Super Bowl margin of defeat becomes Broncos rallying cry

Broncos players have found a way to keep teammates from lagging during offseason workouts.

According to defensive end Malik Jackson, all it takes to get someone back into gear is a reminder of the final score of the last game that the Broncos played. That was a 43-8 loss to the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, of course, and Jackson said that being on the wrong side of that blowout has been a motivating factor for the team.

“Whenever someone gets tired, you just say 35, and they just start picking it up again,” Jackson said, via the team’s website. “We know we have to come back strong this year. We had a disappointing loss. But that’s last season. We’re ready to move on.”

The team will have to move on when next season gets underway, but the bad taste left by such a one-sided loss in the Super Bowl isn’t a bad one for a veteran-laden team to have during offseason workouts. If it limits coasting or spurs additional work, the Broncos will be better for it when September rolls around and that can only help them make it back for another shot next February.

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  1. Last season’s Super Bowl was so awful that both teams should be disqualified from postseason this year.

    I mean, can you imagine how dreadful the ratings will be if both teams make it for a rematch?

  2. I think its the coaches that really need the reminder. If you watch any of the sideline footage from the game, its clear they had no idea what they were up against, and no plan b when they realized they were up against the best defense in the league in the past decade.

    You have to question the game plan when the second half strategy for coach Fox was praying for Russell Wilson to make an unforced mistake. Hint – he doesn’t so that.

    Also, they should have known pick plays would not work against the Legion of Boom. Yet that seemed to be thier only Olay making gimmick all year. Throw short, pick, and get YAC.

    no happening against Seattle.

  3. Odds are, the Broncos won’t have to worry about a Super Bowl beatdown. I don’t see a “cotton candy” offense (padded stats) getting there this year.

    Teams know that you have to have a defense to compete. Seattle-type balance is the new model.

  4. Funny how the broncos and their fans think they can make a few adjustments here and there and bam, they are back in the Super Bowl.

  5. The real rallying cry should be 2-5. The record they have in SB appearances.

    Never mind the Seahawks. They would have been embarrassed by 49ers, Panthers, and perhaps even the Saints. Green Bay with its weaker defense would have been the only game in which the score would have been higher.

    Most NFC playoff teams would have made them look like a “good” offense. The elite NFC teams would make them look, well, ordinary.

  6. Nobody has stated the obvious since the Super Bowl…

    So I’ll say it:

    Calling pass interference for the slightest touch of a receiver for the entire season and then allowing blatant holding, grabbing and even cutting off a receivers direct path to the ball with an official staring right at the play was wrong.

    If it’s a penalty for the rest of the teams in the league then it’s a penalty for all the teams.

    Singling out one or two teams for special treatment just because “that’s their style” is also wrong.

    It won’t really make much of a difference in Super Bowl XLIX anyway.

    The Broncos now have the eye of the tiger and will GET THE MAN THE RING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I feel bad for bronco fans. It’s going to be a long long long time before you’re competitive again after Elway decided to mortgage the future on Old forehead.

    Say hello to the Raiders as you pass them on your way to obscurity.

    35 will sound like a siren song after the years of futility you guys have in front of you.

  8. Fox is the worst. How do you not lose your job after squandering 31 seconds in the Ravens game, WITH a Hall of Fame QB mind you, to GET to overtime, only to LOSE in overtime?

    And then, show uptotally unprepared at the Super Bowl…not practice, not practice , NOT PRACTICE…THE SUPER BOWL! And for all this, he got a new contract! This is the part I hate, as a lifelong Bronco fan, where I don’t understand what Elway is thinking…

    Not winning anything. “Eye of the tiger”, my arse.

  9. In 1993, the Bills lost to the Cowboys in the Super Bowl by 35 points.

    Not sure if it was a rallying cry, but the following year they only lost by 17.

    So, historical precedent is at least on Denver’s side here.

  10. Denver made Vegas a ton of money as the favorite last year, they probably make them even more next year when they win the bowl as an underdog, only underdogs win Superbowl’s now.

  11. The Legion of Boom is the Legion of pass interference. They were getting away with murder in every game they played.

  12. Do you know how many SB losers have returned the following year for the win? Only one, the ’72 Dolphins.
    Sorry Broncos you are good but you are not the ’72 Dolphins.

  13. Aqub Talib and Demarcus Ware have to step up for defense & Monty Ball has to be a premier 1,000+ rusher this year. Otherwise, Broncos will not get near Superbowl in 2014. They can’t rely on Peyton as much anymore. He’s too wild throwing the ball, especially in post season. Last years SB score illustrates that.

  14. Take a look at our defense – WE have too many weapons…

    you act like you play for the seahawks . let me guess, you play for the miami heat too and the red sox. stop saying “WE”. you dont play for them. cuz if you did play for them , the seahawks would the worse team in the league.

  15. The Donkeys only made Vegas a ton of money by giving up a safety on the first play of the game. After that Manning was only crying Omaha because he would have preferred to be in Omaha rather than getting his ass kicked.

  16. Broncos should really work on their hand signals…Not being sarcastic but it seemed that the Seahawks relied a lot on outside sources to find out what the Broncos were doing versus what they knew from tape.

    If the Broncos played them again, it would be under way different circumstances, not saying they would win, but certainly not a blowout.

  17. Another way of putting it: The Hawks scored enough points in the 1st 12 seconds of the 1st half and the 1st 12 seconds of the 2nd half to win the game. That Seattle team was the best D I’ve seen since the 1985 Bears, and as a Patriots’ fan I have to admit that I was kind of glad the Pats weren’t in that game.

    I don’t think they would have slunk off the field with their tails between their legs like the Broncos, but the Hawks would have beaten them.

  18. News flash every team in the entire nfl holds and or grabs at recievers .. Their isn’t one that doesn’t but some teams are better at it . What many fail to realize and i spoke with a family friend who is a ref in the nfl is ; they Seahawks are aggressive off the line , so recievers are trying to match that aggression . When they do so they are initiating a lot of the contact after 5 yards and bc the Seahawks players are regularly in position their a physical that’s happening between the wr and db . So if they were to throw flags they would have to determine whose initiated first or last bc both are doing it . Meaning that on many plays that you scrubs are asking for penalties you’d be surpirsed than it would go 50/50 meaning half offense half defense .

    Just bc a player is touched outside of 5 yards and you believe it’s cheating or a penalty shows both your delusion and lack of football knowledge . Many times the Seahawks pushing the limit, but on equal punt of plays the offensive player is the one initiating contact to try and gain separation . Their always in good position so the wr starts to get tired of it and uses their body hands arms pushing etc to gain an advantage . Which is the contact we see and you always assume the fact that the db is touching them it’s automatically on the defense . The Seahawks also get called for PI acting like they don’t is a weak statement . They draw offensive pi that doesn’t get called . Ex Thomas pushing Sherman on a go route which was clearly offensive pi that wasn’t called . It happens both ways just Seattle is also so prepared to understand route combinations
    And know what an offense is trying to do that they beat then wr to the spot at which time it’s fair game . One player browner did have the most pi calls but it felt deliberate sometime.

    Every team holds but the Seahawks with there scheme ,talent , and understanding of offenses are simply better prepared for wr matchups and over the course of the game theirs battles every play that happen between wr and db you can’t only call them on the db . So the refs let them play or you’d be crying about offensive pi just as much as defensive pi .

  19. The Broncos can cry whatever they wish. It won’t help them when there at home watching the big game live from Arizona.

  20. From a Seahawks fan’s perspective … I know it is easy to bash the Broncos based on their Super Bowl performance and Peyton’s history in big playoff games. Nonetheless, the Broncos will be very, very good this year, especially playing in the AFC. They do have four games against the NFCW, which will make their schedule significantly harder than last year, but I think they are still the significant favorites to make it to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for them, I think the 3-4 best teams still reside in the NFC, so winning the SB will be incredibly difficult.

  21. I’d say it could be worse, it could have been the NFC North worst Vikings offense and defense.

    But who am I kidding, we all know that the only way the Vikings will make it to the Super Bowl is by buying tickets.

  22. If the Super Bowl Margin of Defeat Rallying Cry was of any consequence, the Bills, Vikes and Donks would have won a lot of Super Bowls in the 90’s, 70’s and 80’s respectively.

  23. There’s no reason that the whole Bronco’s team should take the blame for the debacle that was the SB. Megahead got all his season-long personal awards, he figured he had this in the bag. It wasn’t his teammates’ fault that he choked up a big game, as usual. He gets the big money, but when it comes to winning the biggest game of the season with his team, he disappears, not like it hasn’t happened before. He was ill-prepared for the Seattle steamroller that hit him.

  24. $100 says they come out strong early then don’t even make the AFC championship…high seed loss after the playoff bye at home.

    I know it’s early to make that specific of a prediction, but if sports “journalists” can make superbowl predictions in September, I can make them in April.

  25. ……And as the Broncos gear up to be stronger and better,…………do……….we.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  26. I thought they would be plenty motivated after the Raven’s debacle the year before with home field. If the mention of 35 gets it done so be it. Having a D that can turn the ball over would be a good start. Seattle has got bills to pay and they are coming due in a hurry; Thomas, Sherman, and Wilson’s contracts. Price of being good!

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