Report: Jordan Cameron extension talks going on “without success”

When the Browns couldn’t agree to an extension with center Alex Mack this offseason, they ran the risk of losing him to another team without compensation by using the transition tag to give themselves the right to match another offer for Mack’s services.

The Jaguars made such an offer and the Browns wound up matching it, but it’s not a course of action that you want to take with too many players you’d ultimately like to keep. That makes it something to keep in mind with tight end Jordan Cameron entering the final year of his contract.

Tony Grossi of reports that the Browns would like to avoid a repeat of the Mack situation and have been talking with Cameron about an extension that would keep him in Cleveland beyond the 2014 season. Those talks have been proceeding “without success,” so there’s no expectation of an imminent announcement of a deal.

There’s plenty of time for that to change before next offseason gets underway and Cameron can use the coming season to make his case for an even bigger contract. A repeat of last year’s 80 catches for 917 yards and seven touchdowns would certainly help Cameron sell himself and could force the Browns into another call about franchise or transition tags if they can’t see eye to eye on Cameron’s value.

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  1. I get maximizing your value, but 1 year doesnt deserve a monster contract. Dudes athletic and got great hands, but lets see what he does without Norv & Chud’s TE friendly system.

  2. He isn’t much of a run blocker. Under Pettine I don’t see much room for a TE that can’t run block very well.

    Is he a great pass catcher? Yes. Can he make some big plays? Yes. Can he be replaced? Yes.

  3. Obviously, under Pettine & Shanahan, Cameron’s numbers will drop. (square peg vs round hole) Now, might be the time to move him to someone like the Vikings. (Can you imagine him with NE or GB?!) You can pick up a “blocking” TE in the later rounds or even from the undrafted FA’s.

    This emphasizes the need for using an early pick on a WR to complement Josh Gordon.

  4. “DawgPound83 says:Apr 29, 2014 11:19 AM

    I get maximizing your value, but 1 year doesnt deserve a monster contract. Dudes athletic and got great hands, but lets see what he does without Norv & Chud’s TE friendly system.”

    Who said anything about him wanting a ridiculous amount of money? The report said talks are proceeding “without success.” It very well could be about money but I’m leaning towards him not wanting to stay with the Browns. Just like Alex Mack.

    The Browns have been in “Rebuilding” mode for last decade. They just fired their coach after 1 year and their GM after a few years. The franchise is toxic and unstable, how can you blame these guys for wanting out?

  5. This guy is sooooooooooooo over-rated. Take a look at his game-by-game stats and see how he fell off after a couple great weeks to start the season last year. once teams game planned for him, he didn’t do much…

  6. Here we go again….. I’ll bet he wants i gigantic contract…and if he doesn’t get it ..he’ll go play on West Coast…. It doesn’t pay to be a football fan in the Midwest blue collar town… you can never reasonably keep what you have unless your knocking on the superbowl doors every year!!!!!!

  7. We don’t have to overpay anybody, only teams like the Steelers, Ravens, and Cowboys could be over the cap and not make the Playoffs… Draft a Tight End and remind Jordan and his agent, it is not the Pro Bowl and Norv left town, and work on his blocking. Draft a TE in Round 3…

  8. He had 1 good year and his numbers faded in the end of the season. Sign, Haden, Pick up Taylors Option and see how the season plays out.

  9. It’s Hillis all over again. One good season and suddenly a superstar. If the Browns take Watkins at #4 to pair with Gordon, anyone will be able to play that TE position for the Browns.

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