Report: Seahawks visited with Kevin Williams on Monday


A six-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman who has never changed teams in a career spanning more than a decade has reportedly visited with the defending Super Bowl champions.

Howard Balzer of The Sports Xchange reports the Seahawks visited with Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams on Monday.

The 33-year-old Williams has played 11 seasons for the Vikings, recording 463 tackles and 60 sacks. He has missed just five regular season games in his NFL career. Williams (6-5, 311) notched 29 tackles and 3.5 sacks in 2013.

Williams played 746 snaps for Minnesota a season ago, according to Pro Football Focus data. Were the Seahawks to add Williams, he would likely join Tony McDaniel, Brandon Mebane and Jordan Hill among the primary options inside. Williams would probably also see a reduction in reps. No Seahawks defensive tackle logged more than 546 snaps in the 2013 regular season, per PFF.

The Seahawks have taken a liking to some of the Vikings’ core players of recent seasons, most notably trading for wideout Percy Harvin last spring. Seattle also signed ex-Minnesota cornerback Antoine Winfield last offseason, but he did not make the club.

UPDATE 4:46 p.m. ET: Balzer initially reported that Williams had worked out with Seattle on Monday, but he later amended his report to say it was a visit.

42 responses to “Report: Seahawks visited with Kevin Williams on Monday

  1. Bevell has more pull than any coordinator in history….

    I know he’s not the defensive coordinator but if he’s not behind most of these moves, who is?

  2. He’s mini-camp and training camp fodder. He’s just a warm body they’ll use to practice against and then they’ll cut him right before the season…..just like Winfield and T-Jax.

  3. Good grief, this Seahawks-Viking pipleline is getting ridiculous. Williams is probably done from a playing perspective, but he’s a quality guy and was an even better player during his years with the Vikes. If nothing else, he’d class-up the Hawks defense from a personal integrity standpoint.

  4. He’s gotta come cheap. Hoping we have cheap, younger players that are hungry and ready to excel instead.

  5. He’s a big-body run stuffer that could fill the hole left by Bryant’s release for a year on a low-end veteran contract. Limited reps will keep him fresh & prolong his career. At this point in his career, a chance to win a SB has to be very appealing.

  6. So the Hawks signed Rice, Harvin, and Tjax… Winfield never made the team, and Williams was simply on a visit, and workout… So again, we signed 3 players while the Vikes have signed 2 Hawks in recent memory… Carlson, and Hutch… I guess Hawk fans could say the same to you trolling Viking fans, LOL. BTW, the difference between the Hawks, and Vikes, are the Hawks are the best team in the NFL, and win Suoer Bowls!!

  7. Heath Farewell, Darrell Bevell,Nate Burleson, Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Antoine Winfield, Tavaris Jackson, who else?

    Jared Allen almost.

  8. So which Viking “player’s” have actually worked out for them. You can hardly say percy harvin. Sidney Rice did not work out. Travaris Jackson is just their backup qb. Everyone else has not made a big impact on their team. Keep trying Seattle. Pay Willams 4 million and see what happens. Yes he will want a big contract thats why we did not resign him. Same story with Winfield. Only guy that lived up to expectations is heath farwell. HEATH FARWELL! And thats the truth. Yes we got 2 hawks and one of them really worked out for us. Perhaps did better with us and that was steve hutchinson. If this gets any thumbs down…Seahawks fans are very delusional….

  9. There were no Vikings players that helped the Seahawks win the superbowl. What you mean the few snaps that travris jackson took!. Or the exceptional job that heath farwell did on special teams!

  10. Winfield took LESS money than the Vikings offered to play for Seattle .. He left a mill plus in Minnesota for a non guaranteed contract with the Seahawks ..! Nice try bud .. Skol = delusional apparently !

  11. I’ve noticed that Viking fans have a vile and seething hatred of the Seahawks and their fans now that they’ve won a championship. I used to think Viking hatred was just a Packer/border/inferiority thing, but it appears their real aversion is to winning.

    They hate others who won’t embrace the suck with them.

  12. I think it would work just fine if he takes a couple hundred less snaps,…The D-line by committee worked just fine last year for the Hawks.

    His age will keep him from big numbers contract wise and if anyone can utilize the best of what he has left, it’s Schneider and Carroll.

    It’s a little intriguing anyway,…go Hawks!

  13. Vikings West? There’s a little bit of the Packers out here, too…namely, a Lombardi. With perhaps more to follow.

  14. Reminder to the Vikings fans who taunt and laugh about your former players coming to Seattle:

    Trips to the Super Bowl: Seattle 2. Vikings 4.
    Super Bowl Rings: Seattle 1. Vikings …

    That’s right. Next?

  15. Bring him in and let him earn the ring bounty gate cost him. NFL colluded to get the Aints a ring cause the swamp flooded. Brett Favre was a miracle worker in that season till the head shots were allowed. Keep in mind that as far as I am concerned Ziggys bunch is only my Seahawks farm club now except for AD

  16. I think he would be great on a one year deal for reasonable money. He’d bring a ton of exp for our young guys and has been very dependable despite his years.

    There is also one extra selling point the Seahawks have for KW…we open the NFL season in primetime against the Green Bay Packers! You know he’d love that stage as an ex-Viking.

  17. Percy Harvin was a huge help in us winning it all last year despite only playing in a few games. He tore it up against the Saints and likely had the 49ers a little worried and unsure how to prepare in the NFC Championship game. His presence on the field against Denver (to say nothing of his morale crushing TD return.) added fear to their already great concern.

    “You’ve got to find a way to stop the Hawks #1 defense and special teams play and somehow shut down Lynch.” – Denver coaches

    “Okay I will try to pull a rabbit out of the hat.” – Manning

    “Oh yeah and the fastest guy in the NFL will be there as a WR and kick returner.” – Coaches

    “…Oh WTF man!” – Manning

  18. We will see if percy harvin works out for the Seahawks. So far he has only played a few games. We didn’t want him cause we knew he will get hurt easily based on the way he plays. He is the only Viking that has (kinda ) worked out for them. And why do the Seahawks want so many ex Viking players anyway. They are fools for thinking they have something left in the tank. We dont resign these players for a reason. It s not because they dont wanna play for us its because they are old and want to much money. Or they cant stay healthy. Or they are to unruly. Only ones that have left cause they understand the vikings are rebulding or getting a new coaching staff,( pretty much starting over) are jared and kevin. I dont hate the Seahawks. I respect what they have done. I am just being honest. I know what the Vikings place is right now. And the Seahawks have been in that place for a long time. Just as any team has. Yes the packers too. Packers are lucky to go from favre to rodgers. Yeah its been awhile since they have been consistently bad. And the Vikings are never consistently bad. Its usually a bad year then a good year. Even if i wasnt a viking fan i would still think they are a historic franchise and they truly are. I think the packers are too. Im not your normal nfl fan i respect divison rivals and dont talk smack or say ridiculos things. I could laugh at the term title town and say those titles all came from when nfl football wasnt nfl football. Or the real title town teams are the patriots giants and steelers
    The ones winning the tough superbowls now when there is actual competion. And a tough road to get there. Im such a hardcore fan that I cant stand anyone talking bad about the vikings. Pretty much spreading lies about the vikings. Please packer fans look up the vikings all time stats and you would be shocked and say, wow. The Vikings are always an exciting team to watch or talk about cause you never know whats gonna happen. Im 22 years old and have watched the Vikings since I was really young, every sunday. Its a ritual. Im a hardcore fan, good or bad season. I will watch every game and I am very happy to say I am a true Viking fan.

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