Hernandez indicted for assault of another inmate

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Yes, Aaron Hernandez officially now has enough legal issues to keep a midsize firm busy on a full-time basis.

Via multiple reports, the former Patriots tight end has been indicted on charges of assault, battery, and threats to do bodily harm.  The indictment results from a February fight with an inmate in the Bristol County Jail.  Hernandez got 30 days in isolation as a result of the incident.

The indictment means that a grand jury has concluded based on a one-sided presentation of evidence from prosecutors that enough evidence of guilt exists to support a conviction.  Regardless of the eventual outcome, it’s the least of Hernandez’s problems, given that he’s current behind bars awaiting trial on charges that he murdered Odin Lloyd last June.

Hernandez also faces a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Lloyd’s estate, a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the estates of two men who were shot and killed in July 2012, a possible prosecution for the murder of those two men, and a lawsuit from a Florida man who claims Hernandez shot the man in the face in February 2013.

74 responses to “Hernandez indicted for assault of another inmate

  1. His punishment should be confinement for eternity to a tiny cell.

    Along with a TV that constantly plays NFL network, and another screen that constantly shows the bank account balance of the league’s top TE’s.

    Along with a mirror.

  2. At the risk of glamorizing it, this kid is a true gangsta. He had EVERYBODY fooled. Scary to think that he was loose on the same streets I was on.

  3. Can you imagine the type of things dudes say to him as cell warriors behind a locked door? Poke the dog with a stick while caged and u get what u deserve when it opens. The absurdity here is Mass. Taxpayers get to pay for some punk prosecutor to push some lame assault case even though this dude is parked with two murder charges. Waste of tax dollars. If Hernandez never gets out is that something to celebrate? Open all your closets and there is at least one bad deed. It does not have to be as severe as murder to be a bad deed. America is a joke with all of us feeding on each other now. Sheeple.

  4. Well, that was predictable. What happened to a speedy trial? Get it over with!

  5. Man, at this rate they won’t even need to convict him of murder – just keep him in jail a while longer and he’ll attack enough people to stay there.

  6. The TE market relative to what it could have been if AH made different choices has been devalued quite a bit. It’s too bad the Patriots invested heavily into the bursting of this kind of a bubble.

  7. Aaron is also being pressured by authorities to settle the large room and board bill he has accrued while awaiting trial. They don’t want to give bail because the debt has grown to such a point they think he will default and flee the country.

  8. Willard Scott on the Today Show would have Hernandez picture on a jar of Smuckers jelly for people celebrating their 100 and up birthdays by the time this guy sees the light of day.

  9. Within 2 years, he will be married in a prison wedding to some whacked woman looking for publicity. Amazing about the stupidity of the people who are allowed to breed.

  10. Hernandez murdered people and played NFL football like nothing happened. He is on a special level of anarcissistic pyschpath.

  11. Ruh oh.

    There’s a shocker.

    This guy has to be going crazy knowing what he has lost and the opportunity he has completely blown….

  12. They’re consider him an added risk to the general public because of “dangerous anti-social loner tendancies” he developed during solitary confinement..

  13. This case is really supplying a disgusting insight into the American justice system. I’m all for throwing a few of these “authorities” into the tank with Aaron for a day and have the case decided that way.

  14. There is very little chance that this little episode wasn’t encouraged by the ‘authorities’.

    Sure glad to see our tax dollars hard at work prosecuting a guy on murder charges with self defense.

  15. What did the Patriots Security Director know about Aaron Hernandez’ nefarious activities before things became public? Belichick is GM in addition to his Head Coaching responsibilities. Did the Security Director investigate Hernandez’ activities? Did the Security Director inform Belichick of certain matters? What did they know? Why didn’t they know?
    Silence is part of the Patriot way. If Belichick and the Security Director were aware of certain things why didn’t they come forward to Police when they became aware? Did they inform the owner, Bob Kraft?

  16. How many times can the same information be re-reported but just re worded… not sure what I’m more tired of hearing about at this point, this story or Johnny Manziel / Jadeveon Clowney. This is nothing out of the ordinary that happens in jail… nor is threatening a guard. Let’s just put this on the backburner for a bit at least until he catches a cold or sneezes and have something worth reporting.

  17. Prosecutors now speculate that the murder charges were just a clever ruse by Hernandez to get inside a prison long enough to beat up an inmate with a big mouth. They are no longer pursuing the original investigation.

  18. I am 0% Hernandez or Pats fan, but really they are convicting an inmate for assaulting another inmate?? We would tie up the legal system on it’s end if they prosecuted all these cases, they happen daily. What about the guard that let them be together, what’s his punishment.

    Glad we’re paying taxes for some DA at $250k-$500k/year to get a notch on his belt and try a prison fight. How about we spend that money on the streets dealing with real cases! Hernandez is already sunk anyways.

  19. I didn’t know Hernandez had been convicted already,had his trial already,saw the evidence,heard the testimony,made a informed judgement….my bad

  20. The second game of the season is the Pats against the love boat Vikes. An easy win against an insignificant franchise, who would probably sign Hernandez if they could. He would be their all time best tight end. Skol!

  21. Keep the name Patriots and Aaron Hernandez out of the same sentence. They released him the SECOND they found out he was trouble. He has nothing to do with New England, except that he will be spending the rest of his pathetic life in a jail cell nearby. This has nothing to do with the Patriots! At all…

  22. As if he would ever have been charged and indicted with this jailhouse stuff if he wasn’t a famous football player.

    Some guy was jawing at him all day and then he finally beats the guy up. Same stuff happens every day, but of course somebody wants to make a name for himself so Hernandez gets charged.

  23. With or without him the bottem line is the patriots can’t win the afc championship game. I’m rooting for the Bruins tonite.

  24. Goodell has fined Hernandez 2 rolls of toilet paper and 1 hot sauce 12 pack.

    He has 3 days to appeal.

  25. He was supposedly in solitary and somehow magically had access to another inmate who had supposedly been taunting him. It was a setup by the corrections officers.

    The DA is getting desperate. No murder weapon, no hard evidence, no eyewitness. He will not win the murder trial the way it’s shaping up.

  26. He was drafted and played for the Patriots so they remain in the sentences…forever. The Pats should get an award for cutting a guy about to be indicted for murder? I don’t think so Pat fan.

  27. It’s getting close to summer now so I imagine all the “authorities” will be off to the seaside barbequeing for their guests. We’ll just have to put things on hold for awhile, Mr Hernandez.

  28. They are going to lock this guy up for life and throw away the key….trouble just seems to follow him.

  29. Does anyone think, maybe just maybe he had to rearrange another under duress of his own physical harm?

    Has he been proven a murderer other than in the free press?

  30. So Hernandez has been sitting in jail since last summer awaiting trial? Guilty or innocent, anyone else consider being imprisoned that long without a trial pretty outrageous?

  31. Inmates are regularly charged with new crimes while incarcerated when they assault another inmate or guard, get caught trying to smuggle contraband in, and many other offenses. It is commonplace and is used as a deterrent to continued disruptive behavior. Having time added to their sentence is something most inmates really don’t want. The majority of inmates are not lifers so it does make a difference.

  32. He has just locked up the top spot in the Prison Gang Rookie Draft next weekend. The Gangster Disciples are first on the board.

  33. idk why people act like inmates shouldn’t be charged for crimes within jail…The same rules apply in jail its “supposed” to rehabilitate you and make you become a better citizen if/when you’re let free. They charged him and would charge any other inmate.

  34. Desperation move by the prosecution. It looks like their trying to formulate a plan B, because with each passing week their murder case against him gets weaker. Do I think Hernandez is guilty, yes. Can the prosecution PROVE that he’s guilty? Not looking good.

  35. Prison fights are prison fights. If reports are true that he pummeled this dude as he was cuffed, then he was wrong & should be in trouble. However, no one knows the truth until they see the felony complaint and/or the indictment is unsealed. Just keep in mind, as NY Court of Appeals Judge Sol Wachtler said, “The People could indict a ham sandwich if they chose to do so.”

  36. This guy is the most dangerous type of person you could ever come across. Everything to live for, young, healthy, ( Good physical shape ) famous plenty of doe, playing football but still felt he had to murder someone to get respect from the dudes. Glad i never bumped him i probably would have got a good pasting.

  37. So if he gets acquitted of the murder, does he still get the jail time for the assault, battery, and intent to do bodily harm?

  38. Mix him I the general pop of a max sec prison and lets see who gets assaulted.

  39. He will be in general population once he’s convicted…dude is toast…him and sharper.

  40. IMO, this is a worthless “thing” that has forfeited him human rights….. we should not have to pay to support him… either go death penalty and expedite or put him in gen pop and have him “handled”…

    why do we tolerate or expend limited resources on “things” like this that will never contribute to society…. at the least compensate all his Pats money to pay for his support…

  41. I am totally perplexed by some of the comments in here ripping the prosecutor and our justice system. Our justice system has flaws, no doubt. There has never been, nor will there ever be, a perfect justice system.
    But to make some of the ignorant comments I read in here makes me realize that some people are just clueless.
    Hernandez is lucky he’s in America. If he were in some other countries, he’d have disappeared already and would no longer be a story.
    My brother traveled to different countries for many years for his employer. He once told me that when his plane landed back in America after being in some places, he felt like doing what the Pope does — get down on his knees and kiss the ground.

  42. Is Hernandez the first person to actually get charged with a crime WHILE already in prison for another serious crime? I’m not gonna lie I’m almost impressed.

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