Eagles G.M. says safety class is not “a good group overall”


On March 11, the first day in which free agents could sign with other clubs, the Eagles struck a three-year deal with former Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins, a decorated collegiate cornerback at Ohio State who switched positions in the pros.

The Eagles’ quick move for Jenkins clearly signaled their belief he could bolster a position of need. And as it turns out, it may well have been a reflection of their confidence in finding rookie safety help.

At a press conference Thursday, Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman told reporters safety was not a particularly deep position in this year’s draft.

“In terms of the safety class, I don’t think it’s a good group overall,” Roseman said, according to Sheil Kapadia of PhillyMag.com. “I think you’re talking about a dropoff certainly when you get into Saturday.”

Judging from Roseman’s remarks, the best time for the Eagles to add a safety could be in the first two days of the draft. The club has one pick in each of the first three rounds (Nos. 22, 54, 86).

Four safeties — Alabama’s Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Northern Illinois’ Jimmie Ward, Florida State’s Terrence Brooks and Louisville’s Calvin Pryor — rank in the top third of Rotoworld draft expert Josh Norris’ list of the top 150 draft prospects.

33 responses to “Eagles G.M. says safety class is not “a good group overall”

  1. Jarrett Allen Coleman. maybe you shouldn’t comment regarding that position period. you can’t draft a safety if your job depended on it. besides that and the Watkins pick I have no beef with him

  2. It’s certainly a top-heavy safety class, and if by some chance he is there at pick 22 the Eagles will have a really hard time passing up on Calvin Pryor.

    I think the Birds will go defense with their 1st selection but as a fan of the team, I’d be ecstatic to see us take a skill position player in the 1st round…those picks are just way more exciting to see than my Eagles drafting for the trenches every year in the 1st round.

    His lack of size is his only negative, but outside of that I see Brandin Cooks as a guy who is as good as any other WR in this class..including Watkins. He reminds me of Steve Smith, tough as nails, catches absolutely everything, and even despite being under 6’0″ he has a real knack for going up and catching balls in traffic.

  3. Too bad there is about 5-7 teams that pick before the Eagles that have Safety as a need so if they want one of Dix Pryor or Ward they better go up and get one of them.

  4. I would love to trade back and get Buchanan. Better stats then all the safeties you named. Better speed and playmaking abilities then the top two.

  5. Terrence Brooks not even getting a mention…. ouch. Excuse me for being a homer but I think he’ll have a pretty good career.

  6. Howie has noticed that is a trend. Things drop off on Saturday. He’s trying to figure a way to make all the picks on Thursday and Friday to get away from that.

  7. This safety class is neither as weak nor as shallow as they are making out. There are 3 1st rd. caliber safeties, and several others (Loston, Reynolds, Ward, Joyner, etc.) who are very solid prospects. This is liars poker.

  8. Hey outta take a look at Deone Bucannon from Washington State in the 2nd-3rd round. Definitely not as good as Pryor but he’s very underrated and more than worthy of being selected on day two.

  9. Wouldn’t it be a shock/surprise if the Birds picked RB Mason then traded McCoy for someone’s first second and first next year.

    Solves the need for more choices ads what appears to be the strongest back coming out and gets rid of the leagues leading rusher and biggest mouth.

    The more McCoy sprouts off the greater chance one of those NYG players is going to take out his legs. Time for changes in Philly and Shady is proving to be just that.

  10. Dix-Pryor are one one’s I would want them to draft high, and they will both be long gone. Focus on the other weaknesses, its not like its our only one. A CB might not be a bad place to look next.

  11. Safeties as a whole have been terrible the last few years. Very few make an impact or even go high, you have that one he who goes top 10 who usually underwhelms.

  12. I agree with rosemen, I would be hard pressed to take any safety other then Pryor, Dix, or ward. Maybe Buchannon if he’s there.

  13. The Eagles have had some historically beastly Safeties over the years, Weapon X heading that list — but Philly has had a lot of swings and misses in recent years at that position.

    Stated directly, today’s Eagles might not know jack about what is or isn’t a good NFL Draft-Eligible Safety. Jarrett, if memory serves, was their latest flameout.

  14. The group is especially weak in regards to the Free Safety spot. There are a handful of decent players on the Strong side, but the cupboard is almost bare at Free.

    Even Clinton-Dix and Pryor, in a better-than-average year, would likely not be the top Safety prospects. I like Jonathan Dowling of Western Kentucky in the mid-late rounds as an under-the-radar pick, but there are (of course) no guarantees.

  15. Eagles won’t have a chance at Clinton-Dix or Pryor unless they leapfrog Green Bay.

  16. So I agree with we should take Defense early n often LoL, but if the safeties are gone and the corners(Dennard,MichState,FullerVTech,Gilbert,O.St) I think if Barr OLB from UCLA(I know, it’s a stretch) but take him without thinking bc he could help the pass rush day one, former RB who has only played LB a yr and 1/2-shows that first step burst and could take over for Trent Cole giving us that pass rusher we need. OR if all above are gone and M.Lee WR, USC is there I don’t know how we can pass on a potential star-Last season w Barkley he was All world, this season no QB n injuries slowed him but still a steal if he falls to us..
    If we don’t get Ha Ha-or Pryor, I really like a few guys that some one reason or another won’t be high draft picks-
    *L.Joyner #20Fla.ST, plays cb&S but watch the tape on this kid, he’s all over the field and around the ball making plays..alittle Ed Reed@ the U, Joyner is shorter(5″8-5″9 I think) but as a mid round pick I’d love it
    *Exxeum? VTecH, CB who has the build(6″1-220) to play like Cam Canc. Of Seattle, would be a 2nd round pick had he entered as a S.
    *WR Vandy, Matthew’s -bc the depth in this class he could slide down to the 3rd and if he’s gone we could get LSU WR Landry in the 3rd most likely both are great players that’ll play right away.
    *S-Wash.State U, Buchanan 2nd round but could be gone by the time we pick, most likely would have to move up.
    *Cb/S NC State, another big kid who can move and play closer to the line. He should be around in the later rounds4th-5th(sorry no time to spell check haha)

  17. Just trying to let fans know not to expect them to jump up, I’ve said it for weeks. If Dix or Barr don’t slip, the Eagles trade down

  18. Either A, he is serious, which is vomit inducing.

    B, the Eagles are drafting a Wide Receiver in the first round.


    C, this is a smokescreen in order to make other GM’s and coaches believe that the Eagles won’t be drafting a safety.

  19. It’s clearly a smoke screen. But they will and should draft best player available at 22 regardless of position. There are too many needs on this team not to.

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