PFT Live: Terry Bradshaw, Mock draft picks 9-12

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Terry Bradshaw won four Super Bowls as the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers and his job with FOX Sports has given him a close view of the quarterbacks who have followed him to the NFL’s mountaintop, which gives him plenty of insight into what it takes to be a successful quarterback.

On Wednesday’s PFT Live, we’ll find out which of this year’s prospects Bradshaw thinks has the right skill set to thrive on the professional level. We’ll also reminisce a bit about Bradshaw’s own draft experience — he went first overall 44 years ago — and the time PFT erroneously passed along rumors of Bradshaw’s death seven years ago when the very much alive Hall of Famer joins the program.

We’ll also continue to make our way through the first round of the draft by revealing the next four picks in our mock draft. The Bills, Lions, Titans and Giants are on the clock Wednesday.

It all gets started at noon ET and you can watch it all live by clicking right here.

8 responses to “PFT Live: Terry Bradshaw, Mock draft picks 9-12

  1. This guy doesnt know a thing about football.

    Have you been alive to watch four SB’s? He PLAYED in four and has forgotten more about the game than you will ever know. But hey that’s what is great about the Internet…..stupid people saying really dumb things for free.

  2. Kind of like when my fellow Vikings fans say “Don’t draft a QB in the first round, we don’t want another Ponder situation.” Like drafting Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Manziel is the same as reaching for a 3rd round grade Ponder.

    You’re right, let’s never draft another QB in the first round because we’re scared. That way, we can develop another great team around no QB like we always seem to do in Minnesota.

    Just think if Lions fans 7-8 years ago said this, “Don’t draft Calvin Johnson, we don’t want another Charles Rogers situation.”

  3. Bradshaw played back when quarterbacks were actually relevant. They actually called their own plays (no offensive coordinators required), they actually threw the ball down the field (no dinks and dunks), and they actually established the run to set up the pass.
    Bradshaw also played in era when QBs weren’t given win/loss records. ESPN wasn’t around back then.
    By the time Terry had completed his 10th season, his accomplishments included: 4-time Super Bowl winner, single-game Super Bowl TD passing record, 2-time Super Bowl MVP, league MVP, and he led the league in TD passes in 1978…
    Bradshaw was the best “big-game” QB of his era, maybe ever.

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