Dustin Keller visiting Patriots


On Tuesday, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski said that it was too early in his rehab from a torn ACL to make any predictions about his availability for Week One.

On Wednesday, the Patriots are meeting with a player that could help them weather any absence from Gronkowski. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team is visiting with Dustin Keller.

Keller’s ability to be a placeholder or contributor of any kind will be largely dependent on the condition of his own knee. Keller dislocated his right knee and tore his ACL, MCL and PCL in a preseason injury while with the Dolphins last year and missed the entire regular season. Keller’s agent recently said his client is “ready to go,” so his visit to New England could lead to something more if the Patriots agree with that assessment.

Keller averaged 48 catches a year during his five seasons with the Jets and, assuming he regains pre-injury form, his arrival would give the Patriots a seasoned pass catcher who could have value in their offense whether or not Gronkowski was also in the lineup.

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  1. This would be a solid pickup. He is not elite but if he is healthy, he is more than capable of being depended upon. Lining him up with Gronkowski would probably work well too.

  2. Tannehill and the 2013 Miami Dolphins were 1-1 against the new england patriots WITHOUT Dustin Keller.

    Tannehill and the 2013 Miami Dolphins put up 679 yards against the new england patriots WITHOUT Dustin Keller

    belicheat knows that a healthy Dustin Keller in Miami will end new england’s AFC East run.

  3. Keller is a great TE but their is no way he has recovered enough to withstand a whole season of NFL football. He tore every ligament in his knee. Unfortunately his career is over. He wont make it out of the preseason without reinjuring at least one ligament. Very unfortunate. Ill be rooting for him though.

  4. doctorrustbelt says:Apr 30, 2014 11:17 AM

    Tannehill and the 2013 Miami Dolphins were 1-1 against the new england patriots WITHOUT Dustin Keller.

    Tannehill and the 2013 Miami Dolphins put up 679 yards against the new england patriots WITHOUT Dustin Keller

    belicheat knows that a healthy Dustin Keller in Miami will end new england’s AFC East run.


    Miami still had a chance to make the playoffs anyway, but they blew it. Stop worrying about the Patriots and just worry about getting above .500. Miami only play the Patriots twice. There are 14 other games. Miami lost twice to the Bills! If they won those two games they would have made the playoffs. 2-4 division record is shameful, especially with a split against he division winner.

  5. Lol jest jills and fish fans are so jealous of d patriots they always troll articles on pats ..how pathetic ..worry bout your sorry teams and playing us isn’t the Super Bowl win ur other 14 games

  6. The Patriots need a move TE to replace AH.

    Hopefully the Patriots medical staff will read PFT as we have many educated medical professionals commenting who have intimate knowledge of Keller’s knee.

  7. bullcharger,

    That guy is a Bengals fan who talks the same tired junk on every Pats post. I find it hilarious he’s so obsessed with a team that his team rarely plays.

    I’d like to have Dustin Keller just to keep him from singlehandedly destroying the Pats defense as he was wont to do in his NYJ days. In that loss to them in 08, he was a one man wrecking crew.

  8. he can play. he can also enrage you with all of the balls that go through his hands and hit him in the face.

  9. I find it hard to believe Keller is ready to go. He tore his knee in every place, and I can’t imagine could hold up for a whole season.

  10. Taking an entire year off from the NFL and coming back as the player you were before is very hard to do. Expecting that to happen after shredding your knee apart …I wish him the best but thats a tall order.

  11. I never thought he ws that good when he was healthy. Was not a guy that seperated from coverages easily and was not a mismatch problem. Just a solid HBack type. My favorite memory of him was watching Ray Lewis light his ass up with an earhole blast so badly that he didn’t know which side of the sticks to run to and failed to pick up the 1st on the last drive which I think cost the Jets that game. Hard to remember exactly though.

  12. I would be very happy if the Pats picked him up, given that he’s back to 100%. Let’s face it, the Pats went from having the best tight end combo not only in the current league but probably in league history to having one on trial for murder and the other recovering from a laundry list of injuries. Keller would be good insurance in case gronk isnt ready at the beginning of the season and, as CKL pointed out, it would be nice to have him on OUR team for a change, since every time we played against him when he was with the Jets our defense got eaten alive.

  13. Pats already have ex-jets? If they sign Keller that will make 2, and Revis hasn’t played there since Sept 2012. Keller was a solid guy and killed the Pats, but it would be tough to have to count on both him and Gronk coming off blown out knees, with only Hooman being 100% for camp. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there for FAs. Whomever they draft is gonna have to play some right away.

  14. He his the guy I wanted as a bargain buy for the Pats since they made the Revis and Browner signings, and added lafell as a potential redzone target. If we can bring him in, he’d be a poor mans version of Aaron Hernandez immediately (just due to the fact that his knee was destroyed under a year ago=2nd ur is always the bounceback year-AP). Then Id like to see a wr/pass rusher combo in the 1st two rounds in whatever order falls better.

  15. It is funny how many Dolphins fans are medical experts on this site… The reality is the Dolphins, Jets, and Bills have made the Pats look more successful than they really would be in a real division. Probably hurts them in the Playoffs after playing you tomato cans down the stretch every year. Hell, the refs had to bail them out against the Browns to get them a win and home playoff game last year…

  16. oh yeah, the weak division argument again. Lets ignore the fact that the Patriots had a higher win percentage outside of the AFC East last year than inside the division. Including wins over the Saints and Broncos………nah, lets not let logic get in the way

  17. I sincerely hope that the punk known as D.J. Swearinger gets his due “karma” one of these days soon.
    That hit was vicious and totally unnecessary, especially in a Pre-Season game!!!!
    He went right for Keller’s knees with his he3lmet, without even trying to use his arms to wrap him up and make a tackle.
    He was a human missile!!
    In a pre-season game!!
    You’ll get your’s, D.J.!!!

  18. Swearinger is far from a punk. Dustin Keller has shown to be more of a punk.

    Swearinger was playing for a job.

    Good hit, kid.

  19. If the dolphins make the o line solid and draft a receiver n middle lb. The division can easily be there’s. The dolphins blew it last year but showed a lot of potential. We beat every playoff team in the afc besides the broncos n chiefs, and that’s bc we didn’t play them. The dolphins have to fill a couple of holes and the possibilities look amazing.

  20. Lol ya and if the Easter Bunny hadn’t got shot those eggs would’ve gotten delivered but all Dustin Keller means to the Pats is a viable receiver if healthy its sorta like insurance buy not full coverage just saying receivers have to be able to run routes a torn up knee aint gonna help but haveinf said that by all means if healthy and right price grab him but the pats will draft s TE

  21. If you are counting on DK as insurance then you are sadly mistaken. This guy has a better magic act than Whodini. Maybe he can run out of bounds a yard short of the marker on fourth down for pats, when the game is on the line no doubt. He can’t block and his hands are avg at best. There’s a reason he is a NYJ reject. Fools gold would be the best description.

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