Texans may still be debating Clowney vs. Manziel

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With nine days to go until the 2014 draft, there’s still little clarity on what the Texans will do with the first overall pick.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle recently reiterated an opinion he expressed last week on PFT Live, that the Texans are trying to choose between defensive end Jadeveon Clowney and quarterback Johnny Manziel.

McClain also believes that the Texans could trade down a few spots with a team that wants Clowney, and then take Manziel.  If Manziel is gone, McClain believes the options would be linebacker Khalil Mack and quarterback Blake Bortles.

There’s still a chance the Texans will take Clowney and hope to trade him to a team that takes Manziel.  If that team doesn’t get Manziel, then the Texans would keep Clowney.

Whatever the Texans do, they’re surely cognizant of the reality that a division rival, the Jaguars, selects two spots later.  Whichever guy they don’t take between Manziel and Clowney could end up being a Jaguar and haunting Houston for the rest of the decade, and beyond.

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  1. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the Texans MAY choose Manziel or Clowney. They MAY trade down. They MAY choose neither! Pulitzer Prize quality journalism ladies and gentlemen.

  2. Texans are in a spot here. The locals want Manziel big time. If they don’t take him and he doesn’t flop in a hurry there will be much discontent.

  3. I used to think Manziel was going to be a bust because he seemed so immature after his Heisman season. But I’m starting to come around. The more I watch film (albeit highlight stuff) the more I think if he works really hard, avoids the pitfalls of fame, and stays healthy, the guy has what it takes to make it big time.

    He’s got everything but size going for him, and we know how that worked out for Wilson and Seattle. It’s hard to judge this QB overall but I think he’s the best of the bunch.

  4. Don’t make me laugh, the Houston Texans will take Jadeveon Clowney. I’ll bet the Texans are enjoying the fact that this erroneous reporting of them being interested in Johnny Manziel is doing exactly what they want-throwing everyone off track with wasted prognostication and speculation. The fact is as a HUGE college football fan as well as NFL fan Johnny Manziel will definitely not be drafted in the top 10-believe it!

  5. Manziel > Clowney

    Better player in college.
    Didn’t give up after a great year.
    Made more plays than Clowney.
    Actually has a passion for the game.
    As competitive as they get.


    Texans will make a monumental mistake if they pass on Manziel for this loser. Wait and see.

  6. In 1989 a guy named Tony Mandarich was heralded as the best offensive line prospect ever. The ultimate can’t miss pick. I can’t help feeling it’s deja vu all over again with Clowney. Ever other pick from the top 5 of the 1989 draft wound up in the hall of fame. You can’t not question the heart of a guy who’s production dropped that dramatically.

    The importance of having a good QB can’t possible overstated. There is a reason Seattle was 7-9 and 8-8 before Russell Wilson. They had a great running game and a solid defense then too, Russell Wilson is the difference, and often doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

    The Texans need a QB, they’ve got to take a shot at a QB. There are no sure things at any position, ever. There’s always risk, but fortune favors the bold.

    You can take the best player available if you have your QB, if you don’t, you need to take a QB, the position is that important. Drafting Clowney would be a mistake, one that might haunt the Texans for a very long time. Imagine the pain of watching Manziel lead Jacksonville to the playoffs.

  7. How is it that the very same “experts” claim that Clowney is the best player in the last 10 years but he’s not worth the Falcons trading up for? Can’t have it both ways. The answer is because everyone knows he’ll be a bust but no one has the courage to say it. “Clown”ey is a physical freak not a football player.

  8. Trade down, you will get somebody that will be an impact player in this draft with the picks.

    It must be hell to have the #1 pick in the draft, the players are so close from 1-5.

  9. I would trade down. Neither guy is going to live up to his hype. Khalil Mack will have a better NFL career than either of them, I predict.

  10. Clowney is going to be a stud if he doesn’t play small waiting for his rookie contract to expire like he did his last year in college.
    He needs a reason to go.
    O’Bill can coach up another QB.
    You don’t get players of Clowney’s talent just sitting there very often.
    Defense still wins titles.

  11. What kind of suggestion is: Take Clowney then try and trade him for Manziel.

    Here’s an idea, just take Manziel in the first place.

  12. Oh yes, Clowney is the best. And being the best he had three sacks last year. Against NFL competition, me may get a couple pressures next year. Meanwhile Manziel is the only freshman to EVER win the Heisman. Gee no choice take the underwear gold medalist.

  13. I have this feeling that Manziel to the Texans could be epic!

    Feels like this guy will be to Houston what Joe Namath was to the Jets…..including possible winning a super bowl. Could be magical!

  14. With the new rookie salary structure, these 1st round picks don’t kill the cap as much if they bust. I think they have to take a shot on Manziel. He’ll energize the building and jersey sales up front and he just may turn into a dynamic NFL QB. Let’s face it, this is a QB driven league, I’d personally take a chance. If he busts, well you try again…

  15. Oh wow, what a crazy turn of events so close to the draft! Who will they take? I guess nobody knows… BURP!

  16. bworacle says: Apr 29, 2014 8:32 PM

    How is it that the very same “experts” claim that Clowney is the best player in the last 10 years but he’s not worth the Falcons trading up for? Can’t have it both ways. The answer is because everyone knows he’ll be a bust but no one has the courage to say it. “Clown”ey is a physical freak not a football player.

    That’s not true, M. Hoge has been saying he will be a bust for awhile now. And I agree with him for many of the same reasons.

  17. Take Manziel number one overall. In five years all we’ll be wondering is how to re-sign him to a long term contract and fit it under the cap.

  18. Either one doesn’t matter. They’ll never make the playoffs with this owner and management. Designed to fail.

  19. The obvious choice seems to be to trade down, only problem is it takes a partner… and it better damn sure be worth it. That being said you have a guy with all the measurables in Clowney and a native Texan in Manziel. As a Houstonian, I dont care who they take I just hope they get it right… you give me David Carr 2.0 and we will burn this mother down.

  20. @baronvonheil : I think the point is taken, but Mandarich’s college success is largely viewed as built on steroids — and both the PED use and the success apparently tapered off when he got to the pros.

  21. Trading down from #1 in this draft is easier said than done. The Rams, Jags, Browns and Raiders are all laughing at the Texans right now.

    Granted… the rest of the NFL has been laughing at those teams for a decade +.


  22. This team was smart enough to draft Williams instead of Bush and the hype surrounding Bush was tremendous. They will not mess up this pick by choosing Manziel. Clowney will have a longer career and that will be the pick.

  23. Strip away all the stupid “Johnny Football” stuff, and you can clearly see Johnny Manziel can play football.

    Height. Size — doesn’t matter.

    He has the instincts to play the game at the next level.

    He really seems to love the game as well from watching him over the years and the countless videos of him on YouTube.

  24. If they judge Manziel worthy of a top pick and they want him, they can probably get quite a haul of picks from somebody who is in love with Clowney. Manziel later in the top ten is a reach, but to take him #1 overall would be crazy.

    Clowney’s question mark about desire is a big issue, a lack of desire is the most common reason many of the “talented” picks bust.

  25. The locals – the majority of us – do NOT want Manziel.

    A bunch of loud ass Aggie honks want Manziel. The majority of us either want Clowney or a reasonable trade into more picks.

  26. They need to draft Maziel bc our Texan fans will be all over O’Brien if he goes to another team and becomes a star. I dont want another vince young talk show every day on sports 610!

  27. JJ Watt will make Clowney look like a real bust bc Watt doesnt stop till the whitsle blows. Why draft Clowney when you got the best d lineman already? Clowney probably will not even get resigned in 5 yrs bc Watt will still be there doing his thing. MLB is our real need bc everytime Cushing goes out our D looks like crap against the run. Draft QB then MLB

  28. Houston have said they see little difference between Manziel/Bridgewater/Bortles and the Quarterbacks available in round 2 and 3.

    In fact, most teams have said that.

    It’s a pretty weak draft for Quarterbacks. Seriously, there’s no chance whatsoever Manziel even goes top 5, let alone top 10

  29. One is a once in a generation freak.

    The other is an overrated and undersized punk of a QB. Why is it even a question???

  30. Take Clowney and get it over with. They shouldnt have moved the draft two weeks later. Makes for people losing interest.I could care less now.

  31. I’d like to see Manziel go to HOU because it would set up an immediate rivalry with Andrew Luck & the Colts in the AFC-South.

  32. Almost everyone questions Clowney’s heart, not his physical tools. I believe with Watt already in place, the Texans are the only team that will demand and get the best from Clowney. I believe that defense would have some serious talks with Clowney if he started taking plays off, like in college.

    Can you imagine them drafting Clowney and then trading for Suh??? Sinful!

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