Jay Gruden wants to “sprinkle” a little read option in

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New Redskins coach Jay Gruden knows that quarterback Robert Griffin III can be dangerous on the move.

He just wants to be smart about keeping him moving late in the season.

Gruden said during an interview with Sports Talk 570’s Andy Pollin (via the Washington Post), that he wanted to limit the amount of read option plays to protect Griffin.

We’ll have sprinkles here and there,” Gruden said. “It’s not going to be a major part. I want to make sure that we have other things that we can do besides the read option, because it takes a toll. You have to practice it a lot to be very good at it. It kind of takes away from the defense’s ability a little bit, it takes away from other plays that you need to work on, your protection schemes, your running game, all that stuff. It just takes away from that.

“So we want to make sure that we work on the core running game that we have, the core drop-back passes we have. And then once we get going, we get those implemented, maybe sprinkle in some read option.”

In his first two seasons, the Redskins used the read option on roughly 20 percent of their run plays. Griffin went from 120 carries for 815 yards as a rookie to 86 for 489 his second season (13 games).

Of course, there might be more than the preservation of the quarterback on Gruden’s mind. After adding DeSean Jackson and Andre Roberts this offseason, the Redskins have more weapons in the passing game, which they need to take advantage of as Griffin gets his feet back underneath him in the pocket.

22 responses to “Jay Gruden wants to “sprinkle” a little read option in

  1. Cue the haters claiming that this means they are going to “run Griffin every down and get him hurt.”

    Go ahead, I know you want to ignore Gruden’s actual words and write that. And while you are at it, please sprinkle in the following clever terminology that has never been used ever before:

    RG3 and Out

    and don’t forget to claim that Griffin will be out of the league next year.


  2. Catch 22: No read option because RGiii will get injured, but he sucks as a pocket quarterback.

  3. The question is, is he a good enough QB for the NFL if he isn’t running read-option the majority of the time….I have no idea?

  4. RGme will be fine as long as the 1st receiving option is open. His problem is he can’t read the field. It’s similar to basketball. You either have the innate ability of court/field vision. Or you don’t. He obviously doesn’t.

  5. Jay Gruden wants to “sprinkle” in a little bit of everything. He believes that if you try everything, the defense won’t know what to expect. But when you have to practice everything, you become the proverbial ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.

    Take it from a Bengals fan who watched it for 3 years…

  6. I am so tired of hearing about RG ME. THis arrogant jerk went 3-13 last year. Regard him as a QB who regressed. Run the read option all you want. He will be retired in three years.

  7. Why wouldn’t they? This guy knows how to do it like few others EVER….Take advantage of the weapons you have

  8. RGIII, please, when you run FINISH WITH A SLIDE. Then they can’t touch you, and you can steal 5-15 yard slices all day. Common sense, my man. Keeps you heathy.

  9. When all your guy can do is one thing then you need to ‘sprinkle’ a lot. At least until he’s hurt again.

  10. Gruden’s going to teach him to stay in the pocket. His career is over if Gruden runs him around like the Shanatan’s did…he’s got to pick his spots.

  11. With the 1st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select, QB Brett Hundley, UCLA.

    RG 3 – it was good knowing you, but you’ll never get your 2nd contract when you are in a wheel chair.

    LoL – this is flat out funny, have they learned nothing?

    RG3 is as fragile as it gets.

    Gotta love the ‘Skins. The cast changes, but it’s still the same tragic comedy.

  12. If you have to practice it a lot to be good at it, but you’re not going to practice it a lot, doesn’t that mean you won’t be good at it? Why are you sprinkling it in then? Seems to me you need to go all in or abandon the read option.

  13. Bobby 3 Sticks will be healthy this year and is already throwing to his new teammates. Albert Morris ran for over 1400 yards on a 3-13 team against teams looking to stop the run. The defense needs to get better. Redskins will be fine. HTTR

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