ProFootballTalk: Silver bans Sterling

The ProFootballTalk crew discusses the impact of Adam Silver’s decision to ban former Clippers owner Donald Sterling on the NFL.

2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Silver bans Sterling

  1. We shout cries of protest that we have no business being racist against gay people because what they want to do in private is their business but not this guy? Why is this different?
    If you’re an nba player with a cut on your hand and a gay player bleeds into your wound…. You would be okay with that? This thing is blown way out of proportion / and I’m not against gays anymore than I’m against racists! / it’s a free country and you can be whoever you want…
    If you don’t like the song, change the station!

  2. For all of the complaints about Sterling being punished for exercising his free speech rights, remember this- free speech is a right, ownership of a professional sports franchise is a privilege. The team was had lost sponsors (Kia, Red Bull, Virgin America, Sprint, CarMax and several others), the Warriors planned to walk off the court at tip-off if Sterling wasn’t banned. Doc Rivers was prepared to quit coaching altogether if Sterling remained owner. Sterling wasn’t punished just for being a horrible person, he was punished for doing tremendous damage to both the Clippers organization and the NBA. The fact that there has yet to be a single NBA owner (a group well known for protecting their own) to speak out in defense of Sterling should speak volumes.

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