Brian Hoyer approaching season as if he’s Browns’ starter


The fact that Browns coach Mike Pettine would rather ease a rookie in was good news, at least to the guy easing his way back into the working as the Browns starting quarterback.

After taking part in some individual drills during his comeback from ACL surgery yesterday, Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer said he’s approaching this season as if he’s the guy.

“Until someone tells me otherwise,” Hoyer said, via Pat McManamon of, “I feel like I’m the starter for this team.”

Browns tight end Jordan Cameron described Hoyer as “assertive,” and having a command over things now will only help him in the competition with the quarterback they’ll certainly draft.
Hoyer has given signs of being an utterly serviceable quarterback, and unless the Browns use the fourth pick in the draft on one, there’s a good chance he could be the opening day starter based on his coach’s outlook.

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  1. Hope he get’s a shot. Seems like a good guy. Also gotta be reallistic that it’s a pretty long shot that he is that elusive franchise QB. We haven’t seen enough of him yet to make that call.

  2. It was a damn shame how Hoyer’s season came to an end. The Browns for the first time in years was providing them with credible QB play.
    I suppose if the Browns see their franchise QB on the board, they ought to take him. But it would be a mistake to just hand the reins to the new guy and hope for the best. Let’s have a real competition and let the best man lead the team.

  3. Am I the only one crazy enough to think Vince Young could actually beat their other QBs out for the starting job? Sure, I think he’s an emotional/mental IED waiting to explode but, as a Titans fan, I’m also aware that his last 7 0r 8 games with the Titans were the best he ever played. Before he was permanently benched (due to his breakdown), he had the second highest passer rating in the league, was connecting on more deep balls than ever, and had a 10 TDs to 3 interceptions ratio in play. And yes, his QB coach that season is his QB coach with the Browns now.

  4. Im comfortable with Hoyer. The kid had the fastest release and reads in the NFL before he got crunched by Kiko, while already in the slide . Dirty SOB. Ironicly, Kiko crunched Carr in college, and almost broke his shin. I really want Hoyer to “Be the guy”, as I think he can take the hits, and will think twice about ” getting that extra yard” and run out of bounds to live another down..

  5. Not sure why this guy is being overlooked. Browns have terrific WR and TE combo now and they could draft a quality WR in this draft. Hoyer gets rid of ball quick.

    Defense is strong. What they don’t have is a running game.

  6. Good point JP.

    Plus he seemed to realize who the cash cows on that team were. He didn’t always look at Cameron first, therefore he was able to get the ball to him more often because that guy is Jimmy Graham level talent.

  7. It’s not crazy to think that VY will be in the mix, considering Loggains is the Browns’ QB coach. Consider also that OC Kyle Shanahan is a UT grad and played WR for the Horns. While the NFL is strictly business, connections like this matter; Ted Thompson had a history with Seneca Wallace and basically brought him in to GB last year to take VY’s spot. There is no way in hell Wallace is better than VY. So maybe he will get a fair shot this season.

  8. look anyone who think vince young could be the qb. quit the drugs your on. vince young is a great athlete not a qb at. reminds me of a bigger denard robinson. I would of loved to see hoyer as the guy but this franchise needs to draft its future. i love manzels abilities and think he would be a good qb. but i also like blake bortles and carr

  9. The QB talent in the draft is not even close to the talent of the top end DEs, WRs, and OTs. Browns would be wise to use their pick on one of those players (preferably Watkins).

    That being said, Hoyer showed more than enough in his brief stint last season to be the starter heading into the season.

  10. Hoyer and Josh Gordon have been the first signs of life in the entire orginization since Derek Anderson had a good half-season back in 2007, which in turn was the first silver lining since they came back into the league in 1999… unless you count the buzz around perennial high draft picks.

    It is absolutely essential they keep both guys on the field at the same time. Hire a bodyguard for Hoyer’s knee and Gordon’s, um, character.

  11. fleaman1381 says:
    Apr 30, 2014 8:20 AM
    The air quotes in the picture make me read his statement as:

    “I feel like I’m the “STARTER” for this team.”


    That makes more sense. I thought he was Jaguaring.

  12. Hoyer will have the benefit of a full offseason to learn the system in place. After 3 years behind Tom Brady he spent parts of the next season with 2 different teams. He was forced to start a game for the Cards after being picked up only a few weeks prior. This guy may turn out to be better then most believe. I’m a fan!!

  13. Another new coach, another new OC, and another new system. I like what little we saw of Hoyer and hope he does well but, what advantage does he have over anyother QB? It’s a radically different system.

    Our best best would be to bring in a QB that has played under Shanahan’s system. Hoyer will have to learn it, as will any rookie QB.

    Also, expect a drop off in passing numbers. A lot of Gordon’s & Cameron’s success was Norv’s “down field” game. Also, Chud was big on TE play. Shanahan’s play emphasizes “zone blocking” and the run game. (I would love to see Peyton Hillis in this scheme.) Keep in mind, too, that Pettine is a “defense” guy. He will leave most of the offense play to Shanny. All these coaches are still learning, let alone the players (again).

    We had to settle on our coaching hires (due to the 3-Stooges), and while I’m hoping/wishing for the best, we have to be realistic in how that plays out on the field. I believe we’re at least 3 yrs out from making the playoffs. We need stability and to keep building a solid foundation. Our day will come.

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