those happen to be the things he needs the most.

“I’m not going to insult your intelligence, you all know it’s a heck of a wide receiver draft and there’s a solid tackle group,” Gettleman said. “But when you reach, when you’ve made up your mind and you’re going to take a position because you feel you need to fill that spot, more often than not you’re going to make a mistake. . . .

“We’d like a left tackle. The guys we have that are competing there, we have confidence in them, but again, it’s a matter of reps. You’d like a young wide receiver. I wouldn’t be mad if a corner was there. You guys are going to get tired of me saying this, but when you reach, you get screwed.”

Maybe so, but not finding some protection and some targets may leave Cam Newton as the one getting goosed next season.

13 responses to “Panthers need tackles and receivers, but want a “blue goose”

  1. I don’t care what kind of goose as long as it turns out to be “golden”……… wait for it…….. Booooooo!!! Such a bad joke.

  2. “We’d like a left tackle. The guys we have that are competing there, we have confidence in them…”

    Anyone who has seen Byron Bell play for more than 3 plays and has any confidence in him, needs immediate medical attention. If we draft the second comings of Ronnie Lott, Mel Blount and Jerry Rice, but have Byron Bell at left tackle, we really might go 4-12. I know a few Charlotte middle schools who have left tackles better than him.

    A stud D-lineman might be a blue goose. Byron Bell is squashed road kill.

  3. I have no idea what that means but Urban Dictionary has one and only one definition for the phrase, and let’s just say for once I don’t really care to hear the answer to my follow-up question of “say what now?”

  4. Fact: it is very, very rare that a WR comes into the league and makes meaningful impact his rookie year. Most don’t even make an impact until year three.

    Among Rice, Harrison, T.O., Moss, Fitzgerald, A.Johnson, only ONE of them had over 1000 yards in their rookie season. Note that I am not saying these are the best WR’s ever, or that you have to have 1000 yards to be considered a definite impact, but these are notable WR’s everyone has heard of if not watched. If these guys couldnt hit 900-1000 yards in their rookie season, you shouldn’t expect anyone to be able to.

    If the Panthers are relying on 2014 season to be supported all by rookie WRs, they are in stupid trouble

  5. What if he actually meant an actual blue goose? That would be something to see a bona fide water fowl rushing the passer and making tackles.

  6. Panthers need a QB!

    Newton was OK when turned in to a game manager but has little real talent, other than size, and has little potential to ever be a top half of league QB.

    Panthers in jam…. Newton being drafted #1 and with the racial/pc overtones they kind of have to keep him for awhile… not a good situation

    Hello Kitty

  7. “I’m not going to insult your intelligence,” Too late Dave. If your arrogant, pampas attitude doesn’t get Cam some help, you’ll be drinking Blue Goose.

    This guy is a piece of work, coming south to show those good ole boys how it’s done. After 30 years of floundering and getting passed over, he now knows “all about it”.

    I do agree that you get in trouble when you reach, especially if it’s boxes of Krispy Kreme, you’re reaching for.

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