Sterling’s lifetime ban sends clear message to all owners

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By banning L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, Adam Silver has made the jobs a little easier for his colleagues in the Commissioners’ Club.

Every owner of every major-league franchise, in the NBA or elsewhere, now knows that views like those espoused by Sterling will result in swift and decisive action.

How could Commissioner Roger Goodell do anything less with an NFL owner, now that Silver has set the precedent in a different sport?  With Goodell developing in his seven-plus years on the job a reputation for aggressively enforcing all rules and policies against the league’s players, it would be virtually impossible for Goodell to not drop the hammer on an NFL owner who engages in similar conduct.

This doesn’t change the fact that the league should be more careful about screening future owners.  Silver’s action nevertheless puts all current and future NFL owners on clear and unambiguous notice.  If you harbor hatred and bigotry in your heart and if it somehow finds a way to make itself to the public eye, game over.

250 responses to “Sterling’s lifetime ban sends clear message to all owners

  1. I disagree with this. Sterling is a PRIVATE business owner, he committed no crime yet he is hanged by a PC-obsessed media.

    If Sterling were black, and said this same statement about white people, the media would either apologize for him or demand that people move on b/c he “misspoke” or some BS like that.

  2. great so now having racist opinions or thoughts is a crime in this country.

    lets ignore the fact that he was set up and had to be coerced into actually saying something.

  3. L.A. area resident here…….well done commish! It’s about time someone stood up to this lifetime bigot!

  4. Bravo! I’m glad to see someone took some action with this disgraceful human being!

  5. Hhmmm, Dante Stallworth killed someone, had to sit out a year. Get overheard saying something offensive, lifetime ban? Is that really the message the NFL wants to send?

  6. Yep…that clown is done. Now he can go spend his billions with others who feel the same way he does.

  7. I really don’t think its fair to the owners who usually make countless mistakes, and then be banned. Talking is usually taken for nothing, but actions is more serious to consider by… His comments in Clipper game was nothing but just a angry smoke trash talking… SO if you the owner, and got caught trash talking, and you got banned lifetime and be force to sell.. is that righteous? I think not.. I rather they do that ban stuff when they been caught DOING SOMETHING.. Not talkin trash… we always talk trash(if you don’t, u must be trippin) afterall we only human, and we naturally make mistakes and learn from it…

  8. Adam Silver got it right after David Stern enabled Sterling for 20+ years. There will be an easy sale and somebody’s gonna get a great bargain, when they buy.

    The owners will easily get a super majority to strip the bigot Sterling from ownership.

  9. 1984 – not just a Van Halen album (the real van halen) – it is now a reality – be careful which bandwagon you jump on people – you will be next…

  10. Sterling deserves all of this, but to act like this is all over for Silver/the NBA and they’re just going to dust their hands and be done with it is way off. Expect the lawsuits to start flowing in from all sides and many more headaches to pop up.

  11. And yet Pete Rose is banned for life?

    What about the players who kill someone and are still playin’ ball?

    I’m no fan of Sterling, good for the NBA to have the stones to ban him.

  12. It’s too bad they didn’t figure it out sooner, if the Buccaneers had gotten rid of Culverhouse sooner, they’d likely have kept Doug Williams longer and not had two decades of shame (80’s-90’s)

  13. Where is the opportunity for redemption here? Or has this just been about the typical witch hunt? I don’t agree with this dude and his garbage beliefs, but there needs to be an opportunity somewhere for him to redeem himself eventually. This is still the United States of America. …..right?

  14. Sticks & Stones may break my bones but words wont. But words are very powerful and verbal abuse is a serious problem throughout this country especially when it comes to race. We are all held accountable for choice of words as well as actions anything else makes peace uneven.

  15. Bad precedent being set here. The guy is an idiot I get that. But he was illegally recorded in a private conversation. What’s next for the morality police? Infidelity? Political views? Religious beliefs?

  16. Well seeing that was like a ten minute phone conversation all of which involved smearing black people the ” misunderstanding ” angle really wasn’t an option . I hope his annoying clown ex wife doesn’t get the team .

  17. Privately owned company or not..the NBA Constitution has a clause that states owners can be removed fro gambling, or engaging in any other activities that can be viewed as “bad for business”.

    Donald Sterling made comments that caused several sponsors to pull out of their agreements. That example alone , ladies and gents, falls under the “bad for business” clause, which means his team CAN in fact be taken from him.

  18. Take control of the team and sell them to Seattle where they can have their own arena and loyal fanbase.

  19. To those people talking about he said it during a private conversation and it’s a private business and etc. etc. etc…

    These things would matter if all he said was he doesn’t like black people. However, he went on to say he specifically doesn’t want them at his games. He’s crossed into legal territory here because of the civil rights implications. You simply cannot be a business owner and freaking say out loud – particularly to your half-black mistress it would seem – that you want to bar minorities from entering a public building. There are specific laws against this sort of sentiment.

    Magnify everything because he’s a very visible public figure. Magnify it some more because he has a history of this kind of behavior. Magnify it more still because he deals in an entertainment product that employs many, many minority men (and women).

    Bottom line: what a scumbag piece of crap. Indeed, other owners should take note.

  20. Sterling is a racist old fool but I don’t like the mob mentality. Racism will always exists because fools will always live in the past both black and white.

  21. Being an African American, it brings me satisfaction that the NBA and others reacted with disgust to Mr Sterling’s comments, which has no place in an established business. With that being said, does anyone else get the feeling that the NBA reacted too fast with the life ban? Im all for a person getting what comes to him or her and beleive Mr Sterling got his….but this seems more reactionary to public anger and business damage control. Not the best way to set a precedent. Anyone feel the same way? Too much power for a comish?

  22. What did he say that was racist again? Most of his team is black, his head coach is black, his gf is mixed…….so is he racist against whites?

  23. Sterling supporters are also overlooking his history of racist behavior. The better question might be: What took the NBA so long?

  24. This is a travesty. Who among us has not said things in private that would leave our friends and family mortified if it were made public. EVERYBODY has done it at one time or another, especially if anger or emotion or alcohol or drugs were involved.

    I am not condoning this guy. He’s a jerk and a bully and a bigot. But this is a set-up and a crucifixion.

  25. Free Speech? Now we govern talk! As much as I disagree with his attitudes—–I Love free speech, even when I hate what is said. Everyone loves tolerance, except when they disagree with what they like! This seems very dangerous.

  26. So does this mean they can ban Dan Snyder for life for defending a racial slur as a team name? That might change some Skins fans minds..

  27. I just don’t see how this goes down any other way.

    If Sterling remains, the Clippers become the most hated team in America, maybe the world. No one would want to play for them, their coach has basically already resigned, no one other than trolls who want to pelt Sterling with garbage would want to attend games….the situation is completely untenable.

    If Sterling fights this, it’s only to gratify his own ego and sense of power. Perhaps if he gets through the courts, he can “win” some kind of victory, but that won’t stop him from being the most hated figure in professional sports.

    Time to sell to someone in Seattle and bring the Sonics back. The Clipper name is going to be dead to a lot of people for a long time – might as well bury it completely.

  28. Let’s be clear DS has not commited any crime nor will he be charged. The NBA has a set of laws and Adam Silver is following the NBA laws. The NBA as a private business has the right to punish people in its league if the person violates the rules. So please stop with the so much for free speech crap.

  29. Ugh, if one more clown mentions “freedom of speech” I’m going to pop. “Freedom of speech” has absolutely no relevance to this situation.

    Freedom of speech applies to the government; not to private entities. Private entities have the right to take whatever actions they want against you for your speech.

    Also, the whole “What about a chance for redemption?” crap is nonsense. This guy has a LONG history of racism. The chance for redemption came with any of the prior mutli-million dollar settlements he had to enter due to this racism. Additionally, it’s not as if this guy has been stripped of all his money and belongings and thrown into Gitmo. He’s still a millionaire. He still has all his stuff. He’s losing the Clippers, but he’s going to be finally compensated for it – they’re being sold.

    This clown is not a victim. He’s an idiot that had countless times to get his act together and still couldn’t do it. Donald Sterling will be fine – no one needs to feel sorry for him.

    It’s important to remember that this was not a first time, one-off offense. This guy has a decades-long history of this stuff.

    Great move by Silver, IMO.

  30. I honestly listened to the tape and kept waiting for some huge moment the never came. So he’s dating a half black woman, was about to get his second award from the naacp but he’s a racist because someone trapped him on tape? Just don’t believe if a black man was telling his girlfriend not to associate with white folks the same would happen. I think magic has wanted a team for decades now, and wasn’t he the black person sterling was referring to? Anyone can be set up like that!

  31. So, the NBA banned him, the government didn’t give him a jail sentence. For the people who think this is about being pc, this statement could have a financial fallout, so the NBA, a business, made a business decision. On another note, I strongly believe if a black owner said this about white people (or any other race) they would face the same punishment, to believe otherwise is just an attempt to justify his statement.

  32. This is crazy….His mistress and Magic Johnson set him up. Just read an article saying Magic and the Guggenheim Corp are interested in buying the Clippers. Wow! Isn’t that a coincidence. Magic has the entire NBA trying to get him back into the league…This is a Joke

  33. Based on this logic, Charles Barkley, and other known black racists, should NEVER be considered for any leadership, executive, or ownership position.

  34. “If you harbor hatred and bigotry in your heart and if it somehow finds a way to make itself to the public eye, game over.”

    I shed no tears for Sterling, but the media outrage over this is phony, as this aspect of Sterling was known for years. As for the quote above, I have a question: Who gets to define the terms “hatred” and “bigotry”.

    Will those who hold to the traditional Christian views of marriage be defined as bigots? Will those who hold any politically incorrect views on any issue be ostracized? Who gets to define what persons are haters?

    And finally, perhaps Sterling’s bigotry was ignored for so long because he gave money to the right people and the right causes, including the NAACP. That aspect of this entire episode makes the media storm over this look bogus. The media knew, and they did nothing until now. Why?

  35. Al Sharpton should buy the Clippers because hes not a racist…….(rolling eyes)

  36. Donations made by Donald Sterling owned or related organizations:

    – Hundreds of thousands of dollars to the NAACP.
    – Sterling received a Humanitarian of the Year award in 2008 from the Black Business Association, which has received $50,000 from his foundations.
    – $55,000 to the United Negro College Fund
    – $68,000 to the Special Olympics of Southern California.
    – etc., etc.

    Clearly the actions of a racist and a bigot…

  37. Also, for all the “private conversation” people, the NBA didn’t tap any phone lines, they pulled the audio from a public domain. To put it simply, not illegal.

  38. As a former San Diego Clipper fan, it’s hard for me to feel bad for Donald Sterling, but this thoughtcrime business is getting way out of control.

  39. Chris Paul is outraged!

    He wasn’t when the well known bigot offered him that lucrative long term contract.

    If these guys were that outraged…if Doc Rivers was that outraged, why not take a stand on your own and not accept the man’s money?

    Oh. That’s right. That stand would have cost them some money.

    So much for principles.

    Can’t have it both ways.

  40. Freedom of speech and freedom from repercussions in a private enterprise are very, very different things. This was a PR crisis for the NBA and they responded accordingly.

  41. Lol @ people feeling sorry for the rich adulterer who got caught spewing backwards league destroying garbage.

  42. How did the recording get in the hands of TMZ anyway? Did his girlfriend set him up and have the recorder ready to go? Was someone following him around and seized the opportunity?

    In the court of public opinion, Sterling is guilty as sin here. I’m just wondering how anyone was able to record the conversation in the first place.

  43. Those of you who disagree clearly don’t understand the business side of things. If he wants to express his opinion, that’s fine, but understand that there’ll be consequences if his opinion is discriminatory to any of his publics. People, regardless of race, wouldn’t want to support an organization or a league that accepts that type of talk.

    The Clippers already lost endorsements and the NBA would’ve as well had appropriate actions had not been taken.

    To the person who said this wouldn’t have happen had Sterling been black, stop playing the race card. It’s a cop out.

  44. I understand his comments were offensive, but they were words. This is a private business. To ban someone for life for an audio recording like that is absolutely ridiculous. This is a slippery slope, people. Whether anyone agrees with him (I do not), it is his opinion and he is entitled to it. Sterling most definitely should have the NBA and Silver in court tomorrow. You don’t like his constitutionally protected opinion? Don’t go to Clippers games and don’t buy their merchandise. Don’t live of buy a Sterling owned property. How about a lifetime ban for Ray Rice and a hefty fine for Sterling?!!!

  45. Some of the people here do not understand the difference between a normal business and owning a professional sports team. He is part of an association much like being part of a country club You can be expelled and you can be disciplined as part of the rules which you agreed when you were admitted to the club. Even owners have bylaws and regulations they have set up for each other. It has nothing to do with the media and everything to do with toe league itself

  46. Freedom of Speech
    does not mean
    Freedom from Responsibility

    Donald Sterling is free to say anything he wants, but the consequences of what he says he has to own.

    If I stood up in the middle of a sold out theater and started yelling “Fire!” and everyone stampedes out and in the stampede people are hurt, I would be face the consequences of what I said. If I stood up in the middle of the same theater and yelled “Dumbledore is killed by Snape!”, I might get booed, I might even get roughed up by a cosplaying wizard, but the consequences would be less severe.

  47. Freedom of speech has been totally ignored here, what he said he said, doesn’t matter if you or me like it, it’s his choice to be a bigot,racist, or whatever else he wants to be, he can wear mini skirts and high heels and yell about anybody he wants, if you don’t agree then don’t pay attention. Land of the free my ass!!!!

  48. Maybe Mike & Mike can now change the topic of conversation… in a week or so.

  49. Does Daniel Snyder have a mistress? If he’s smart, he’s dumped her after this Sterling business…

  50. “freaking say out loud – particularly to your half-black mistress it would seem – that you want to bar minorities from entering a public building. There are specific laws against this sort of sentiment.”

    Actually, there are no laws regarding sentiments, feelings, or talk.

    See amendment one of the U.S. Constitution if you are confused regarding this issue.

  51. This is not a free speech issue people. Not even slightly.

    He agreed, as dolphinsspokesperson said above, to the stipulations of the league he entered and since he’s the longest tenured owner he’s largely responsible for said stipulations.

    He has already caused a black eye on the league multiple times and now he’s costing the team/league money and has damaged the NBA brand. All breaking of rules HE GOVERNED…or at least could have been apart of governing for many many years.

    I hate that she obtained the comments thru illegal fashion but this judgement has long been earned by his foolish actions and is deserved.

  52. he can’t even attend games? I found that to be a bit much. can’t even go to an NBA game for the rest of his life?

    don’t get me wrong, he shouldn’t be an NBA owner after those comments, but dang. can’t attend? for words? wow.

  53. Just think, had this come out a month or so later Sterling would have received his SECOND lifetime achievement award from the LA Chapter of the NAACP.


  54. This is so wrong. The league should have done NOTHING about this aside from a statement against what was said. But also in that league statement they should have made clear that the comments were made in private, and as such were not subject to league discipline. Look-I don’t agree with what he said either, (I mean how ironic that an NBA owner has these views?) but tell me the same punishment would be meted out had the race roles been reversed. It wouldn’t have. This is a VERY dangerous precedent. The feel good police strike again. You wanna punish this guy for his thoughts and words? Don’t go to his games and pull the advertising. THATS how you punish him.

  55. “Donald will retire to his plantation in Georgia.”

    Donald Sterling was born in Illinois and moved to Los Angeles when he was 2 years old.

  56. would people stop bringing up ‘freedom of speech’ in these cases?

    the last i checked the NBA is a corporation and not the government. If they want to terminate someone they view is a detriment to their business, they can do that.

  57. Here’s a question to ask Commish Goodell.

    Has any sponsorship $$$ left because of Dan Snyder’s refusal to change the team name?

    Has Coke,FedEx or NY Life revoked sponsorship of Snyder’s team?

    Hell No! If they did, Goodell would act, just like Silver did today!

    Everyone is showing so much piety, but once again, it’s all and always has been about the $$$.

  58. This isn’t about a single comment. This is about a long term pattern of behavior including incidents that resulted in legal action taken against Sterling. David Stern should have banned him!

    The number of people defending Sterling is frightening and mindblowing. But unfortunately it’s not shocking.

  59. The NBA is hard to watch. People should be able to say whatever they want in the privacy of their own home. Maybe Magic set the dude up so he could buy the team on the cheap.

  60. The decision was a statement, in that aspect I like it.

    He is a known bigot, so not exactly a sacrificial lamb to a greater good, he got what he deserved.

    But, there is a greater good.

    Dan Snyder, you have been put on notice, you are another owner with bigoted views, it is time to grow up.

    Privacy Law, we need to do some changing here, that was some BS crap that girl pulled. We are not going to let dime store hookers go after public figures like this, even good guys have bad moments. No one should be under a microscope 24/7.

  61. This isn’t about black. This isn’t about white. This is about green. As soon as the corporate sponsors started leaving that was the end of Sterling.

    Most NBA teams are now owned by the Venture Capitalists or the pure corporate crowd (ref. Boston Celtics and Nets) – they won’t tolerate anything that would jeopardize their business model.

    And, they have higher standards for girlfriends..

  62. Some of you folks on here claiming the guy was only talking trash and having a personal conversation totally ignored the fact that they guy said “Don’t bring black people to my games!” Did you not hear that? Man, this isn’t the 50’s and 60’s, it’s 2014! If you’re that ignorant and racist of a human being, NO, you shouldn’t be able to own a professional team, period, especially when the majority of your team is made up of black people! C’mon man!

  63. Please, quit crying free speech. Free speech keeps sterling out of jail but does not apply at all to the nba if he’s hurting the league (he was).

  64. I don’t agree with what he’s done but what can they do if he voids all contracts and pulls his money, court cases and a lot of time.

  65. It’s horse crap he has been banned for life. All he did was speak his mind and that good digger recorded it. If he had a real problem with blacks he wouldn’t be with her considering she is half black herself. Either way lifetime ban over how he feels opposed to being drunk as hell driving and being a legit weapon like the colts owner hmm just goes to show how corny people are if you offend a certain race.

  66. It’s only a message to the NFL if the NFL constitution and bylaws confer the same powers on the NFL commissioner as the NBA’s apparently do for Stern and if the NFL commissioner is inclined to exercise those powers the same way.

    Interesting that some sites keep talking up the possibility of Trump being named an NFL owner, when Trump just defended Sterling as having been put up to it by his girlfriend.

    I can think of one girlfriend who should not be counting on getting any more special presents, not that she needs more.

  67. Game Over. It is extremely sad that in this day and age that people still think this way. For racists and bigots of all colors you need to wake up and realize that it should not take something like this to turn you around. People are people regardless of race. More importantly, People are responsible for their own actions alone. Black, White, Asian, Latino, whatever. Each person is their own person.

  68. I thought the first amendment allows even idiots to spew hatred in private conversations. This is a slippery slope here folks. Who cares what an 80 year old nut job has to say anyway. Let’s move on.

  69. For those questioning Sterling’s FREE SPEECH, please educate yourselves. Freedom of speech protects one’s speech from governmental intrusion. Donald Sterling’s free speech has not been impeded in ANY way.

  70. For all of you commenting that Sterling was banned for his thoughts I think you need help. The sponsors pulled the plug on advertising. The league was faced with the fact an owner damaged the reputation of the league and for having a plantation mentality. You can think anything you want, just don’t expect everyone to say “that’s great”.

  71. Someone above said “I disagree with this. Sterling is a PRIVATE business owner, he committed no crime yet he is hanged by a PC-obsessed media.”

    Technically he’s a FRANCHISE owner, not a private business owner, and is subject to the rules of the franchiser. You can play armchair lawyer all you want but I promise you the guy that took the mic today to announce this decision had a ton of legal muscle on conference calls and the franchise agreement in front of each person on the call to discuss the extent of their legal abilities prior.

  72. Putting aside the particular issue here no matter what your view, I am wondering if the Commissioner in the NBA has the power without the raticification of the owners to take such an action. Is it the same in other sports? In the NFL, the owners have to vote on something as simple as a rule change or as inportant as whether they will accept an individual as an owner of a team. It seems strange that they would not reserve the same right in deciding to ban an owner.
    Also, my guess is that there is going to be more to this story. If it is at all ambiguous, this is certain to wind up in court as a case of unlawful taking of property rights.

  73. He might not, but he might have been assured the votes will be there. Or, logically, any owner who didn’t vote his way would do so at their own public peril – more a de facto vote.

  74. Funny how bigots always support other bigots, no matter what. Whether Welfare Rancher Bundy or racist owner, Sterling they always stick together.

    With all the diversity in sports, I don’t understand how bigots can stand no more white only leagues.

  75. It actually sends two clear messages:

    Message 1 – Dont be a racist

    Message 2 – Dont trust a girlfriend young enough to be your grand-daughter

  76. Wow worst mistress ever! this guy buys her cars, condos and probably a whole host of other nice things and this is how she repays him…. sheesh they just dont make mistresses like they used to.

  77. No doubt that what this guy said was stupid and hateful….as a businessman and as a human being…but is that enough to strip him from his ownership of the team? Especially when it came from a secretly taped conversation that probably would not stand up in a court of law as legal evidence? Are there no rights to free speech as an owner of a sports team? I think I would have preferred to see the fans, players and advertisers come together to say “We are not going to support this team as long as this guy is in charge!”, than have the NBA step in and force the owner of a business to sell his business, whether he wants to or not! Let the free market work and he probably would have been gone by next season anyway! These “slippery slopes” often set presidents that lead to places we may not want to go over time!

  78. Finally, free speech applies to the government restricting speech. Learn something.

  79. Will Jay-Z face similar repercussions for his Anti-White sentiments and wearing symbols that express hatred towards white people?

    Its tough being white in America. Double standards are too strong imo…

  80. They should have banned him for running the worst team in professional sports for decades, not for some sort of thought crime.

  81. How was freedom of speech violated again? I don’t see Sterling being hauled to jail. Freedom of speech has nothing to do with how others will treat you for what you say, just that you won’t be legally prosecuted for saying it.

    Sterling is a key representative of the NBA and he threatened the league’s integrity with his comments. The NBA, a private organization, has its own constitution and bylaws for a reason and it was exercised today.

  82. Please just focus on the facts:
    The owner said what he said. It is racist, discriminating, etc…. He is being punished and the league clearly does not want him in their circle. The league gets to decide it’s owners and punishment under their constitution. I’m not sure if they can legally ban him from NBA games, because their are a lot more like him already allowed to attend games. But, lets remember what he said was extremely offensive and should not be tolerated.

  83. Wow how fast this is acted on as a man opens his mouth and says something to offend all yet a guy can yell Bomb in an airport and he is lost in the weeks next news.

  84. Freedom of speech protects a person against the government. Not wives, girlfriends, employees, employers, customers, partners, or the general public.

    We are all free to speak our minds and express our views. Were also free to be held accountable for those views and our speech. That is sort of a key component to freedom – it goes both ways.

  85. As I read the comment I see lots of use of word bigot yet we allow men of color as Charles Barkley to say as he wishes. I find it just as racist being a NBA fan when he says it is a BLACK league. He also on national TV can say he and his friends make gay jokes and use the N word. It is no different no matter what you skin color to talk in this manner yet all the world comes down on one and lets the other go on. Neither individual should go without blame.

  86. The 1st amendment only applies to protecting our words from the GOVERNMENT, not from private individuals.

    If you open your trap and say something completely stupid, then we, the public, the NBA, fans, and even Hitler’s grandchildren can react how you wish.

    You have the right to free speech and you have the right to be an idiot, and we have the right to respond. The NBA is a business, they have every right to remove Sterling for his remarks. He just can’t be arrested for them.

  87. The NBA already had a damaged name for years. They’ve been a garbage league for a decade+ because of Stern. What league can survive referee betting scandals and cronyism ripping teams out of cities?

    I’ve never agreed with how corporations/businesses try to control what people say and do. People get this kind of treatment all the time and not always over racist stuff either.

    I don’t agree with the racism. I don’t agree with alot of things. One thing i really don’t agree with is corporations and media controlling anything.

    This scenario= the media is the jury, the corporation (nba) was the judge.

  88. so those the NFL have a constitution?? “can anybody answer that for me??
    if so i think dan synder and jerry jones have violated it alot and need too banned or striped of there teams or etc and maybe even my owner jimmy haslem Go Browns!!!!

  89. All of this pontificating plus the two bits by profootalk is sooo funny!!!

    Why? Consider these items together.

    Sterling bought the paperclips for around $16 million years ago and stands to sell the team under duress for over ONE BILLION.

    Magic Johnson has been a very unhappy and vocal part owner of the Lakers for the past few years, but can’t sell his share without the Lakers approval.

    Magic Johnson is in the middle of Sterling’s comments.

    Magic Johnson has jumped to the front with his ownership group ready to pay over ONE BILLION to Sterling when the forced sales has to be made.

    Because the NBA has jumped into the middle of this forced sale, the Lakers have no real power to stop Magic Johnson from selling his part ownership in the Lakers and then buyer the PaperClips.

    The Black friends Sterling has had for decades have remained quiet with zero visibility. And he has quite a few, so much that the LA NAACP chapter was ready to give Sterling his SECOND lifetime achievement award cause he has donated millions to them over the years. Everyone, including the NBA, knows Sterling has a rich guy’s mouth where he shoots it off saying nonsense and racial bigoted statements. Sterling has done so for decades. This is nothing new, but now certain media folks (TMZ leading the charge – guess who is paying them?) keep pounding away at it like its is new stuff.

    Consider all of these together and you find an interesting plot for Sterling to quickly get his BILLIONS for the team he got for cheap, Magic Johnson to shed the Lakers’ control of him and his displeasure with their management/ownership, and Magic Johnson becoming the owner of the Lakers biggest cross-town and more talented rival, ALL IN ONE nice and tidy incident blessed by the NBA over the objections of the Lakers and fueled by the unthinking news media and PC public. All of this manipulated by Sterling and Magic Johnson.

    How fun is this to see their plan play out!!!

  90. I see more outrage from the media over these comments than I see when players abandon their children or get behind the wheel of a car intoxicated and end up killing someone.

    Why is that?

  91. Is there any possibility this guy is just losing it? Senile maybe? Why own a team in a league with so many black athletes if you’re really a racist? It makes no sense.

  92. I have no doubt that this will be challenged in court by Sterling. I do not see any way that this will hold up either. I think that the courts might uphold a ban for up to a year, but I do not see them going along with this lifetime ban, particularly since Sterling has done nothing illegal. A court case would also get interesting in that the NBA would have to defend their actions without using the tape as evidence, since the recording was made illegally and therefor is not admissible in any court of law. I think that the lifetime ban was an overreach on the part of the NBA and that it simply is excessive and will not hold up. The courts are also going to have a serious problem with penalizing Sterling over constitutionally protected free speech.

    Of course I can also see Sterling filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against anyone involved in making the recording or in the public release of the recording. Assuming that the recording was made in CA, those involved in making the tape could face criminal charges as well, since recording someone without their consent is illegal in CA. It is also possible that anyone involved in releasing the recording could be considered an accessory after the fact to the illegal act of making the recording, especially if they were involved in instigating the making of the recording.

    What Sterling said was disgusting, but I simply do not see the courts upholding this lifetime ban.

  93. Yes lifetime ban from Sterling. Which means no more coming to games ever. But Spike Lee is allowed to have seats on the floor for every Knicks game. Which he uses to yell at officials, talk trash to the opposing team and its coaches, and schmoozing with the players. I have heard more racism and bigotry come from him then I have from Sterling. How many times has he been taped saying cracker or honky? What about his disgusting comments about and portrayals of Asian Americans?

    His record of racism is twice as long as Sterlings but because he is african american its ok. Not only is it ok, its celebrated. His face is on the jumbrotron at every game, and on tv every time the Knicks play. Where is his lifetime ban?

  94. For everyone saying this is not a crime you are wrong. It is illegal in this country to create a racist environment in a workplace.

    Secondly, what I see in many of the posts above is a lot of racists defending bigotry. Shame on you.

  95. I wonder if all the people that think NBA did right thing would agree if all the athletes that said they did not want gay teamates were banned for life. If you took his conversations & replaced black with gay, you would have comments that are similar to what many players have said in interviews. I’m not defending Sterling by any means, I just want to point out how hypocritical many people are being. If your outraged at this why were all the other players given a pass

  96. Like I said he should fold the franchise cut all the players now in the playoffs the league can’t stop him from firing his staff and closing up a business that he owns.

  97. Some of you people’s remarks are hilarious. yes Sterling is a private owner, but he is also a member of a league which is in effect a private club. Club members have the right to discipline their own as they see fit. Don’t the people who run Augusta National make their own rules? They control who can be a member, and even what the media can broadcast. They control what caddies can wear. When sponsors start pulling out, it speaks loudly.

  98. Magic Johnson divested his ownership in the Lakers when he joined the Dodgers ownership group if I recall correctly.

  99. Yes it is a private club but he can fire his staff and cut his players and fold his franchise right now just before tip off tonight and the gsw win by forfeit. That would be hilarious

  100. Let me start by saying this, I believe what he said is absolutely ignorant and uncalled for and there is no place for it in our society….with that said, how can someone be banned for life due to an ignorant personal belief and his own opinion. No matter how ignorant, wrong or abhorrent, people are entitled to their opinion. You have rapists and criminals playing in the league and that’s ok, but having an ignorant opinion gets you banned for life. Sorry, that is pretty backwards.

    To ban someone due statements made during a PRIVATE conversation that was recorded is completely Nazi like and brings about thoughts of the Gestapo state.

    I have a feeling this is far from over….

  101. Why does everything get spun ? If Michael Jordan would have said these same comments he would be banned too. For example, remember the dude from that espn show that made those RG3 corn bread brother comments. He also brought up the RG3 ‘s wife being white. The man is black and he was fired within 24 hours. It goes both ways in the media now days. You can’t keep it real without offending the masses. Just tired of the same ol’ if he was black COMMENTS. Blacks are tired of the over hyped media and the racial baiting too. Sincerely , a black man !!!!

  102. And Sterling was set to receive his SECOND lifetime achievement award from the NAACP.

    True story, look it up.

  103. How do people not find this scary? Look at a few weeks ago where the CEO of Firefox was forced out because he legally donated $1000 to an anti gay marriage political fund years ago.

    That’s it. He didn’t discriminate against anybody, just tossed aside for making a legal donation.

    Now we have a version of the same thing with Sterling.

    Maybe this guy is a closet racist but his actions in the NBA were not racist. His players got paid. He hired a black coach. He donated to black charities.

    Are we the thought police now?

  104. White guy in the NBA says something. In privacy
    (he thought), and gets fined and banned?

    Black guy in the NFL says something. (coming soon)
    and gets 15 yd. penalty?

  105. The conversation that has caused so much uproar should have been and should have stayed private. Its none of your business if you were not a part of it. How many of you, including myself, have said something in a private conversation that you wouldn’t want the world to hear? The recorded conversation was planned and setup and leaked to the media by somebody with a vendetta against Donald Sterling and his family. An injustice has been done to him. He was setup.

    I’m not saying the statements he made are right. They certainly are not in todays world, but you have to realize he is from about 5 generations ago. He grew up in a completely different world than most of you. Is he a bigot and a racist? Some of his statements would indicate he is, some of his actions would indicate he is not.

    The biggest joke in all of this is the NAACP. Everyone is screaming about his lifetime of racism and they were about to give him a lifetime achievement award. Now they are calling for his head?

  106. I’m opposed to racism of any kind, so I’m happy for the decisive action that was taken today.

    That being said, had the roles been reversed, and this had been a black owner warning his girlfriend not to associate or be photographed with white people, not only would there be no punishment being handed out, anyone even suggesting punishment was appropriate would be branded a racist.

  107. I like Adam Silver….just got into office and used his biggest hammer! No hemming and hawing like Roger Goodell would’ve done…I like it!

  108. Yes there is a first amendment. Yes this is a private business. But he is part of a private association that has rules that speak to the good of the game. He crossed those rules and now has to pay the price.

    However, you could probably go into any professional sports team or any other business and find discriminatory practices. Tell me the upper echelons of baseball are represented by people who look like their players who are predominantly Latin. If this opens the door for conversation and organizations to begin to look at themselves and their practices it’s a good thing.

    As for the wife taking it over since it is a community property state he would still own half so she’s out too.

  109. The thought police were out in full force. This is an overaction and I hope Sterling sues the league, the mistress, and as many media outlets as possible.

    Having said that I love all people and some remarks were beyond terrible. However, maybe the guy was jealous because his young 1.8 million dollar babe was seen at his arena and every other joint in town with other men and he said enough Some real reporter should go an look at her instagram history I just don’t think what a man says in the bedroom to his girlfriend should have this type of impact and reaction. Not when everyone who was making and taking his money white or black knew what the guy was all about.

    Lastly, steven a. smith i think said it best the NAACP was ready to award this guy his 2nd, 2nd lifetime achievement award!! Proof again that the liberal establishment doesn’t want equality they want power and money and are MORE crooked than Sterling. At least we know who sterling is!

  110. of course, keep naming your teams Redskins, Braves, Indians (with accompanying offensive logo), etc, etc. That is completely fine. No racism there.

  111. Can’t we all just get along with each other. Is that too much to ask, going forward.

  112. I agree with Mark Cuban. I in no way condone vile racism. But I also don’t condone trampling on someone’s property rights over something said in the privacy of their home.

    I think Sterling is a pig. And I think Silver overstepped his bounds.

  113. I think Mark Cuban is just doing preliminary protection talk for his own next foot-in-mouth moment.

  114. Mark Cuban alluded to owners going down the slippery slope. So what then constitutes an act where an owner would lose his team either through a forced sale of it or being banned like Sterling.

    He is talking precedence, what action is more egregious that the other to put the team owner at risk and who gets to decide. In a case like this with the penalty imposed, the team and the rest have an opportunity to continue and prosper as before.

    If the owner / family want to go the legal route and fight, and say they win, then the best course of action would come thru the loss of endorsements, fans, and players whose contracts would be loosened to go elsewhere. In the end, the team would lose money and get devalued from 1 billion to so much less. Nobody can be that stupid and they would have to sell the team.

    Silver needs to be lauded for taking decisive actions instead of allowing Sterling escape to racial sensitivity rehab and training. Same for MLB and Marge Schott. Take note Goodell.

  115. We’ll the NBA had to do this you can’t have racist owners in a black league with mostly black star power can you picture the Seahawks owner saying this with black star players like Sherman,Wilson,Lynch,Harvin,Thomas, …. And others the NFL would have to do the same thing if not he loses his team and the city team become a place where no one wants to play.

  116. This guy has been a racist his entire life and the clippers have always sucked. Now they’re good. Magic wants to buy the team. He gets caught voicing his opinion and they want to strip his ownership. Seems fishy

  117. It’s all about money not a race issue. The commissioner cares more about the pulling of corporate sponsors then the race issue trust me. Of course he’ll act like he really cares about the race issue but it’s baloney. Just like how Al and Jesse “care”. It’s all about money don’t be naive.

  118. Whats lost here is that as deplorable as his comments were – there is an even worse more insidious criminal here. The girlfriend illegally recorded him, threw him under the bus after scrounging off him for years, sold her story, is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame, and will continue to attempt to paint herself as an innocent in this when she actually deserves to go to jail and be quickly forgotten. She has played no part here that warrants financial gain or public acclaim, just ignominy and disdain.

  119. Goodell does not have the guts to ban an nfl owner no matter how egregious their action is. He had a chance most recently with jim irsay. He could have set a precedent by suspending irsay for a year forcing him to go to rehab and after his stint subject him to random drug test. One more violation and irsay will lose his team. But no, lord Goodell is only concerned about monetizing everything he can get his hands on. He’s too afraid to bite the hand (NFL) owners that feeds him. Adam Silver by his action today will be the next great commissioner of professional sports along the lines of pete rozelle. Took a lot of guts to do what Silver did today. Lord Goodell can only wish he had the balls and vision that silver has.

  120. What Sterling said would make a lot of us get ticked off — but all he did was spout off some nonsense in a private conversation. The guy seemed half-soused — there seemed to be some of that slurry speech and emotional overtones of someone half in the bag.

    Most of us do not agree with the guy, but we are now treading into that Thought Police realm. Slippery slope – here we come.

  121. Way is everybody mentioned freedom of speech, yes he has his freedom of speech but guess what in the business word saying whatever you want can still get you fired. Don’t matter if that was a private conversation or not or it don’t matter if he was setted up or not, nobody forced him to say what he said. When it not only upset the players team, but the rest of the league, the fans, but also other owners than something had to be done.

  122. Some of u are right… this isn’t about freedom of speech, but that doesn’t mean the punishment is right. Sterling made comments that were meant to be private, they were not done during an interview, they were done during a personal moment. How many of the people in this country can honestly say they havent said something troublesome in private? If fans want to hold this guy accountable, do it with your money. In the state of California, like many, you can not use unauthorized recordings for legal matters, which stripping a guy of ownership sounds very litigious to me. We’ll see if this stands.

  123. I don’t care what he is… he should tell the NBA to stuff it and take that $2.5 mil and pay his lawyers to sue those asses right down to their socks! the PC police can go to hell…

  124. Well, there goes Donald Trump’s chances at owning the Bills. No one wants a Tea Party conspiracy theorist birther.

  125. To all the people clamouring about the “oppression” of David Sterling.

    Understand that owning an NBA team isn’t a RIGHT.

    Sterling has a RIGHT to hold all the disgraceful opinions he wants. No one is throwing him in jail for that.

    But the NBA does not HAVE to allow this guy to participate in their league.

    Maybe spend have a second thinking before running your mouths about how tyrannical the “PC police” are.

  126. “Bu..bu..but he’s an OWNER,”
    “Bu..bu..but he’s rich.”

    He owns a franchise of a larger entity. His actions have given said entity a (no pun intended,) black eye. He’s lucky to only be banned. He could have been removed from ownership if the other owners decided to. Being rich isn’t a dodge for responsibility, no matter how many bootlickers try and defend you.

  127. Now I have less respect for someone more than Goodell. So much for free speech? I,m sure the guys views are shared by millions on BOTH sides of the fence! This country is becoming a real JOKE!

  128. The guy didn’t commit a crime, so those complaining and calling it a crime need to do some research. The guy did however act in a way that is detrimental to the values of the league. The NBA doesn’t need him to be an owner. Not everyone CAN be an owner, even if they have the money. When you sign the dotted line you become a representative or the NBA and must follow their guidelines. The same thing goes for player conduct outside of the sport. If i decided to paint my house purple with black zebra stripes the Home Owners Association would kick me out. Not committing a crime, but i am beholden to their rules. Same applies here.

  129. Freedom of speech is a thing of the past, respect for privacy went with it. Lookout! the thought police are coming for us all.

  130. Nice to see so many of you love a commish for using extreme dictatorial powers to essentially take a team from an owner. Sad to see you hate another commish for the same powers.

  131. Follow the money….

    1. Magic Johnson gets chummy with “V” – Sterling’s squeeze

    2. “V” releases the tape recordings

    3. NBA bans Sterling for life to force a sale

    4. Magic interested in buying Clippers at firesale price

    ALWAYS follow the money…

  132. Its all a set up to run that miserable old man out so Magic can buy the team with a group of rich guys…. Sterling’s a bonehead, no doubt, but this is a scam & sets a bad precedent. Check out what Mark Cuban said about it.

  133. In ANY industry, ANY person of ANY color who says or does something that deeply insults a huge portion of their employees, their customers, the people who buy from their sponsors and of society at large – will suffer serious financial consequences. It’s not suppression of free speech. Steeling won’t be arrested. But not many people or businesses want to be associated with a person who dislikes an entire racial group or two. And when a person, whoever it is, shows themselves to be a bigot, their brand becomes seriously damaged. Simple economics. No one wants to associate themselves with a person their own customers now hate.

    What is funny about the sympathy some have for Sterling is that some of the same people who think he lost his right to free speech and that “you can’t say anything anymore” were among the folks who boycotted the Dixie Chicks a decade ago when they used their free speech to criticize President Bush. Or who called to get Bill Maher off the air when he made those insane comments right after 9/11. And many of us choose to not buy music or watch movies made by celebrities who are outspoken about political beliefs that we don’t agree with, one way or the other.

  134. WAY too many hits on this web site to justify the traffic.
    Donald Sterling will win his fight.
    The recording is not admissible in court.
    So what does the NBA have?
    If Sterling sues, Sterling wins.
    The NBA was just posturing.
    Sterling gave his lady $2.5 out of his chump change he found in his couch.
    That is not a fine.
    Sterling is going to win.
    Suck it up.

  135. Sterling is a pretty sad old dude. The tape kind of showed that. Free speech is still intact here as there will be no negative legal consequences for his actions solely based on those tapes.

    He’s simply an owner of a franchise…albeit a very high stakes and lucrative one. He made remarks which reflected very poorly on the rest of the league. Is it shady that someone recorded him? Absolutly…but the league doesn’t have to worry about the legality of the tape because this isn’t a criminal case of any kind.

    Frankly, we should all be happy this dude is gone. He’s been a kind of black eye for the NBA for awhile before this. I’m glad he’s out, even though if he sells hes going to be even richer.

  136. and at the end of the day,he’ll have $3 billion dollars,the ability to affect individuals and families who are NOT millionaires nor have the media platform to step up in a $4000 dollars suit and claim discriminatory practices (while collecting a check from the same guy) and in his mind,validated his beliefs. A yearlong suspension,fine with cultural and human relations education would have served everyone better. he sees himself as always being screwed over by a minority and we have no idea how far back he has felt this way. the actions of everyone involved in this and his past lawsuits will now cement that in his mind for his remaining days, this was a failure to work on a something larger,an opportunity to reconcile and educate,a chance to help this man understand others and others understand him,but what was taken was the easier path. just eliminate the issue that is affecting a group of wealthy blacks and not a larger issue of society.

  137. It’s one thing for silver to say I’m fining you $2.5 mil, but quite another to actually collect. By the time Sterling’s lawyers get through suing the league, the league may owe Sterling $2.5 mil. From the first report of this incident (read: illegally obtained recording) barely more than 72 hours passed before Silver’s “judgment” was issued. How hasty is hat? Was there due process? We’re barely into this story, and predict that a lot will change before all is said and done.

  138. It doesn’t matter what you say in private… it doesn’t matter what your opinions are… what matters is your actions. His actions should have banned him years ago. So why now?

  139. People, Silver had to act fast because all the Clipper’s corporate sponsors were pulling out and there would be concern that there could be some corporations that would do that to the NBA itself. Silver had to get Sterling out and move as he did in order to get the sponsors back. This has nothing to do with how the tape was made or anything of that kind. If a sports player is a public embarrassment to a sponsor, the sponsor will not hesitate to pull their sponsorship and the player is punished by his loss of income. Sterling is receiving his due for damaging the NBA brand. It has nothing to do with legal rights at all. This is strictly the right of a corporation to protect their brand.

  140. Here we go…..If it was a black guy? But that whole question doesn’t hold water. Because for one….white people weren’t ENSLAVED in this country by black folks!! And white people DIDN’T have to MARCH AND PROTEST…..Just to be treated
    FAIRLY!! I went to SEGREGATED SCHOOLS in my youth and I’m 52 yrs. old….and from up north in Illinois. So it hasn’t been that LONG AGO, that I was REQUIRED to sit in the balcony at the movie theater!! A lot of you….not all of you, DON’T get it. I’m a Navy vet and try to be a good person. I also have tried and did a good job of teaching my son the same. BUT…..It just SEEMS like RACISM WILL NEVER DIE!!!

  141. I hate when I hear, “If a white guy said that” or vice versa. That’s stupid to say. White people and black people in this country don’t have he same history or experiences, so those type of arguments don’t hold any weight.

  142. Some people here have scolded others for bringing up the free speech issue. I’m sorry, but it most certainly IS relevant here, whether you like it or not. So, according to this view, if the Government had fined him $100 for his statement, he would no longer be free to speak, but if he’s fined millions by the NBA and basically forced to sell his team, he’s still perfectly free to speak? Is there ever a point at which the punishment becomes the issue rather than who is doing the punishing? I have no problem saying that if you’re not even allowed to express certain views IN YOUR OWN HOME without punishment, you’re not really free to speak. Your view is still an attempt to silence speech you don’t like. The fact that it’s not being done through the government doesn’t change that. Remember, just because someone (or an organization) CAN do something doesn’t mean that it SHOULD. Furthermore, just because those who wrote the Constitution say freedom solely as freedom from government interference, doesn’t mean that everyone does. Lastly, isn’t it someone ironic that a businesses are NOT allowed to discriminate based on race, but apparently are perfectly free to ban those of a certain ideology? As long as free speech applies only to government, maybe discrimination should, too? Or is okay for government to interfere with a private business if it does so to promote an ideology you like?

    To be clear, I find what Donald Sterling said as reprehensible as everyone else. But I have enough clarity to understand that you can’t punish someone just for BELIEVING something that I don’t, again, regardless of who’s doing the punishing.

  143. madroaddog says:
    Apr 29, 2014 6:30 PM
    Freedom of speech is a thing of the past, respect for privacy went with it. Lookout! the thought police are coming for us all.
    Now if they’d only enforce their tyranny on their own.

  144. The guy’s a scumbag, but … no concern from anyone about the free speech issues here? Lifetime plan for saying douchey stuff in a private conversation? Thought Police, much?

    There were other ways they could’ve forced him out of the league. Interested to see the legal wrangling in the aftermath of this.

  145. I find it rediculous that this bigot gets life ban and a fine he can pay with the coins he has in a jar, yet Dante Stallworth gets jail for a year and can play.. oh and what about Larry Johnson and his comments? where are Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton on that topic? whats good for the goose is good for the gander..

  146. mackcarrington says: Apr 29, 2014 4:36 PM

    Some of you people’s remarks are hilarious. yes Sterling is a private owner, but he is also a member of a league which is in effect a private club. Club members have the right to discipline their own as they see fit. Don’t the people who run Augusta National make their own rules? They control who can be a member, and even what the media can broadcast. They control what caddies can wear. When sponsors start pulling out, it speaks loudly.

    Augusta National = The Masters

    If the name “Redskins” is offensive, then can the name of America’s most prestigious golf tourney be considered politically correct?

  147. Here’s Goodells clear message:

    ” The Washington Redskins name has thus from its origin represented a positive meaning distinct from any disparagement that could be viewed in some other context. ” – R. Goodell

    Hail to the Redskins !

  148. How is everyone ignoring the fact that he hired this chick to RECORD HIS CONVERSATIONS.!!! Magic didn’t set him up, she didn’t set him up. This dinosaur is crying about instagram like some jealous highschool kid then shows his true colors on a phone call he KNEW was being recorded. There’s an abundance of little Sterlings on PFT obviously

  149. Sterling was set up-by his mistress AND Magic Johnson.Got him to say something stupid-recorded it-publicized it.Now the ho has her name out there-and Magic is gonna buy the Clippers at a reduced rate.

  150. There is a big difference between the REMARKS that were made by Donald Sterling and the Redskins team name. Sterling made REMARKS that were both racist and comments towards numerous ethnic groups. The Redskins organization has not yet made any racist REMARKS or comments toward Native Americans.

    Apples aint got nothing to do with oranges!

  151. [i]I disagree with this. Sterling is a PRIVATE business owner, he committed no crime yet he is hanged by a PC-obsessed media.[/i]

    And the NBA is a private business, not a court of law. It doesn’t matter if what he did was legal or illegal; it only matters how the NBA feels it will impact them. Unless “being racist” gets protected by workplace discrimination laws, they can do whatever they want with him.

  152. Private comments, illegally recorded, by his well-compensated mistress, and made public BY HER, results in Sterling being penalized by the NBA and subjected to a media hate campaign. Whatever anyone thinks of Sterling, this is plain wrong.

  153. Once upon a time there was a free speech movement in a town called Berkeley in the 1960’s. They were opposed as not being “main stream.” Funny how that same group and those that have joined them since are now the ones oppressing others who have views that are not “main stream.” Sterling is a putz, but I think this was more about his girlfriend embarrassing him because she is into black athletes than it is about his racism, which may still be there anyway. She dates Sterling for money, and she dates the other guys for sex. Oh, I’m sorry, can I not say that? Am I going to lose my job because my opinion is different from yours? It’s a free country right? It just seems that today, you can use that freedom to take away the freedom of others. The guy clearly does not make employment decisions based on race that negatively affect minorities, which WOULD be a problem. There is nothing like a good witch hunt eh?

  154. I agree Sterling’s comments are reprehensible. I also think the taping of his private comments were illegal ( in California ) and not admissible in court. There is also a question of first amendment rights. The first amendment protects bigots and non-bigots alike. The NBA as an organization isn’t more important than rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. If players don’t wish to play because of the comments Sterling made, I respect that. Do they receive pay for games not played? It’s a dilemma to be sure.

  155. As unfortunate as the incident was, nothing makes me want to vomit more then watching an NBA executive try to come off as some kind of racial discrimination czar. When in actuality he just using this as an opportunity to mitigate damage to the Nba’s empire of greed.

  156. Last time I checked, Larry Johnson is not in a position of power…you guys are clueless.

  157. I think its dumb the NBA banned him for life over a private conversation. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. He should of been fined and apologize then let it go.

  158. You can judge a man not by what he says, not by what he says he is going to do, and not by what he has done, but rather by what he is doing….right now. What is he doing? Ignore everything else, including what he says.

    Silver jumped the shark. Rookie mistake and it can’t be undone, unless they offer Sterling “reinstatement” after a year, if he jumps through hoops a mile high, including sensitivity training led by Oprah, because a low profile professional just won’t do here. Silver just flunked his first, and possibly biggest exam. He shows incredible lack of discernment.

  159. Personally, I think the NBA’s banishment of Sterling is stupid. How about this: let all contracts for players, coaches, administrators, and other staff become optional at end of season. Those that want to stay can. Those that don’t may leave without any sort of contractual legal ramifications. When Sterling wakes up the next morning and figures out that 90-95% of his organization has abandoned him and that no player, coach, etc. is willing to come to work for him, he will realize how big of a douche he really is. Now he can say it’s the league office and other owners against him. If my scenario played out, he’ll see that it’s virtually everyone and that his opinion is in the minority. So, what sounds more effective?

  160. I personally believe that the outcome was by destiny. No one could have NOT banned the guy for that kind of diatribe.

    I think the outcome of this, Sterling being banned for life, is a sentence handed down by our society at large, as the only possible outcome. I don’t think however, this should be used as an example of sports commissioners’ flexing their muscles. This was a no-brainer, and the surprise would have been to not ban Sterling.

  161. painsyndicate says:
    Apr 29, 2014 3:18 PM

    Maybe Mike & Mike can now change the topic of conversation… in a week or so.
    Totally agree with you on this. espn will beat a horse to death, then beat it some more, then beat it until we’ve heard the same things 70 times ad tell us nothing new and with substance.

  162. He had a “private conversation” with his scumbag mistress who set him up! Never used the n word, never said I hate black people! Sterling is a scumbag but this liberal police state is out of control and it’s gotten worse under Obama!! If magic gets this team then I smell conspiracy ALL DAY LONG and I hope that skank gets hers as well!! I hate this liberal strangle hold on this great country!! Silver chickened out because of pressure and for goodness sake bro EAT some MEAT you skinny creep

  163. Isn’t this guy about to be honored by the NAACP? Methinks that the plans may be changing on that front.

  164. I hope the McCaskey’s get caught on tape saying something rash……PLEASE sell the Bears to someone who knows how to run an organization and change with the times!!!

  165. Shaq made racist comments and gestures about Yao Ming, the league did nothing.
    The Spanish National Team with 5 NBA players as members took a photo where the slanted their eyes for the Beijing Olympics, the league did nothing.
    The Knicks organization superimposed Jeremy Lin onto a fortune cookie on their jumbotron, the league did nothing.

  166. I agree that if Sterling was black and made similar comments regarding white people, it would have been no big deal.

    There’s an enormous double-standard in this country that encompasses saying anything negative about a few select groups of people while everyone else is fair game.

    I’m not saying that I approve of what Sterling said however, not in the least. Although I do thnk he was possible set-up as the audio recording was far too crisp and clear. His girlfriend was probably going to use it for blackmail until it somehow was released.

  167. If this had happened in the offseason and there wasn’t a rush to decide his fate, I think it could have been a less punitive outcome. Magic Johnson says let me take that team off your hands, Sterling. A bit opportunistic?

  168. …and out of every post in this thread am I the first to point out the irony of fat, old, rich (predominantly) white man “owning” sports teams composed of (predominantly) black men?! The whole concept of professional sports team wasn’t planned, it just short of happened – and it happened back before free agency when players more or less WERE slaves?! Sure, they got beggers wages compared to the bank that the owners were getting even back then, but even back then no one paid to watch FAT OLD MEN. Sure, all players and owners both were all white back then …by default because blacks weren’t even allowed to PLAY. Blacks couldn’t even be baseball slaves!

    No one else sees any of this irony?
    Anyone standing up for Sterling is a blithering idiot. Just saying.

  169. He had a private conversation period! Lets talk about the owner of the MLS team who only hires Mexican players, coaches, and staff. That is a real serious problem in a professional sport. The guy has a problem with all races except mexican. Even if your latin descent and it is not from Mexico your not part of his organization!

  170. the obamafication of America

    we are doomed.. we need to find a way to defeat our libs and their voter base

    the more I think about this the more I think the Sterling treatment was wrong (not defending or agreeing with his thoughts)

  171. “mezanine10 says: Apr 29, 2014 2:42 PM

    Memo to all wealthy guys: don’t have a mistress.”

    (1) What, 80-odd years of gang-busting and movies about gang-busting hasn’t spread that message far and wide? People seldom learn from the mistakes of others.

    (2) Why bother busting your butt to GET the money, then? Sometimes, the only thing that makes the imminent prospect of dying bearable is the opportunity to look down at the top of a little darlin’s head and sigh happily.

  172. A whole lot of you guys are sure doing a lot of whining about this result. Try and focus, instead of allowing your brains to continue to seep out of your heads:

    When a PR disaster hits like a tsunami, you frigging deal with it. If you don’t, then you’ll get swept out to sea. That fact is what Silver (and his employers) needed to confront head-on. They had no maneuvering room with which to work. Had they done anything else, the consequences for their businesses would have been catastrophic. Conceivably, the loss of sponsorship, had it spread and continued, might have forced the networks to cancel their contracts–FOR CAUSE.

    Set against that two things, which were the only other relevant factors in the decision. First, that at least six owners had already had enough of the pig way back in 1982, after he’d only owned the team for a single season. They tried to get him kicked out THEN, but were unsuccessful at getting enough votes. Why so? Because, (2) the wealthy people who own sports teams are in a state of Mutually Assured Destruction, in cases like these. Should the miscreant wish to contest his ouster, he can afford to lavish millions of dollars on both lawyers and investigators. Assuming, that is, that he didn’t ALREADY know where the other owners’ bodies were buried.

  173. how can Donald sterling STOP being a racist? I mean what can he do? what start drinking klan lite? people, its wrong to be racist, though you can hate any race you choose to. it wont ever be right though. you cant let the world know your hate against blacks when you’ve become a BILLIONAIRE on there talents. NOBODY pays ten bucks for a hotdog or outrages parking/ticket prices to see 80 year old farts! he has blacks on his team for several reasons, being non-racist isn’t one of them!! would he be so obvious as to hire all white ball players? the league owners and others understand by paying players millions that they earn, they will make BILLIONS IN RETURN!!

  174. people regardless of your race, ask yourself. If your a business owner and 80% of your workers are of your race but one employee of another race walks in and begins to let your workers know he hate your race.THEN you instantly start to lose millions. set aside your 80% employees reactions for a moment, WOULD YOU SAY HEY GUYS LEAVE IT BE,HES ENTITLED TO HIS THOUGHTS? WOULD YOU KINDLY FIRE HIS BUTT? OR WORSE? MY POINT IS THAT YOUR THOUGHTS OF LET HIM SAY WHAT HE WANTS WOULD SUDDENLY CHANGE ONCE YOUR BUSINESS AND LIVELYHOOD IS THREATENED! RIGHT? EVEN HIS SUPPORTERS WOULD DISSAGREE AT THAT POINT!!

  175. for the ones who feels doing wrong in your home is your business, therefore somehow excusing it or making it right. do you also think Charles ramsey, the Ohio man that held three women hostage in his own private home for ten years is his right or his own business? OK IT IS SOMEWHAT DIFFERENT,BUT THE POINT IS THE SAME. IF ITS WRONG ITS WRONG. sterling not going to jail for being racist, he gets to sell the team for around a $billion. he just cant own a NBA team with whites only thinking WITH THE WORLD NOW KNOWING HIS THOUGHTS PERIOD!!!…etc…

  176. If my thoughts were seen, they’d put my head in a guillotine. – Bob Dylan

  177. Regardless of his past choices, I love that he had the balls to do this!

  178. Agreed but does the punishment fit the crime. In the us there are laws that protect an owner of a business that is forced unwillingly to sell his business. Let’s say sterling sells his team which is the probable outcome. And he sells the team for one billion dollars. In a normal sale he would pay over 250 million in taxes. But being forced to sell he might not have to pay Any taxes at all according to us laws. Sounds to me he might come out of this deal way better off than he would have in any eventual sell of the team. 2.5 million fine and made 250 mill more. As I said punishment doesn’t fit

  179. In the short time between when Sterling’s comments were made public and this decision was made, the team lost about a dozen endorsements, with more on the edge if the punishment fell short. Literally every team in the playoffs, and every player on those teams – white, black, American or European – was about to boycott the rest of the playoff games. It was unanimous, not a single exception. The NBA playoffs were on the brink of coming to an immediate halt. This decision was a cummulative result of all the crap Sterling had pulled over the years and gotten away with under David Stern. It was the right thing to do, economically, ethically and for the future of the sport as a whole.

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