Report: Dominique Easley should be ready during training camp

Getty Images

Whoever drafts Florida defensive tackle Dominique Easley next month will be betting that his superior talent and athleticism will overcome the fact that he’s torn ACLs in both of his knees before making it to the NFL.

The first step toward proving that will come when Easley returns to a full workload after tearing his right ACL during his final year with the Gators. Bryan Broaddus of the Cowboys’ website reports that it will come this summer.

Broaddus reports that Easley’s medical exams have “turned out well” and that his rehab is progressing well enough “to be ready at some point during training camp.” That’s a bit later than Easley predicted he’d be ready, but it would still leave him in position to contribute as a rookie and is early enough to quell fears that teams might knock Easley further down their draft boards.

The Cowboys have met with Easley and he’d be a fit for their needs on the defensive line, but there are plenty of other teams in the mix for his services. If his knee is as sound as Broaddus reports, Easley should be off the board before the second round is through.