Bernie Kosar pleads no contest to reckless operation

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Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar, who was charged with drunk driving in September, has resolved the case by pleading no contest to reckless operation.

Kosar got a fine and a suspended jail sentence.

Police say that when they pulled Kosar over for driving 74 mph in a 50 mph zone, he smelled like alcohol, couldn’t distinguish between his license and his credit cards, and failed a field sobriety test. Kosar claims officers only thought he was drunk because injuries on the football field make him slur his speech and make it difficult for him to walk in a straight line.

Kosar recently lost his job as a color commentator for Browns preseason games and said it was because of his slurred speech, which he attributes to concussions. The Browns and their TV partners deny that his speech is the reason he was removed from the booth.

24 responses to “Bernie Kosar pleads no contest to reckless operation

  1. I’m not saying he doesn’t suffer from the concussions he received while playing, but to blame his alcohol troubles on concussions is a slap in the face to football. Now, he may drink to try to deal with the pain from his past injuries, but anyone in Cleveland can tell you he has drinking issues. Either way, Bernie has a problem whether it’s alcohol or something else, and I really hope he can find help. He’s a great guy and commentator.

  2. He would not have had any trouble in Cleveland if he didn’t go out drinking with Braylon Edwards and Dumbturdi. Also, Joe Bummer wanted him to undergo a height reduction of about two feet so he could look him into the eye!

  3. He was removed because he’s a drunk. He’s had a problem for years. Cost him his family. Bernie will blame it on concussions because he’s still in denial. It’s sad.

  4. just saw the video on tv when bernie was pulled over and booked…he looked far from drunk. i would have to side with bernies injuries causing the officers thought he might have been drinking. he looked fine…but he did deserve the speeding ticket

  5. Watched the video of him at the police station that night. He was either stone sober or can handle his alcohol with the best of them.

  6. That’s right te booze had nothing to due with the slurred speach. It was the conclusions, typical victim. Never take responsibilities for your own actions.

  7. cguy7 says: Apr 30, 2014 8:05 AM

    Cue the whining Rams fans that are afraid of the truth, and are representatives of our new kinder and gentler nation…


    Cue the can-dish-it-out but never-ever-take it whining Factory of Suck Browns fans.

  8. cguy7 says:Apr 30, 2014 8:05 AM

    “Cue the whining Rams fans that are afraid of the truth, and are representatives of our new kinder and gentler nation…”

    WTF does this have to do with Bernie Kosar and the Browns?

  9. His driving performance was horrible and his parents should be embarrassed.
    -Signed Rams’ receivers

  10. I’ve always liked Bernie as a football player and color guy on Browns games. I feel his termination was wrong but, admit I don’t know all of the facts behind it. (He was spot-on with his call of the Rams game though)

    Now, with all of that said, I have no tolerance for drinking under the influence of any substance, or for driving in any condition that affects your driving, albeit the flue, sinus infection or simple lack of sleep. You’re handling a 2-ton weapon, or as in my case, a 20-ton weapon. People die. People get hurt. Lives are ruined.

    Bernie has had a pretty rough time of it though, especially since he left football. I believe some of it may be due to concussions but, get the help then. Drinking is only making his situation worse!

  11. No contest! Quite appropriate for an ex-Brown bc it describes most of their games over the past 10 years.

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