Browns reportedly signing Zac Diles too

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It appears quarterbacks Tyler Thigpen and Vince Young were not the only players to impress the Browns during tryouts this week.

According to multiple reports, the team is also signing veteran linebacker Zac Diles after Diles worked out for them during their voluntary minicamp.

The Browns are the seventh stop on Diles’ tour through the NFL. He started out as a seventh-round pick of the Texans in 2007 and spent four years in Houston before starting the journeyman phase of his career. Diles has spent time with the Rams, Buccaneers, Colts, Chiefs and Titans since leaving Houston and played eight games for the Titans over the last two seasons.

That’s obviously not the resume of a player who will be expected to fill a major role on the roster in 2014. As such, Diles will fight for time as a backup and on special teams over the rest of the offseason.

16 responses to “Browns reportedly signing Zac Diles too

  1. They are looking everywhere for players… This isn’t a bad thing. It means the Browns are doing their due diligence in April instead of panicking in July.

  2. As long as he has enough left in him to knock Roethlisberger on his butt, I’m fine with it.

  3. A front office with a working brain….forgot what that felt like.

    Go Browns!!!

  4. Farmer wants to win now. Not saying this guy will help, but he is bringing guys in to see what they have. Instead of the bean counter, Joe Banner, a guy that refused to spend money, Farmer is using it to better the team. They said that Cleveland will still be under the cap next year, by $60-70 Million! That’s is before Haden, is paid, but still that is a boat load of cap space!

  5. The Browns are trying to complete their goal of filling out a complete team prior to the draft in order to draft BPA and not for need. Every player drafted will be expected to compete for their job. The only positions that were short players were ILB and QB. Now that’s solved.

  6. The 2 QB signings are a good sign to me too. I was worried they may spend the #4 on another questionable QB that doesn’t pan out like the rest. This way they open the door to go for a killer position guy like Watkins. A good DB at #22 and Carlos Hyde in the 2nd would be good too!! Start to fill out their needs quickly.

  7. I’m at a loss to see how the Browns are building a “solid team.” Instead, it seems that are bringing in number of cast-offs and retreads, mixed in with a bit of ‘potential performers’ to boot. I tip my cap to them doing something–anything–in preparation for the season, but try as I might, I don’t see more than 5 or 6 wins this year.

  8. Is this guy any better than D’Quell Jackson???

    He doesn’t have to be. Browns signed Dansby to be better than De’Quell. This is just a guy who will hopefully improve the special teams and mabe help strengthen the backup inside linebacker role.

  9. If he was a 7th round pick in 2007, and he’s still in the NFL, well traveled or not, he must know how to play the game…. No, he’s not Clay Mathews but if he’s got something we can use on our team great, if not, at least we are checking things out…

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