Sidney Rice expected to be ready for regular season

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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver was lost for the season last October when he suffered a torn ACL in a game against the St. Louis Rams in October.

Despite the knee injury, general manager John Schneider said Wednesday that Rice is “absolutely” expected to be ready for the start of the regular season on Sept. 4 against the Green Bay Packers.

Rice was ultimately released this offseason in a move to clear up salary cap space. After a couple free agent visits, Rice re-signed with Seattle on a lesser contract earlier this month.

“When we released him it was hard but we explained the landscape to Sidney and his representative and we stayed in contact with him all the way through it,” Schneider said.

Rice was cleared to resume football activities on April 14. Two days later he re-signed with Seattle. Rice appeared in eight games for the Seahawks last season. He caught 15 passes for 231 yards and three touchdowns before landing on injured reserve.

9 responses to “Sidney Rice expected to be ready for regular season

  1. Sidney Rice was a really good player when he was healthy with Favre at QB. But since then, he has barely played. Who in their right mind signs him before he is actually ready to play after his injury history the last couple of years? He may never be ready to play. Hopefully the contract isn’t guaranteed…

  2. He’s only ever had 1 good season really. But he will show up sometimes in some games. He might not even make the Seahawks roster is Glass Harvin stays healthy.

  3. If he and Harvin can stay healthy all year expect a much more productive passing offense from Russell and the Seahawks. Nobody has a crystal ball, Minny will hope for injuries but you never know…could be awesome.

    Seattle fans have a lot to be excited about. Percy didn’t even play last year.

  4. I feel like Sidney is going to have a big year this year, Percy and Doug will draw a lot of Attention and Sidney will be back to 1000 yards and 8 or 9 TD’s. Eventhough he has been mostly a letdown I got really clear memories of him being a top 3 receiver in the league with Favre slanging him the pill and he does play with a lot of heart. I was really happy (maybe prematurely) when they resigned him but I just totally believe he has still got it. Not to mention he seems like an awesome team guy that genuinely seems like he loves my hometown.

  5. @pftjunkie

    If the numbers i read were correct (it was on this sight) the numbers are; 1.5 million dollar deal but if he gets injured he forfeits $500k of the contract. One year deal, btw. So, without knowing the language of the contract, i take that as if he misses a game due to injury he basically forfeits 1/3 of his income. That oughta be a motivator along with the fact that thus is a prove it season for him. Personally, i think its one of the biggest steals on the offensive side if the ball. He’s had one season with the hawks where he played all 16 games. If he has another one next season at his pay, once again, Schneider comes out smelling like a rose. Schneider’s a genius!

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