Troy Vincent plans meetings with players who have been suspended


Before he was the NFL’s director of football operations, Troy Vincent was an NFL defensive back. Which may give him more credibility than some other league officials when he embarks on his next mission: Visiting players who have been suspended for on-field incidents to discuss with them what they need to do differently.

Vincent told the Associated Press that he will travel to multiple NFL cities to meet with players who have been suspended and educate them about what they need to change.

It’s all about educating,” Vincent said. “The devil is in the details. When I am making the rounds with the suspended players, I want to make sure we are educating them to keep them on the field. What were they seeing on the plays [that led to suspensions]? Are they seeing what they are supposed to? Do they completely understand the rules? It’s about taking the guessing out.”

Vincent wouldn’t say specifically which players he’s planning to meet. Players who have been suspended for on-field misconduct include Texans defensive end Antonio Smith, Titans safety Michael Griffin, Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson, Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather, Colts linebacker Erik Walden and Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Vincent believes players will listen to him because he understands where they’re coming from.

“I have that insight from being on the field, from being in their shoes,” Vincent says. “My message to these players is, ‘We want to keep you on the field. We want to keep you safe.’ Rules to protect the players are essential.”

Those rules haven’t always been popular with the players they are ostensibly designed to protect. Vincent’s job is changing players’ perceptions.

13 responses to “Troy Vincent plans meetings with players who have been suspended

  1. It’s great that players are getting into the business side of the league, but shouldn’t a Director of Football Operations for a multi billion dollar entity have some training? Maybe some advanced degrees and experience?

  2. Jury is still out on Troy in my book. He was a great CB with Miami and Philly. But he was always a self promoter outside the football field. I credit him for starting various businesses while a player. But I can see that his current position with the NFL is really just a second choice for him once he lost his bid to become head of the NFLPA. We’ll see how genuine his job performance is, or whether it is really just about promoting Troy.

  3. He wants to meet with players who have been suspended. For “on field” violations. As big a concern would be to meet with players who are suspended for “off field” violations.

  4. Troy was a great player for the Dolphins. He is going to be busy doing this job, because players are being suspended everyday. Maybe he needs to start with some of the college players coming into the league shortly. Some of them have no clue how to behave today.
    Now we see that Jameis Winston has to steal crab legs from Publix, please just pay for them don’t take them!!

  5. In my line of work, we emphasize corrective and PREVENTIVE actions. We learn from each mistake to prevent it from happening again. Give the high number of arrests and suspensions every year, it sounds like the NFL and NFLPA need to have annual sessions with all the players and not just their rookie year. They clearly ignored or forgot what they were told. Teach them to obey the law, rules, and learn how to say NO to moochers.

  6. When Troy Vincent blocked that field-goal attempt against Dallas and Sean Taylor picked it up and ran down the field I was so happy!!! My neighbor the Dallas fan was crushed, then Novak missed the 1st attempt, but Dallas got a penalty….Novak made the 2nd try all of Dallas-Nation was crushed! One of the greatest moments in sports! Vincent Had to just signed with Washington a few days earlier during the week, and said he’d never blocked a kick in PeeWee, HS, college or the pros!! Aaaahahahaha I love Cowboys fans in agony!!nothing better!!

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