Jameis Winston cited, suspended from Florida State baseball team


Jameis Winston, Florida State’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, has been suspended from the school’s baseball team after he was cited for shoplifting.

The Florida State University athletics department released a statement from Florida State baseball coach Mike Martin on Wednesday, suggesting that Winston will be reinstated to the team after he fulfills his obligations resulting from the citation.

“As a result of his citation last night, we are suspending Jameis Winston from the baseball team,” Martin said. “I am confident he will complete his community service obligation and the situation will be resolved soon.”

Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher said he agrees with the decision to suspend Winston from the baseball team.

“I fully support Coach Martin’s decision and will also make sure that Jameis meets all obligations, which I know he will,” Fisher said.

Major Michael Wood of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office said at a press conference on Wednesday that Winston was seen leaving a Publix grocery store on Tuesday evening with crab legs that he hadn’t paid for.

“He left with the seafood and did not come back,” Wood said. “The facts are not in dispute, he left without paying.”

Winston is talented enough that he could be the first overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft. (For that matter, he could be the first overall pick this year, if not for the NFL rule requiring players to wait until they’re out of high school for three years before they can play professionally.) But NFL teams may be wary of Winston’s off-field issues. Last year Winston was accused of rape by another Florida State student, although prosecutors did not press charges. Tallahassee Police have come under criticism for failing to thoroughly investigate that matter. Winston was also questioned by police in November of 2012 for an alleged BB gun battle with teammates, and a Burger King employee called police on Winston in July of 2013, saying he had stolen soda.

81 responses to “Jameis Winston cited, suspended from Florida State baseball team

  1. I’m sure that everything will be resolved in time for football season. Jimbo Fisher might as well have added, “I’m happy he’s suspended. I worried he’d be injured playing that other sport.”

  2. just a young punk. no real character concerns. not justifying what he did, but I know that my friends and I did some dumb stuff and got away with it at this age.

  3. More time to concentrate on football..

    Come on man..you got to balance your booster budget better…make it last for the entire month.

  4. Winston would be the 1st overall pick this year? That’s kind of like Teddy Bridgewater would’ve been the 1st overall pick last year. Just wait until they rip Jameis apart, too. It’ll happen.

  5. Seems pretty tame. Although he has a somewhat worthy rap sheet, he better work on performing more major criminal activity if he really wants to be NFL material.

  6. This is the reason they should not get into the league earlier than allowed and the reason the NBA needs at least a 2 year rule. They’re kids, leaving home for the first time and they’ll be dumb. Why? Because they’re kids!

    Half these kids that get scholly’s go half way across the state or in most cases a few states away from the support systems they’ve always known….that’s a big adjustment. Most have never traveled the country in any capacity compared to the way they will in college sports and certainly not in the way they would in the pros.

    The change in life style from playing for your home town high school to college is massive…you want to let them into a system that dwarfs college as far as time commitment and travel and make them their own business by handing them a cool couple million on the way out the door from High School graduation? Come on.

  7. Meanwhile, Jimbo Fisher threw away more crablegs after his dinner than Winston stole. However his dog salvaged the Tbone from the trash.


  8. All those criticizing Jameis, better not be the same ones who offered Manziel multiple free passes for being “young”, when he got got caught drinking underage (multiple times) and produced fake id, got so wasted he slept in on a camp (and then lied about it), and signed autographs for money (clear NCAA violation) and then lied about it.

    Neither one of these dudes has displayed a lick of integrity off the field.

    But hey, just boys being boys, right? lol

  9. This proves only one thing- this guy has been CAUGHT 4 times already with serious character concerns, just think of how many times he DIDN’T get caught. Sounds like a big time criminal-in-the-making. Wouldn’t touch this guy in the NFL and he should be suspended from football right the heck now forever.

    A white owner can’t make a racist statement in a private setting without losing his team and position, but Shameless Winston rapes, lies, shoots BB guns in public, and is a know multiple-offense thief- and is welcome to return to play football…..smh….

  10. “Pay NCAA athletes”

    Go to the cafeteria like the majority of the students have to when they are hungry. If you are off campus learn how to make Raman noodles.

  11. THIEF! Coming to fleece your NFL city real soon.
    I’ll never buy crab the same way again, each time I go through the checkout now the cashier is going to ask me “What’s so darn funny son?”

  12. Sound like the perfect role model for our society to have. NOT. This clown should be kick off his teams and have to make it on his own. Give someone who is more deserving his spot. What is really wrong is some team is gonna pay millions to this fool who will probably end up being more like Jamarcus Russell then Peyton Manning.

  13. Jameis obviously likes legs – girl’s, sea creatures, other.
    A dozen more offenses and he’s Pete Carroll material.

  14. The comments about “every kid does this” must mean that this site is popular in juvenile detention facilities. Shoplifting is NOT A right of passage for young adults. Drinking a little too much (and throwing up on your girlfriend’s Dad) is cool but theft is not in that category. Give me a break, folks.

  15. Suspended from baseball team – simultaneously reinstated for Spring football… harveyredman – huge difference between rape and theft and underage drinking and signing autographs for money. Must be a Criminole grad or simply uneducated on misdemeanors and felonies? Or simply uneducated.

  16. FSU talking all around the real issue which is why they have this clown to begin with. “citation”, “obligation”, “community service”. “He left without paying” ….

    They avoid using the term stealing but call it for what it is. If Sterling is a racist then Winston is a thief. He took stuff without paying for it. That’s stealing and people do get arrested for that right?

  17. I played big time college baseball in the state of Florida. Seen this behavior on a daily basis.

    It’s called ‘chew and screw’ . We almost lost some top draft picks one year but the debt was hush hush paid and life goes on.

    I was an honest person and refused to do it. On more than one occasion I paid my part and walked out with my head up.

    The thievery in college sports goes way beyond using your ‘BoltAmericard’.

  18. It’s a bit annoying to read things like he could be the top pick this year if not for the eligibility rules. Professional athletes have to be more than athletic, they have to be “professional” and clearly this kid has some learning and maturing to do.

  19. All I pictured was that scene in animal house when they’re stealing meat from the grocery stuffing it inside the pledge’s clothes lol

  20. Let this be a lesson kids…watching Deadliest Catch will lead you to a life of crime.

    No one ever gets arrested for eating Ramen noodles.

  21. And he seemed like such a nice young man too, who would guess he’d cause trouble…

  22. Poor guy was just practicing being above the law. Who would want to see a famous football player suffer consequences for theft? Really?

  23. I’m sorry, I grew up poor, but yet I knew right from wrong. The laws/rules are the laws/rules. You may not agree with them, but you have to follow them or pay the consequences. Whether it is theft or making money signing autographs, if you cross the line you pay for it.

  24. NFL team with the highest number of arrests in the last 12 months…49ers.
    Winston must have his eye on playing in Santa Clara.

  25. Jimbo Fisher should quit his day job and become a full time comedian….he agrees with the decision to suspend Winston from the BASEBALL team.


  26. They let him off for raping a girl but stealing seafood; he just went too far. Bet it is all smoothed over by football season though. It isn’t as if he didn’t want to sit with Black people or anything heinous like that.

  27. Google the characteristic traits of pathological narcissism … jus’ sayin’

    & this guy is not just some ‘normal stupid college kid doing stupid college kid stuff’ … this is a hardened self-important, entitled, no-regard-for-consequences, lacking in conscience veteran of the judicial system now who has numerous high-powered lawyers serving as his de facto ‘academic’ advisors

  28. This guy should have signed with the state pen or is it Penn State. Send him to the Raiders….they will know how to use him…if he can stay out of trouble.

  29. Rape and shoplifting. Sounds like this scrub feels entitled to take whatever he wants. Punk will be nothing but headaches for whatever pro team he ends up with.

  30. According to the Tallahassee District Attorney the crabs legs made a statement saying that the shoplifting was consensual.

  31. Jimbo Fisher to basball coach, “Hey, thanks for putting all the pressure on me now to suspend him from the football team!”

  32. Someone needs to pull this young man aside and have a “come to Jesus” meeting with him. He’s got a future with seemingly unlimited potential.

    However, if he continues making decisions like this, he’s going to find out the hard way how quickly that future could get thrown away.

    I hope he wises up fast.

  33. Didn’t his parents teach him, you don’t walk out of Publix without paying for an item?? What a complete idiot, and this isn’t the first time he’s been in trouble. He’s treading a dangerous path with his behavior. Just paving the way for a “wonderful” NFL career to “nowhere”.
    Grow up.

  34. He will be the #1 draft pick in 2015 if he decides to leave early.

    He is going to have to carry the load, as FSU will have major youth at WR this year.

  35. You tell me there was no one around to cover this up for this model citizen? There is immaturity due to being young and then there is just plain stupidity. He’s one year away from bring drafted number 1 and he couldn’t resist stealing from a food store. He must want one of the Harbaugh brothers to draft him.

  36. Has the baseball coach been fired yet? You know you are not allowed to discipline a star athlete in the SEC in particular, right?

  37. I can’t and everyone else can’t be sure the charge warranted. A good friend of mine was shopping once and elected to leave the store w/o buying anything and yet the store manager tried to accuse her of stealing anyway.If you think every allegation is valid you are wrong.

  38. Jameis: What do you mean the FSU baseball players don’t get nearly as much for ‘free’ as the football players?

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