Mike Pettine: “Ideal situation” is drafting a quarterback later than fourth pick

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There’s little question that the Browns will be addressing the quarterback position in next week’s draft, but no one knows when they’ll be selecting a player to join Brian Hoyer on the depth chart.

Coach Mike Pettine will be one of the men involved in making the decision about when the Browns move for a quarterback and Pettine said Tuesday that he prefers to have a quarterback sit as a rookie before taking over as a starter. Pettine has experience coaching on teams quarterbacked by Kyle Boller, Joe Flacco, Mark Sanchez and E.J. Manuel as rookies from day one, which has left him with the feeling that it is “a rare guy that can handle that and he has to have a great supporting cast in order to do it.” 

That’s left Pettine feeling that the best course of action for the Browns would be to use the fourth overall pick elsewhere.

“That’s been a big part of the discussion in the draft room. That’s a position that we know we’re going to need to address, and you talk about where you’re going to do it and the impact that it’s going to have on the rest of the team,” Pettine said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Certainly it’s an ideal situation if you can get that quarterback later in the draft and that way you’re drafting a position player at four. But we’re in the business of staying true to our sequence, that if our fourth-best player or somebody rated above that is there at the fourth pick that we’ll feel comfortable turning the card in regardless of what the position is.”

Ideal situations rarely come to fruition in the NFL draft or anywhere else, but Pettine’s hopes of sitting a rookie quarterback are going to be a lot easier if Cleveland makes another pick at No. 4 because fourth picks are usually called on to play right away regardless of the position they play.

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  1. finally,someone actually saying that they’re not enamored with any of the “top” QBs. pretty sure the Browns have learned their lesson. besides,the can get pretty solid QBs like McCarron or Murray if someone snatches up the top 5. takes more than one offseason to fix 15 years of chaos.

  2. NFL history has shown us that the QB ‘s who should start from Day One as rookies, are indeed more the exception than the general rule. Even HOF’s like Aikman, Elway, and Peyton Manning were awful as rookie starters – and there is no Andrew Luck or Ben Roethlisberger in this draft. Can’t see Browns passing on a Sammy Watkins to take a Blake Bortles at #4.

  3. No duhh. If they can land a QB they want with their later pick they can use the 4th pick on any number of other great options.

  4. Imagine if they landed Sammy Watkins or Greg Robinson with the 4th pick and then STILL get Derek Carr or any other similar QB that “falls” to their other 1st round pick.

    I’m sure that, not only would the organization like something like this, but whichever QB they land can certainly use all the help he can get in Cleveland.

  5. Browns will walk away from No. 4 with one of the following players:


    That is descending order of likelihood. Clowney and Mack will likely be gone, meaning they’ll have their pick of their favorite QB in the class or the best wideout prospect since AJ Green.

  6. They are going to trade down a few picks, then pick Johnny Football while adding a position player with the pick they pick up from trading. Mark it down!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!

  7. I thought Hoyer was doing pretty good before her got hurt. If he could come back healthy I think they have something there.

  8. They would be wise to let the QB sit even if taken at 4.

    Hoyer might not be much but he won games last year and he might be good enough to battle a rookie and force the rookie to elevate his play.

  9. Cleveland has to be hoping that someone picks Johny Boy before they are on the clock. . .

  10. Sounds like he wants to trade down a couple spots and pick a QB in the pick 6-12 range.

  11. A lot of teams realize this, especially with the success of the 49ers, Eagles and Seahawks that have gone with later round QBs. That’s why QBs were sliding last year and the same thing might happen this year.

  12. They can’t be serious. They have to use their first pick on a QB. It is truly a position of need for the most important position in sports. If anybody can’t screw this up though, it’s my Browns.

  13. It would be nice to see Hoyer get another shot considering he was winning games. If they pick a QB at #4 then that probably won’t happen. I think their best bet is to either trade the pick or draft a non-qb. Then when they pick later in the round, draft the QB who dropped.

  14. Browns at pick #4 must take best player available
    Because this drat is so deep with good talent.
    They can get another quality QB with pick #26.
    Sammy Watkins Lets Go!

  15. lets all take a moment to thank our heavenly Father most of us are not browns fans

  16. The headline could/should have read “Browns don’t think there is a QB worth the 4th pick in the draft……the sub headline should read ” …….feel a QB will be worthy of the 26th pick and would once again like to thank the colts for taking out the Browns garbage”….

  17. Teaming Gordon with Watkins would be downright filthy! And then the chance to get Carr, Garoppolo, Mettenberger type qb with 2nd pick could really set up the franchise, for once.

  18. And if the Browns wait until the second or third round there a very strong chance they’ll draft a QB like Kyle Boller and Mark Sanchez.

  19. I’m with you Mike. If you are for avoiding a QB at pick # 26 as well, I’m even MORE with you.

    So hoping we trade down from # 4. You can pair ANY of the 1st or 2nd round WRs w/ Gordon and get frightening results.

  20. Browns Trade the 4th pick in the 2014 NFL draft to the BUFFALO BILLS for #9 and their 3rd round pick! With the fourth pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills select:

    Sammy Watkins or Kahlil Mack

    With the 10th pick in the 2014 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns

    Johnny Manziel

    Problem Solved!

  21. Smokescreen. They don’t want the Raiders or Vikings trading ahead of them to get Johnny Football. Otherwise why would he volunteer this information? If they don’t want Manziel then they should want someone to trade ahead of them to get him leaving them with a better player at 4.

  22. Since its generally agreed that taking any QB in this draft with the 4th overall pick is a mistake, its logical for the Browns to trade with the Vikings and slide back to the #8 spot and pick a positional player. Let the Vikings waste a high draft pick on a QB, they did so in the past and there is no reason to believe they learned anything from that mistake.

  23. I dont believe anything Pettine, or any other coach is saying right now.
    Id like to see them trade with Buffalo. The move down to 9 (good place for Carr?) and pick up a second.
    Buffalo takes Watkins… and he is worth losing that second pick.

    seems to me that both would do well.
    just a thought

  24. The Browns need to take baby steps and set small goals.

    The first of these should just be to make it through an entire calendar year without firing their coach and/or various front office staff and starting over.

  25. I’m not even a Browns fan, but this guy is right. At 4 you can get your pick of Robinson or Matthews, Clowney, Watkins or Mack. One of those 4 will necessarily be there. They are all better picks than any of the QB’s in this draft.

    With their second 1st rounder they should also adress other position of need. Maybe interior OL.

    You can then add a QB in the second round, like McCarron or Murray (or Carr if he’s there). Give any of these QB’s a year or two to develop and get them behind a line featuring Joe Thomas and Greb Robinson and they’ll be a much better value than Johnny Football running with the ball once his first read is covered and the pocket collapses.

  26. I wouldn’t mind the Browns trading down for additional picks next year. Whether it’s down to 8, 9, or 10, we could still get a good WR (Evans?), LB (Mosley?), or O-line help (Matthews?)

    However, I hear this from all of the top 10 teams. Unless we can get an overwhelming offer on Draft Day, we pick the best player available at #4.

    I’m also hoping we pick more than 1 QB (Murray & Savage?), despite our needs. I believe a little competition brings out the best in a player.

  27. Why does everyone expect Buffalo to trade up? They only have 6 picks. Trading up would literally be their entire draft. The current GM isnt nearly as stupid as the last 3. If anything, Buffalo is moving back as well.

    As for the Browns, while I applaud them for wanting to take it slow and truly go BPA, sitting QBs hasnt exactly been the best way to go either as of late. Kap and Foles were on the field before the halfway mark of their rookie seasons. Wilson played the whole thing. Who was the last successful QB to sit a whole season? Brady does postseason count as sitting the whole season? Tony Romo, if you count him as successful? And who were the last successful to be thrown right in? E. Manning, Wilson, Rothlisberger, Newton, Flacco, Ryan, P Manning…

    In the end, its not about starting or sitting your rookie QB. If he is going to succeed, the chances are hes already set up to do it. Its more about finding the right guy for the job.

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