49ers still trying to figure out what to do with Aldon Smith’s option


With the deadline for picking up the fifth-year option on first-round picks from 2011 only three days away, the 49ers haven’t decided whether to pick up the option on linebacker Aldon Smith’s contract.

Per a league source, the 49ers continue to discuss and deliberate the issue.  At this point, it truly could go either way.

A final decision may be made after a face-to-face meeting with Smith.  The goal, if such a meeting occurs, would be to assess whether, in the wake of multiple incidents, Smith now “gets it.”  If he doesn’t, the team could be more likely to decide not to pick up the option.  If he does, the 49ers would be more willing to choose to pick up the option and to extend Smith’s stay through 2015.

The concern is that picking up the option would possibly suggest to Smith that everything is fine.  It will be important for the 49ers to explain to Smith that exercising the option doesn’t mean he’ll be on the team in 2015, since the money will be guaranteed for injury only until next year.

The 49ers seem to genuinely care about the Smith’s long-term health and well-being, which makes the team more willing to risk having to overpay next year (or possibly lose Smith) if not exercising the option prompts him to get his act together.  Either way, Smith has shown that he can be dominant, with 42 sacks in 43 career regular-season games.

49 responses to “49ers still trying to figure out what to do with Aldon Smith’s option

  1. Ya they’re going to pick up the option, maybe if he were an average player you could treat him the way you should, but dude was on pace at one point in his early career to break the sack record and he’s only 24yrs old, they’re ganna pick up the option.

  2. Let me guess how its split, the above reproach guy probably wants to retain Aldon knucklehead and the GM Balke doesnt want to pick up the option.

  3. Takes them a long time to think….maybe they will regret which ever decision they make.

  4. Enable him. Above reproach ha! Harbaugh and Baalke would rather look the other way and show their classless behavior!

    Kinda like the Vikings did to Favre in 2010, or Jerome Simpson despite his DUI arrests! Or how about Chris Cook after he beat his girlfriend?

  5. Supreme talent trumps poor off the field behavior. It’s the hypocrisy factored into professional sports. The Niners will pick up the option and extend him through ’15. Case in point, Jake Locker is not nearly as talented at his position and has been a choir boy off the field and he was not extended by the Titans.

  6. People don’t change, but they will sign him, anyway. From here on in, they should just draft based on talent alone, and leave character out of it.

  7. So he’s been tried and convicted of all these alleged crimes.

    What’s that? No he hasn’t?

  8. They’ll pick up the option. They’re good at talking the talk, but when it comes to walking it, they’re as hypocritical as they come. Watch and see. We’ll all hear how Aldon needs help, Aldon needs family around him. What a joke.

  9. Aldon is going to self destruct. I hope for him, he gets his life in order, but it’s not looking good right now. 49’ers would be smart to pick up the option and trade him for something.

  10. OK lets see.. Hes the best pass rusher in the nfl hands down…..No brainer sighn him!!! 49ers goin for the 6th superbowl…..Gooooooo 49ers
    Lets don’t forget…..No CHARGES FILED….

  11. How quickly a team can self destruct. Charges pending on Kaepernic and then this. They went from having numerous draft picks last year and lacking “holes” to fill.

  12. Extend him. All the self righteousness on this board can’t hide the fact that we watch and support a brutal and exciting contact sport. These guys aren’t paid millions to be Rhodes Scholars, extend him and let the games begin.

  13. There is an alternative. Trade him. ‘Niners could probably get as high as a second. Even a third or fourth would work. There is enough talent in this draft that they can add another pick to the twelve that they already have. They could even package two or three lower picks and get someone in the top ten or higher. Maybe if the team ships him, he will finally “get it”.

  14. Aldon isn’t a rapist, not a thief, not a murderer. He’s a dumb kid who needs to make better decisions. There’s a point to where enough is enough I don’t think anything he has done has crossed that line yet.

  15. As long as they really care about Aldon, all will be right in SF and the universe.

  16. It depends on what kind of money we are talking about. The 7th pick– thats some dough.

    But think about that– Just three years ago the 49ers were picking 7th. Then Harbaugh came aboard and the Niners went 13-3 and to the NFC Championship.

  17. Id give him the wonderlic one more time first,hopefully he scores higher than the first time

  18. Its an absolute no brainer to sign him. Vick tortured dogs n he got a second chance. If my team cut him id be furious. Help him get help n get him back on the field where he’s dominant.

  19. 49 Whiners better pick up that option or Smith will tell them there is a bomb in their new stadium.

  20. sorry, but if the organization really cared about his long term well being, they should have sent him to rehab before that game he played in after he crashed his car while wasted.

  21. All this hand wringing over the future health and well-being by the 49ers front office is for public consumption only.

    It is still the NFL where the slightest advantage can translate into a Super Bowl title.

    42 sacks in 43 games is the only thing the 49ers are looking at as would any of the remaining 31 teams.

    All I ask is that the public hand-wringing stop. Anyone who truly follows the NFL doesn’t buy it for a second anyway.

    For proof, I’ll refer to the Aaron Hernandez – New England Patriots situation.

    Does anyone actually believe an organization as well run as New England appears to be didn’t have at least some knowledge of Hernandez’ off field activities?

    As Mike Myers once said in the classic movie Wayne’s World… “Yeah, right.”

  22. Huge Ravens fan here but the 49’ers will do the same thing that the front office in Baltimore has done with the Ray Rice incident…… They will turn their heads and act as if nothing happened. It’s sad to know that our society today has come to the point where being a famous athlete overrides moral standards. I personally think teams should start getting fines themselves when a player commits a crime that was preventable. Then maybe these players would stop and think about their actions before feeling they are above the law and getting away with things that the average person would be sitting in jail for doing.

  23. Exercising the option is a no-brainer for me. It’s guaranteed for injury only, so if Aldon continues to act like a jackass, they can just cut him. If he resolves his issues, then he is locked into another year of a team-friendly deal.

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