Draft delay invites more meddling

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As the NFL continues to chug through the lull created by the two-week delay in the draft, another dynamic is rearing its ugly head in some cites as the wait continues.

With more time than ever to ponder picks and an ever-increasing glut of opinions and analysis on the Internet and elsewhere, owners are getting more involved in the process.

Not that they’re telling football people what to do, but some (we’re told) are asking questions along the lines of, “What about this guy?” and “Why aren’t we higher on that guy?”

While the experts ultimately should be able to explain the reasoning to the non-expert who owns the team, the experts prefer not to have to deal with the extra questions and added stress that comes with having to consider what the boss may or may not want.

It’s one thing for a G.M. or a coach to have final say over the roster.  It’s quite another to use it in a way that an owner may not prefer.

36 responses to “Draft delay invites more meddling

  1. This overshadows the fact that Zygi Wilf should be looking over Spielman’s shoulder and asking him not to waste another high first rounder on a bust of a QB.

  2. This gap has been horrible, period. If for no other reason than it has started to feel like everyone is really reaching hard for writing something newsworthy. Next I want full reports on breakfast habits of punters.

  3. Some guys are going down in value by the hour on the internet.

    Bridegewater was hands down #1 overall 4 months ago. 1 month ago he was top 5 still…now he might be around in Rd 3 for God’s sakes….

  4. The draft should have been held about a month ago. Never thought I’d start to dislike hearing about the draft, but it’s been waaaaaay overdone.

    This was not one of Goodell’s better ideas.

  5. Draft should be held on the weekends.
    2 days and lets get it in.
    Do it the 3rd weekend in April.

  6. Anyone wanna bet the draft goes back to April next year, jeez talk about a sure thing

  7. I know it’s a slow time for the media, but I fail to see how this extra few weeks drastically changes things.
    If the draft were held last month, we would have heard all this crap in the weeks before, instead we are hearing it now. No difference, in my opinion.
    If your favorite teams’ scout department is worth its salary, there is nothing to worry about, no matter when the draft is held.

    Now, if they were talking about the squeeze it puts on rookie contract negotiations, I’d be all in.

  8. As much as I hate to say it, it is their team so let them do whateer they want. Some owners can pick talent out. Not all of them are bad like Dan Synder or the late Al Davis.

  9. Well, duh! This delay in the draft only begs for more meddling. Get on with it. Time to SEE who screws up (again).

  10. The NFL should announce an emergency 1 month postponement of the draft, just so we can see what happens to all of these prospects in the 30 days after the scheduled date. Who knows what could happen during that time and with all that hysteria mounting?

  11. I am sure Donald Sterling wishes the NFL draft was last weekend. Might have taken some of the media focus off of him…

  12. If they’re only asking that now based on the new 2 week gap then they should go buy the clippers instead of owning a football franchise.

  13. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the draft was pushed into the 2nd week of May.

  14. All of this endless analysis has brought me to the point where I will not watch the draft. I will wait until morning, go online and see who picked who. Get this thing over with.

  15. Following NFL all the time what’s the big problem with the draft March, April or May . Really. Get over it. Biotch about the Cleveland Indians name.

  16. Its a conspiracy by Godell, trying to get the slumping ratings of the ESPN/NFL Network revenue of the draft by getting some distance days from college/NBA championship and the Baseball finals. Enough said.

  17. It’s hardly meddling if the owner (who usually has a title like President or Chairman) asks the GM or director of pro personnel about players. In fact it’s probably a good thing for the boss to supervise his underlings.

  18. Goodell can try to spin this anyway he wants but the reality is that this idea backfired. He wanted to make the NFL ‘relevant’ in May & instead put fans to sleep. He’s a pig which is why the owners like him so much.

    I don’t buy this lame Radio City Music Center excuse. That’s nonsense. How could the NFL not have priority over booking before an Easter show (that was cancelled btw) with the Rockettes??? And even if I believed that were true there are DEFINITELY other venues in Manhattan that could have hosted the draft event as well as Radio City. This is NYC not Iowa. Sorry Iowa…

  19. ‘With more time than ever to ponder picks and an ever-increasing glut of opinions and analysis on the Internet and elsewhere, owners are getting more involved in the process.’

    Does that mean Dan Snyder input??? More Jerry Jones input??? Is that even possible??? Oh yeah…He’s the GM too!!! Ha!!! I can’t wait to see the Cowboys draft. Since they can’t compete this year the Cowboys should just take Manziel to add to Jerry’s circus. I don’t understand how the fans in Dallas continue to pay money to see this train wreck each year.

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