Lance Moore hears it from Saints fans after comparing Ben to Brees

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After eight seasons catching passes from Drew Brees in New Orleans, wide receiver Lance Moore went to Pittsburgh this offseason, where he has begun work with Ben Roethlisberger. Moore was recently asked to compare the two quarterbacks, and Saints fans weren’t all happy with what he said.

“I would say that Ben has a little bit stronger of an arm, maybe a lot stronger arm,” Moore told ESPN. “Just from the last couple of days with him here, that’s something that kind of jumps out at me. If you are kind of lazy with your eyes the ball will zoom right past you. That’s something that I will have to adjust to. I feel like the quarterback should never really have to adjust to the receiver.”

Saints fans who saw those comments went after Moore on Twitter, prompting Moore to respond.

“Everybody down south is mad now? Never said I disliked Drew or am not thankful for my time w him. Wouldn’t be where I am w/o him. Chill out,” Moore told Saints fans on Twitter.

Although Moore’s comment about Roethlisberger having a stronger arm than Brees got most of the attention, Moore had high praise for both quarterbacks.

“I definitely count my blessings every day to be able to play with somebody like a Brees or a Roethlisberger,” Moore said. “Honestly, leaving New Orleans was kind of scary for me because I had that comfort in a quarterback that had broken so many records and obviously won a Super Bowl. To get somewhere like the Pittsburgh Steelers that has a quarterback that has won a couple of Super Bowls, it is definitely something that I am thankful for.”

Those are comments that fans in both Pittsburgh and New Orleans should appreciate.

82 responses to “Lance Moore hears it from Saints fans after comparing Ben to Brees

  1. Those fans must not understand that having a stronger arm doesn’t make you a better QB… If that was the case then JaMarcus would be one of the best of all time…

  2. Lance was a very good reliable receiver, but had one of the more offensive dance celebrations in the NFL.

  3. It is well known that Drew Breeze’s game is not based on a rocket arm. See Joe Montana. He didn’t say anything offensive.

  4. Ok Lance, talk that trash. You’re small and only have average speed, you couldn’t get open your first few years in the league.
    You’ve got superb hands but we play y’all and I’m not worried about you going off on the Saints. Champ Bailey can definitely dominate you as speed is not needed to shut you down.

  5. I am a saint’s fan and I totally agree Ben does have a stronger arm, he also is younger than Brees. Brees is a better qb, he can manipulate a secondary with his eyes and have better poise, get rid of the ball decisively and quick.

    Ben is strong in the pocket, hard to get to or bring down that give him more time to read a secondary or his wr more time to adjust a route to get open. Ben have 2 rings but both are products of a great defense.

  6. I don’t see what’s wrong with what he said. Ben DOES have a stronger arm. That isn’t a news flash. It doesn’t mean he’s a better QB or anything. It’s ONE attribute, and it’s factually correct. Brees isn’t known for throwing a frozen rope 40 yards down the field.

    Brees is more accurate. Brees throws a better deep ball. Brees breaks down defenses better.

    Ben is harder to bring down. Ben throws harder. Blah blah blah.

    Fans can be idiots.

  7. To all you cool aid drinkers out there, Bree’s is a phony. Totally respect his game (although it helps playing more than half your games in a dome). He was a driving force in the current labor deal which pays QBs in the triple digits while very good vets at other positions have to settle for deals below their level of performance.

  8. Lance my not be a saint anymore but he is a class act. He said nothing wrong. Good guy…

  9. Ben has a stronger arm, fact. Ben has won more Superbowls, fact. However, neither of those mean that Ben is a better quarterback and so Saints fans need to calm down. Otherwise, Jeff George and Jamarcus Russell (rocket arms) would both be destined for the HOF and everyone would say Trent Dilfer (SB ring) was better than Dan Marino.

  10. It’ll be tough for lance to match his numbers in Pitt compared to NO and not because of age. Lance will be like Meacham; don’t get me wrong Lance was good in NO but it’ll be different in Pitt because Moore is a product of a system not outstanding WR.

  11. Lance Moore routes:
    5 yd curl
    5 yd slant in
    5 yd slant out

    In every circumstance it’s catch drop and roll

  12. what is it with the south and facts??? BIG BEN has a much stronger arm then breeboy! just a FACT!
    As Moore said…CHILL OUT! smdh

  13. “ben would have none without that defense.”

    I would argue that the reverse is true, too.

    The Steelers had elite defenses for years under Cowher and won nothing until Ben arrived.

  14. It’s hard to see Roethlisberger as the better quarterback overall when you compare long-term numbers of both players. Over his 10-year career with the Steelers, Ben has a cumulative 92.6 QB rating, and was 92.0 in 2013. Brees, on the other hand, racked up a 99.7 rating in his 8 years with the Saints, and went 104.7 in 2013.

    In my view, Brees is one of four elite QBs currently playing in the NFL (Brees, Rodgers, P. Manning, and Tom Brady). These guys are in a tier of their own. In the next tier down you find Roethlisberger, along with several other guys–all good, but not great–quarterbacks.

  15. I don’t know why folks are jumping on Saints fans.

    If you had an undrafted player who made good working for the Saints and Brees and the first thing he does is get on social media and says something about his new QB being better than his old of course fans are going to jump on his case. It’s why they’re fans. Give them a break for wanting to defend their QB.

  16. Just because he has a stronger arm doesn’t mean he’s saying he’s Ben is a better qb than Brees. Calm down and stop overreacting.

  17. Stats alone prove Lance and anyone else that agrees that they are wrong also.

    Brees is WAYYYYYYYYYYY better than Ben. Stats prove it. Brees is rated in the Top #3 quarterbacks in the league, where is Ben exactly?

    Open mouth – insert foot.

  18. silly remark. Ben probably does have a stronger arm but Brees is a master field general. Both have won super bowls but they are different style QB’s.
    Brees is more mobile and has better field sense IMO. Ben has the big play arm and is a pocket QB.

  19. Truth is, these guys are polar opposites. Ben is big, mobile and makes a lot of garbage plays. Brees is precise and executes the play that is called. I don’t think Ben would thrive in the saints system, not would Brees in the steelers.

  20. Being a lifelong steelers fan, comparing the two QB’s is crazy, one is big with a strong arm and been to 3 Super Bowls having won 2 with a subpar offensive line. The other is crazy accurate and a record breaker and a superbowl under his belt. Can’t compare them 2 different styles of play that works well for both of them. I hope Moore has a great time in the burgh we definitely need him.

  21. Look, I know Ben is good and all, and that he’s won multiple SBs with teams that carried him there. However, both statistically and just from a common sense perspective, if you are a human and breath oxygen to live, and do not live in Pittsburgh, you HAVE to say Brees is way better that Ben. I mean statistically it’s not even close and then you actually watch them play. How is this even a debate?… I swear I live very far from NOLA, and have no horse in this race but just logic. I mean Ben is ok and all, but you are comparing him to a HOFer here, Ben wont sniff that in the real world.

  22. why is everybody so sensitive these days? every mole hill is a mountain to some…it’s a controversial statement to say that a qb has a better arm than the other? we’re THAT sensitive now?

    on the ben vs. brees debate i say it all depends on your definition of better. drew has better stats across all sorts of fun categories. INDIVIDUALLY speaking, brees and ben dont really belong in the same conversation. it’s not close, brees is far and away a better statistical marvel…HOWEVER, stats are for fantasy football. period. it’s about WHICH stats you dominate, and qbr,tds, and all the other flash stats that brees dominates dont always equate to championships. it’s not golf, there are at least 35 other guys that have quite a bit to do with the outcome of every game and ultimately every season.
    i’m an absolute homer, but i say you can have your stats, i’ll take the results. the guy gets it done.

  23. Why do I get the feeling he’s going to catch some crucial pass to beat us during a crucial game? (speaking as a Ravens fan)

  24. They’re grade A QB’s, but Ben gets more from a lot less talented receiver corps.

    Put Brees in Pittsburgh for the last 3 years with a crap offensive line and his numbers drop by 50 percent,

    Stick Roethlisberger into a Sean Peyton coached team and his numbers rise.

  25. The draft can’t get here soon enough.

    I mean, come on. You guys are posting a non-story about how our less intelligent fans (i.e., the Saints fans who are also LSU fans) pitched a fit about a factual statement by Lance Moore regarding his QBs’ arm strength.

  26. Ben does have a bigger arm than brees. I’m mm AR saints fan and that’s not even up for debate. Ben has a bigger arm than peyton as well. Both are much better than ben. Let It go lance. Thanks for your time here. You know we are passionate.

  27. Ask yourself this – who’d you rather have with 2 minutes left needing a score to win? You all know it’s not even close.

  28. Fact: No defense under Cowher was ever ranked No. 1 until 2004, which set off a succession of top-ranked Steelers defenses. Roethlisberger and his bottom-third scoring offenses were the benefactors of those unprecedented defenses.
    In each of the Steelers’ three Super Bowl seasons (2005, ’08 and ’10), Roethlisberger threw just 17 TD passes.
    Any QB who has just one TD pass in two Super Bowl wins obviously is a QB who requires great defenses.

  29. Brees is Doug Flutie with a better arm. Brees is in a passing dominated offense – dink and dunk style which is suited to his strengths with an occasional long ball thrown.

    Ben is the classic pocket passer and when it breaks down, he is tough to bring down and keeps plays alive. Ben is = to John Elway.

    Brees is the BMW who gets rid of the ball quick to avoid being hit to prevent damage to himself…while Ben is the SUV and puts it in 4 wheel drive and takes on rugged terrain aggressively.

    I would rather go to battle with Ben. He plays hurt.

  30. Big Ben has a stronger arm than Drew Brees. That’s all the guy said. He didn’t say Ben was a better QB in any way. Ben has a canon for an arm, everyone and their mother knows that. Brees is still the better QB.

  31. Another receiver who benefited from the players around him – Sproles/Graham, etc. He’ll be average at best in Pittsburgh.

  32. It depends if you like Superbowls or a lot of throwing. Ben has won two and been to three. He didn’t need to set a bounty on people to do it. He is gritty and the two styles of qb’s are different. LM was asked and gave an honest answer. You can’t ask for more.

  33. Well, while Moore is being truthful, he should go ‘full monty’ and talk about the fact that he is happy to be playing in a division with the most overrated QB in recent memory (Flacco), the biggest choke artist QB (Dalton) and the revolving door approach at the mistake by the lake.
    Ben is simply godly compared to these clowns.

  34. Like to see a comparison of Brees in his dome home and on the road. A lot more domes also in the NFC? Ben plays home games in Pitt with a lot of foul weather.

  35. Once the sAINTs are done with Brees, you will all see whichever qb starts under Payton will flourish.
    Actually Brees’s inability to make plays outside the pocket ensures that NO will not win another championship.. against what NFL D’s are becoming, the pocket QB, especially of his size is a dinosaur.
    The sAINTs should get what they can for him now! Romo would be better than Brees under Payton. Guarantee it.

  36. This guy must cry a lot. If that’s trash talk you must live a sad existence.
    Ok Lance, talk that trash. You’re small and only have average speed, you couldn’t get open your first few years in the league.
    You’ve got superb hands but we play y’all and I’m not worried about you going off on the Saints. Champ Bailey can definitely dominate you as speed is not needed to shut you down.

  37. Both Ben and Bree’s are elite qbs, although only one gets publicized as one. It’s funny that almost every time the “elite” are talked about that someone chimes in that they see Bens greatness and don’t see why he isn’t mentioned among them. The reason is that he has NEVER in his 10 years in the NFL had half the offensive line that Manning, Brees, Rodgers, or Brady has had. Not one if those qbs would be “elite” if the shoes were on the other feet. Ben extends plays and makes something out of nothing more than any player in the league. Did you saints fans forget that your boy Drew Austin his home games in a climate controlled dome? Must be nice to play in weather twice as warm as those tough guys up north. BIG BEN<DREW BREES

  38. This “Ben has two super bowls” is a joke. Fans drinking the Steel cool aid forget how bad he played. He didn’t win those games, he just didn’t play bad enough to lose them.

  39. Welcome to Steelers Nation Lance. Glad to have you. Drew and you and Ben may have a chance to compare arm strength in the Super Bowl. Would be a good one . My bet is that you will be on the winning team.

  40. It’s almost impossible to compare these two. Brees plays in the NFC South which has two domes and good weather in the other stadiums.

    Ben plays in the AFC North, a division with no domes and lots of wind, snow and other disgusting weather.

    The stats for any AFC North QB will be skewed because the weather is so horrible.

  41. Not sure why Saints fans feel slighted. I believe it is a well-known fact among ALL the players, coaches, and fans in the NFL that Ben has a stronger arm than Brees. I don’t even know who Drew’s backup is in New Orleans, but I probably could say HE has a stronger arm and have a better than 50-50 chance of being right.

  42. “This “Ben has two super bowls” is a joke. Fans drinking the Steel cool aid forget how bad he played. He didn’t win those games, he just didn’t play bad enough to lose them.”

    It took 19 games each of these seasons to get the Steelers there. Oh and don’t forget Ben has been to 2 AFC Championship games as well as the three Superbowls. You can have your Drew Brees and maybe your Fantasy Football team goes a long way. Outside of that, Ben has already proven this comparison moot.

  43. Weather?
    Last season, Roethlisberger was terrible the first half of the season. I’m pretty sure the weather wasn’t a factor en route to an 0-4 and 2-6 starts.

  44. Maybe to old Ben, I could see the comparison but that was ten years ago! His career is over. Ever since he did a cartwheel over someones hood when he got in that motorcycle accident, he has been a joke. Comparing Brees to him NOW is a grave mistake and will most likely show this upcoming season.

  45. Roethlisberger had a great Super Bowl run in 2005 — 7 TD passes, one pick and one amazing tackle — in three postseason games, nine long years ago. In his other 11 postseason games: 11 TD passes and 13 interceptions. Those are pedestrian numbers, to say the least.
    The mere fact that we are even having this discussion is proof that Roethlisberger is far from elite. And when the number-crunchers sit down to evaluate his career, they are all going to marvel how this guy has two rings.
    Stats are only important when evaluating a career and when negotiating a contract. Sports, like it or not, are about stats. And we’ve all seen how often Roethlisberger wins without a top-5 defense watching his back.

  46. “Maybe to old Ben, I could see the comparison but that was ten years ago! His career is over. Ever since he did a cartwheel over someones hood when he got in that motorcycle accident, he has been a joke.”

    This is an all time classic post. 10 years ago Ben was a rookie, so I agree, Brees in his prime is better than Ben as a rookie. And his accident was in 06, so I guess his joke was to win a SB and go to another.

  47. Brees 1 SB
    Big Ben 2 SB (Been to 3)
    AND beat TWO , count em TWO RAPE CASES!!!
    ….. tell me Brees is better than Ben… whatever…

  48. These comments make me laugh.

    Drew Brees is a great DOME quarterback. He’s not so great outside the dome. He’s put up his big numbers in the cushy comfort of climate-controlled conditions. And he’s always had reliable pass protection.

    Ben’s got it done in all weather conditions, with an offensive line that would get Brees (or most other QBs) crippled.

    All this talk of “defense” makes me laugh too. Yeah, as if the defense won those rings for Ben. Uh, remember the Super Bowl in Tampa when the defense CHOKED away the lead at the end of the game and had to be bailed out by yet another Roethlisberger last-minute comeback? Why, sure you do.

    The Steelers had elite and better defenses under Cowher before Ben came along. They won nothing. Then all of a sudden, boom, two rings with Ben. Yeah, that’s a sure case of the defense being responsible for those championships, right?

    The same could be said for Brees, whose team won because of an interception returned by a defensive back in the game’s final minutes. Not what the QB did.

    Drew Brees is a pretty good QB, but why anyone puts him in the “top tier” while suggesting Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t occupy the same space, is beyond me.

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