Sherman talks continue today

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Now that the Seahawks have inked safety Earl Thomas to a four-year, $40 million extension, they can turn their full attention to a guy who will be getting paid even more.

Per a league source, talks between the team and cornerback Richard Sherman are expected to resume today.  The status hasn’t changed in the last week, when reports emerged that (as we heard it) overstate the total progress that has been made between the two sides.

Now that the Thomas deal has concluded, the thinking is that the Seahawks will apply a greater degree of urgency to the Sherman talks, with the draft remaining a realistic target for getting the deal done.

The Thomas contract pays more on a true multi-year deal than any other defensive back.  He’ll hold that belt for not very long.

48 responses to “Sherman talks continue today

  1. Anyone who thinks that a #DYNASTY is not imminent is seriously, seriously misguided and does not have a grasp of what football greatness if comprised of.


  2. And then there’s the 49er fan who thinks he is entitled to more than both of these players because he can’t type “Stubhub.”

  3. Sherman is good. But how good is any individual as opposed to how good they are on a specific team made up of other really good players?
    Sherman will get good money and he deserves it.
    But as a Seattle fan I know that this “team” took a lot of years tpo put together. We have had good individual players in the past but this is the best “team” we have ever had.

    Players have to realize at some point that their skill sets are being optimized by the other players around them.

    Any one of these Seattle defensive guys would be lost in the noise as individuals on the likes of Jacksonville or the Raiders.

    Even our QB, who is very good in my opinion, is benefiting because he has a team surrounding him that is great.

    I hope we can hold it together but the 1985 Bears were a one and done and they were amongst the best defensive teams ever.

  4. The Legion of PEDs will be back together.

    It’s a recipe for failure paying 3 defensive players over 35% of the salary cap.

    Look for a huge step back this season.

  5. Don’t over pay for a CB who’s about to fail his next piss test.

    2013 Hawks are the #1 PED testing failure team of all time.

  6. Don’t worry their will be about 50
    Ppl claiming he’s either not worth it or that the ownership gm and coach don’t know what their doing with regards to the cap . Strain in 3…2….1…

    Guess the Seahawks will have three or four top players and have to find talent in the draft every year that’s at a reasonable cost and fits their scheme perfectly . Too bad they don’t know how to develop young talent and only go high prizes FA and that no one wants to play for cheater peter . They also can’t win anymore bc they will have to replace some Players in the future and their core guys aren’t good enough to keep them competitive .. Keep praying for a downfall it only emphasizes your insecurities !

  7. Sherman talks continue? Why, did the Seahawks not get to see anything yet because he’s too busy flapping his gums?

  8. Sherman will get his dough. Earl and Kam locked in for years. The future is bright in Seattle. Like the opposite of Minnesota

  9. Yawn, ill-informed people talking about PED’s. I will agree Im a little worried about having two $10 million+ players on defense, but the Schneid signs what they can’t draft and lets the people they feel they can replace walk, he’s got my trust.

  10. Furious 76 the problem with your logic is that only 1 player tested positive for peds . The only reasons Seattle somehow inherited the title of cheaters was looking over a three year period when a bunch of no body backups and practice squad players were suspended for peds . .. Thanks for attempting another pathetic excuse tho !

  11. Obviously Dick is not worth what he thinks he is in that very small, pea sized mind of his. If only his brain was as big as his mouth! Then he might be able to comprehend the game a little better and maybe, just maybe, play in more than one spot on the field. If he only had a braiiiinnnnnn!

  12. The Seahawk fans are being a little short sighted here. Just because you kicked ass one year, and they did, does not mean you will kick ass every year. I guarantee one of their stars gets hurt this year, probably two or three. BTW, to all these awesome Seahawk fans…I lived in Seattle for the better part of a decade and as soon as the Seahawks start losing again, you will all jump off the bandwagon. Don’t agree?? I went to a Mariner game last season when I was in town and there were about 26 other fans there. You COULDN’T KEEP THE SONICS and don’t go blaming that punk Howard Schultz, the fans weren’t showing up even when they had a young Kevin Durant. Crappy sports town…unless they are winning!

  13. I love ignorant people that group PEDs in with alcohol and pot.

    Memo to the misinformed: pot isn’t a PED. Either is alcohol.

    The Santa Clara 49ers have as many people on their roster that have a PED suspension (1…Eric Wright) as Seattle does (1..Bruce Irvin)

  14. Cincy you are Pinky. Sherman is The Brain.

    You may hate his mouth but to question his intelligence and understanding of the game let’s us know that we can forget what you said.

  15. Your right, but you probably shouldn’t be. Earl Thomas is worth 1 1/2 Rich Sherman’s in my opinion. If Thomas is only worth $10m a year than Sherman shouldnt get any more than $6.66m. But bc Sherman is a cb he will probably be given $15m a year. Which is completely a$$ backwards if you ask me.

  16. Vaughn the misinformed hater. Seattle city council, yes. The fans, NEVER.

    Don’t ever compare the M’s and Seahawks again. Apathy for a franchise that hasn’t cared about winning for a decade is nothing like selling out the kingdome all those losing years. I was there and will continue to be a fan win or lose for life.

    Your talk about the sonics just shows the hate. Jealousy.

  17. Sherman is good. But how good would he be without Earl behind him. For the Seahawks the time is now after paying top Safety money (well deserved) to Thomas, about to pay top money to Sherman, will have to pay top money to Wilson, paying big money to Harvin and Cam won’t leave any money for mid level players. We will see

  18. All of these Sherman haters would be singing a different tune if their teams front office had just announced they picked him up in free agency.

  19. Now comes the tricky part. Having a qb on a rookie contract is great, especially a 3rd rounder. But now with everyone wanting to get paid, it gets harder & harder to repeat.

    I’m a Packers fan & I thought they were primed for a great run after their SB win, but injuries definitely hurt.

    Big contracts limit the amount of free agents you can sign. Nobody hits on the draft every year.

    All it takes is one bad draft, some injuries, & a little bad luck.

    Who knows, maybe Seattle will break the trend, but it just seems like the NFL is not built for dynasties anymore.

  20. The good news is the cap will grow dramtically the next two years based on the new TV deals. That being said, mark my words this will be Marshawn’s last year in Seattle unless he is willing to renegotiate ala Rice. They have Michael in the wings for way cheaper which will continue to allow them to manage other cap areas. The NFC West is going to be brutal and I would love to see the Hawks repeat but looking at things now with AZ and STL coming hard it will be anybodies division. Should be a great year for some great games

  21. The Seahawks sold out the 80,000-seat Husky Stadium in 1994, when they hadn’t won in years and went 6-10 under Tom Flores (the Dark Ages).

    The Emerald City is all football, all the time. Even though the Husky’s have been terrible since Don James (RIP) resigned, even the UW football team sells out every home game. You can’t even get close to the stadium because the crowds exceed 100k, with tens of thousands tailgating and partying in boats outside the stadium. The football tradition is rich in Washington and nothing you haters say will ever change that. We don’t care about wins and losses – we support our football teams (including our other football team, the Sounders).

    You can’t beat the 12th Man. So you might as well join us. We don’t mind the new bandwagon fans from other states. Go ahead and rock that Wilson jersey. It’s all love in the Emerald City. And if you’re feeling kinda Euro, go ahead and rock that green Sounders jersey. It’s all good. Embrace the Green.



  22. I think Sherman is hella talented eventhough he is extremely irritating…. but it would really be an injustice to pay him more than ET. Sherman is able to be bold and take chances on the ball because he has the best safety in the NFL out there covering his 6. They feed off eachother but I bet you can find a corner to do a great job much quicker than you could find an elite safety that makes them all better. Need an example? Lane, Maxwell, Thurmond all subbing in for Browner without one ounce of dropoff.

  23. Not only is he a Zone CB, he’s a Cover 3 CB, meaning he’s only responsible for his sideline, a straight line all the way back.

    It’s easy to look good being a Cover 3 CB.

    Man, not so much.

  24. I also just love how people say Sherman is overrated.

    He was the LEAST targeted corner in the league last year….but yet he LED the league in interceptions.

    How can that possibly qualify as being overrated?

  25. Jarius Wright…. Cover 3 CB….

    These haters get so creative trying to rationalize away what they see with their very eyes. You know Sherman’s the best, but you can’t stand to see it because you hate his mouth. So your little brain just makes up whatever kinda nonsense it can to explain it all away.

    But it doesn’t matter. Sherman owns you, owns your team, and owns the Lombardi.

    PS – your tears taste so sweet, haters.



  26. LOL is there paying QB’s big money that havent done nothing, why in the world would you think that he wont get paid and what does it matter what the hawks do, worry about your team.

  27. Vaughnchef, you’re an idiot. I too lived there for years and the Sonics had great fan support even while Schultz was tearing apart the team from the inside out. The Mariners organization hasn’t cared about winning games since 2001 and doesn’t deserve fan support but now that they’re actually trying the fans are filling up Safeco. As for the Hawks, I don’t recall it ever being easy to get tickets to those games.

  28. That’s a loaded headline. Sherman Talks Continue Today. Sherman never stops talking.

  29. Sherman, Thomas and Chancellor,…That’s three of the top defensive players in the league right there.

    Kam Chancellor is a dangerous man. Vernon Davis is one of the best tight ends in football and he knows that when he plays Seattle,…in the back of his mind lurks Kam Chancellor. He’s been the recipient of Kam’s brutality more than once. Ask Wes Welker. He knows.

    Sherman is a flat out, shut down corner,…he takes away a whole side of the field. Enough said.

    Thomas is the General. The biggest little man in the NFL. Can deliver a hit and is EVERYWHERE. He knows what’s going to happen. He can read an offense as well as any player in the league.

    What really makes them effective as a whole is their ability to communicate on the field and work together as a unit. These guys play as a team.

    There’s a new paradigm in the NFL. Better get used to it people. The Seahawks have literally changed the game. The rest of the league is going to trip over themselves in the next couple of years trying to figure out how to emulate their success.

    Seattle’s D will dominate once again in 2014…Fewest yards,..fewest points, 5 turnover ratio.

    Go Hawks!!!

  30. Seahawks fans have been loyal for almost 38 years. Selling out when they had loosing years time and time again. It must be sad for fans of teams who cannot fill the stands even when they win. It took the 49ers thirty years to get to the Super Bowl and for that thirty years you could get a ticket for 1/4 the face value. Try that in Seattle. Hawk fans have been and always will be behind their team. Seattle is a football town.

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