If Winston plays well, the case of the crab legs will be forgotten

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Folks tend to overreact in the immediate aftermath of new information, which is why it’s always smart to wait a while before adopting an initial impression as a long-term plan of action.

In the immediate aftermath of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston’s citation for shoplifting crab legs (or are you just happy to see me?), multiple scouts have told Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report that the incident has caused dramatic harm to Winston’s draft stock.

While there’s no reason to doubt Freeman’s claim that the scouts currently are saying these things, there’s also no reason to give the things being said much credence.  Winston still has at least one more year of college football to play before he’s eligible to be drafted.  By 2015 or 2016, his theft of crab legs will be as relevant as Cam Newton’s laptop misadventures were three years ago.

As the scouts who chimed in to Freeman tell it, the sexual assault allegation that possibly fizzled amid a botched investigation doesn’t hurt Winston as much as the crab legs.  They may believe that now, as they prepare to make like Santa’s elves on December 26 and start working on the next class of draft picks.  But there’s a long way to go — and a long time to get there — between now and next year’s draft.

Without condoning what he did or applauding his strategy for saying there’s no excuse but then citing “youthful ignorance” as the official excuse, Winston is a 20-year-old who did a dumb thing.  Anyone reading this was a 20-year-old who did dumb things, is a 20-year-old who does dumb things, or will be a 20-year-old who will do dumb things.  People grow, they develop, and they change; if teams are going to give players who have done far worse things a second chance, teams can’t get too indignant about a 20-year-old kid who applied the five-finger discount to a ten-legged crustacean.

Any scout who refuses to allow his opinion to grow, develop, or change as the weeks and months pass between now and whenever Winston is drafted could end up making a huge mistake on a guy who could be a franchise quarterback at the next level.

Or maybe the explanation is that the draft smokescreens now begin more than a full year in advance.

114 responses to “If Winston plays well, the case of the crab legs will be forgotten

  1. No.. this is a stupid story. This will stick to him. He needs to own this. J. Football got SLAMMED for being “flashy” after winning his trophy… but he didn’t get arrested.
    Why is this guys crime being marginalized?

  2. You realize the main reason rape charges weren’t brought against this guy is poor police work, right?

    Throw in his other notorious brushes with law enforcement and this kid has a red flag we can see over here in Duval.

    Winston better grow up, his 3rd strike could cost him millions.

  3. Really? Because people are still rattling on about Manziel acting like a college student. He has no larceny or rape allegations on his resume, yet…………

  4. …until after the college football season is over and the 2015 NFL Draft “season” begins. Then, that will definitely be something you hear about…everyday..for three months…until the draft.

  5. Yeah, Cam Newton stole a laptop and was the first overall pick in the draft when he came out. Does anyone really think a GM is going to give a damn about $30 worth of crab legs?

  6. This isn’t something that is going to melt away with time. It will be on the back burner for most teams, but not on a team that next year is looking for a franchise QB. Any smart GM will see that Winston just thinks he is above the law and do as he pleases. What do you think that he will be like when he has a fat multi-million dollar contract? It will take a strong willed owner and head coach to keep this dude under control. I just think that he is not done screwing up. He may be just getting started.

  7. This kid has a lot of growing up to do. He should be using Russell Wilson as a model. Instead he’s following the footsteps of Manziel.

    He’s gonna learn real soon that he can’t get away with what Johnny can. It will be a rude awakening and one that can’t come soon enough. Winston may be the best prospect to come along at QB, recent memory.

    He’s the #1 pick next year. He can blow it very easily.

  8. Please. I’d call this strike two with strike one being totally ignored because of who he is. Everyone now wonders what the third strike will be and will he be called out?

  9. Any average Joe on the street who receives a theft offense after the age of 18 is accountable as an adult. This fact impacts the employ-ability of that person well into the future. Why shouldn’t that be the case with an athlete, regardless of his or her ability?

  10. I just.. I can’t think of one good reason for a Heisman trophy winner to steal anything. There are countless Florida State alumnus who would kill to buy you those crab legs you big dummy.

  11. His future teammates in the nfl will heckle the shiznit out of him. Imagine his nickname will be crab or crabby or snow, something that this dude will never forget or at least in the near future.

  12. Jameis learned a valuable lesson. If you are sighted taking crab legs from the grocer without paying for them you will be cited for taking crab legs from the grocer without paying for them.

  13. With today’s focus on character issues? At the toughest and most important part of the game? I got to disagree

  14. Well its not smart for sure, but c’mon Mike, this has to at least be a pause for concern.

    After all, that sexual assault allegation was serious deal, and to see him pull a stunt like this so soon afterward displays an amazing lack of self-awareness of what is at stake for his future.

    While some kids get the message after a couple bonehead moves, many don’t, and Winston at this stage appears like he doesn’t get it.

  15. I’m sorry but the case of the crab legs will never be forgotten. I don’t care how well he plays. Good comedy lasts forever.

  16. I have to agree Mike. Once Winston & Florida State step on football field @ AT &T stadium in Arlington,TX. Everything else will be a moot point. I’m quite sure, Winston will learned from all this “Stupid Stuff. Winston has to grow -up fast. We have to remember Winston is only 20yrs. old. It take time for some to mature.

  17. I have to disagree with the story and with what the headline says:

    “If Winston plays well, the case of the crab legs will be forgotten”

    Come on, it’s CRAB LEGS!! Who is going to forget stealing crab legs? If it was not paying a cabbie or running out on a check at a restaurant, which both would likely be for more money, or some other thing that happens in every day life more often I would agree. I see no way he escapes being called Crab Legs Winston the rest of his career. Not (completely) trying to be funny here. I really think this is gonna stick. Whether it winds up costing him a serious amount of money remains to be seen, but I am pretty sure it’ll be brought up when times come for him to be drafted and it certainly won’t help.

  18. What a buffoon. With that being said, hope my Cards draft him next year. Don’t want a qb in this draft. Not early anyways. If he can keep his pinchers clean from now on, he will be alright…

  19. It’s sad that someone genuinely thinks an investigation over crab legs pales in comparison to an alleged sexual assault.

    Yeah in your early 20’s you do some dumb things. Sexual assault isn’t one of those things.

  20. Winston may be a “20-year-old young man,” but that’s old enough to know you can’t just walk out of a store without paying for the merchandise you take. And surprising no one, you defend it.

  21. I expect fans to throw Crab Legs at him when scores kinda like when they throw Skittles at Lynch when scores

  22. Jimbo is telling Jameis…”this is actually not a bad thing at all. Take a look at this graph here…the magnitude of your legal troubles are decreasing pretty rapidly…”

  23. Incident won’t be forgotten. Two charges of shoplifting, one confirmed and undisputed, both involving tiny amounts of money, so someone with more than bad judgment — someone with a NEED for risky behavior. Add to that a rape charge, dismissed on the basis that the police never investigated it (that is, we simply don’t know how true/false), and that’s three strikes.

    If he can’t/won’t change behavior following a potentially career-ending rape charge, if he insists on courting disaster again, what are the chances he avoids trouble through years in the NFL? At a minimum he is a serious risk, and that lowers his value.

  24. Way too many problems from this kid. Comparing him to scam newton is not gonna help his case any. Scam is a dumb guy with a huge ego you should hope he would be that bad!

  25. Thief, possible rapist – no problem as long as he can win in Florida and the NFL. Nice work if you can get it. Something tells me we haven’t heard the last bad words about this guy.

  26. …. All i care about is if the kid got to eat crab and have a happy ending

  27. This smacks of a dare. It just does. I mean, all he had to do was walk up to damned near any patron and say, “Hey, I’m Jameis Winston. Yeah, of FSU. I’m a little short. Could you front me?” and somebody would have GLADLY gotten him the crab legs. I hope this one can be chalked up to, “20 year old’s just don’t think,” rather than, “Hey. We finished building the kid, but what do we do with this handful of screws?”

    Florio is right, it will be forgotten soon, but he can’t afford too many more slip ups. He’d better get right and get right soon.

  28. So, his “other case ” got thrown out because of mistakes of fan based cops, and now he clearly gets it and makes this other youthfull ignorance mistake. US fans are the reason why! and “whenever Winston is drafted could end up making a huge mistake on a guy who could be a franchise quarterback at the next level.” …. at least he didn’t…

  29. Somehow I don’t think that Jameis’ crab legs will ever be forgotten.
    Hope that they tasted good because he will live with the consequences of poor judgement and poor character.

  30. At least he didn’t try to squeeze through the express line with 11 items

  31. Anyone who drafted this kid would be doing a “dumb thing.” Funny, wasn’t he all about praising God after the championship win? Way to be a hypocrite their Mr. Red Flag.

  32. When the Reigning Heisman Trophy winner feels he needs to steal food, You know The NCAA is a little late allowing unfettered access to the cafeteria for athletes .. Now they just need to add crab to the menu.

  33. If they would feed this dang boy…he wouldn’t have to go around stealing food all the dog on time. Here Winston is one of the most popular athletes in America right now and these scholarships don’t even pay enough for him to get a decent meal.

  34. 20 year olds grow out of doing dumb things when they learn the hard way there are consequences for doing dumb things. What Winston is being taught by the university, the football coach and the local prosecutor – is there are no consequences for doing dumb things.

  35. I can’t believe that the crab legs incident is viewed with less concern than the rape allegation. From all I’ve read the investigation was botched to the point where you had to wonder if someone had an ulterior motive.

  36. God has a sense of humor…this guy is going to be trouble…time will tell…

  37. This kid should declare for the draft as early as he can as he’s destined to get arrested a few more times while at Florida State.

  38. He played well in the title game too and that rape accusation has been forgotten too. The man can throw a tight spiral which is the equivalent of walking on water down in Tallahassee! And sadly every other city in the world when it comes to sports

  39. Isn’t it a shame that this is what the country has come down to–ability on a sporting field allows you to live by your own rules. You can only hope karma finds this guy at some point.

  40. How will he react when he has millions of dollars and someone disses him in a club?

  41. Most of us had better parenting to know that regardless of what it is, never take something that doesn’t belong to you. Period

  42. I usually agreed with what Florio said but not on this one. Sure, every body deserves a second chance and Winston is no difference. But what matters here is his behaviors. His attitude of a young invincible athlete will bring him more troubles that his talents will not be enough to help him.

  43. Or is it a case of an “entitled” athlete, to whom few people say ‘no’? THAT would be something you would look at if you were a team. How many athletes go through college without a blemish? Many. When the blemishes keep popping up,(this is not a Clearasil ad) you have a person with the idea that rules apply to other people. Take a long look at some of the young Hollywood types as examples.

  44. Good thing he didn’t get kicked out of a frat party or sent home from a football camp or people wouldn’t be so forgiving!

  45. Except it isnt about 20 year old who did a dumb thing. That statement is transparent white-washing of his behavior. It is now a second incident where the kid does dumb things. There is now reason to suspect there are, or will be, other incidents. It starts to become a pattern to look for, not an isolated data point.

  46. Haha I really don’t, not should anyone else, that this was truly detrimental for Winston. Just funny as all hell. RIP free shoes university. Welcome the new and improved “Free Seafood University”

  47. He tried to steal crab legs from a grocery store BRO. C’mon who does that. It’s hilarious and stupid. He deserves ALL of the intense mocking he gets..

  48. No, this will NEVER be forgotten. Not from us outside the USA anyhow. He’s a loser from now till the end if time. Nobody I know would pull this crap and we aren’t on our way to millions in the NFL. If the NFL was smart they would suspend him for his rookie year.

  49. I think it’s pretty clear from the statement that he was guilty as sin. This is intentional shoplifting, plain and simple. “Youthful ignorance?” You don’t know at 20 that shoplifting is wrong? He should have just tried to claim he forgot to pay.

  50. I know he needs to get his act together. You can only be saved a couple of times, then people will leave you out there alone. My man needs a mentor and a big brother to watch over him before he ruin his future.

  51. It’s good to laugh at him but it really shouldn’t change his draft stock.

    But the sexual assault incident should. Regardless of the real truth I’ve read enough to see that Winston at least for one night had a bad attitude to women. And that’s a legitimate character flaw and one that should be investigated for any team thinking of making this guy the face of their franchise.

  52. Does anyone know where he physically put the crab legs? $32 is a lot of crab legs – you can’t just put them in a pocket. Did he stuff them under his shirt or in his pants? Yuck. It does seem premeditated theft.

  53. Of course he gets a pass..he’s a potential star player not some old man that owns a basketball team.

  54. I didn’t think I was a genius when I was 20 – I don’t think I am now…but I knew and know that stealing is wrong. Apparently I’m a genius.

  55. I would have loved crag legs when I was in college. I was just broke and knew stealing them wasn’t the answer. You are going to give the keys to your franchise to this guy? Good luck!

  56. There’s the rape allegations as well. Maybe he’ll get his act together. But what if he doesn’t? It’ll be another case of “yeah, the kid can throw, but maybe, just maybe, we should have seen all those red flags…”

  57. This guy may have a mental handicap. If the rape scandal wasn’t severe enough to make him more self aware of his behavior, I dont believe anything will.

  58. I’m sick of hearing what a great qb this kid is. He is overrated. He two very talented wr’s and a very good te. He played against very weak competetion. When he stepped up and played a good team in auburn he looked like crap. I don’t want to hear how he drove his team on the least drive either. He didn’t throw a pass over 5 yards down field. All bubble screens where the receivers made great plays. This kid is a bum and is in for a ride awakening this season.

  59. Can’t believe they let this get out about a guy that makes them millions. He should transfer now!!!!

  60. It won’t be forgotten.
    Every opposing team’s fans won’t let him forget.
    He will be heckled on the road for his whole career.

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