Julius Thomas attributes Super Bowl blowout to execution


Several theories have emerged regarding the stunning 43-8 blowout of the Broncos in the Super Bowl.  Some think the Denver offense couldn’t match the physicality of the Seattle defense.  Former Broncos defensive end Jeremy Mincey has said that the team was “lackadaisical” in the title game.

Tight end Julius Thomas has another explanation.

“I think a lot of talk has been made about how physical a defense is, and I know that can have an effect on the offense,” Thomas said Wednesday, via the Denver Post.  “But I don’t think that their defense is so much more physical than some defenses we’ve played.  We’ve played against good defenses.  What we can’t allow a team to do is keep us from executing.  I think more so was what we didn’t do, the things we left out there, than them being physical. In order to get hit, you usually have to have the ball.  So if we can hold on to it, if we can make sure we limit our turnovers, be in the right spots, that’ll help us.  The physical nature, it’s football. Everybody has been hit and is used to it at this point.  I think what really got us is our lack of execution.”

It’s a matter of semantics.  Physicality has far greater impact on the offense than the guy with the ball getting hit.  Physicality manifests itself in blocking and the efforts to beat blocking, in aggressive coverage of receivers, and in the ensuing disruption of thought processes and dismantling of will that can occur once a guy has been hit harder in the mouth than he expected to be hit.

The Broncos’ failure to execute didn’t come from a sudden inability to remember how to execute.  They didn’t execute because they were facing a defense with the ability to derail the attempts to execute in ways that the Broncos hadn’t seen.

While it’s important for the Broncos to get past that experience, it’s far better to embrace the butt-whipping and learn from it than to act like it was a fluke that occurred not because the Seahawks beat the crap out of the Broncos, but because the Broncos somehow beat the crap out of themselves.

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  1. Julius is right — the ‘Hawks executed the Donks. A complete execution.

  2. “Physicality has far greater impact on the offense than the guy with the ball getting hit. Physicality manifests itself in blocking and the efforts to beat blocking, in aggressive coverage of receivers, and in the ensuing disruption of thought processes and dismantling of will that can occur once a guy has been hit harder in the mouth than he expected to be hit.”

    That paragraph right there is why I love football and why I hate what Roger Godell is doing to it.

  3. It sounds like a response that the 49ers would give everytime the Giants booted them from the playoffs. “We beat ourselves.” They should suck it up, learn from it and move on.

  4. Yes, the Seattle defense played exceptionally well. But the lessons to be learned are also that the Seattle offense played well and that Denver’s defense did not. The score after all was 43-8. It was 36-0 before Denver finally scored. Seattle’s defense had scored on a safety and a pick 6. The offense scored a massive number of points! So if Thomas talks about the team not executing, he has to include Denver’s defense, too.

  5. Why don’t you attribute the loss to Peyton Manning? Peyton Manning doesn’t do well when teams get in his face and disrupt his pretty timing schemes or his routes. Yes, all QBs suffer, but some can overcome and adapt. For 3 quarters, the Steelers did it to him in the 2005 AFCDG. The Patriots have done it numerous times.

    Peyton appears to have very little ability to improvise, or adapt once his plans have blown up.

    Too many (ignorant) people rush to annoint Payton based on his regular season success, and utterly ignore his post-season shortcomings. People blinded by passing stats in an era where the game has been rigged to support the passing game. QBs you crown as the GOAT don’t, and can’t have losing records in championship games.

  6. What happened was the better team won handily. Seattle was/is a more balanced offense & a top flight D that has the ability to stay fresh b/c of a solid running game and intermediate passing game.

    Its always better to have 53 good players than a few excellent ones and the rest sub par.

  7. Good point Julius.

    “If we had just completed more passes, kept Manning upright, not turned it over, and scored more points… Oh yeah, and if our defense hadn’t been run over… We could have won. It wasn’t Seattle’s team, it was ‘execution’.”

  8. It was about your vaunted QB causing a safety on the first snap and shattering your team’s psyche. The bad tackling down the stretch, including those hilarious “5 Broncos bounce off a beanpole WR” runs were just emblematic of a team that had already quit.

  9. A good defense will always out-execute a good offense. No greater proof need be offered than what Seattle’s D did to the greatest scoring offense of all time in a game that mattered most.

  10. That’s the thing about a blow out loss.

    If you can’t make stops on defense or score you get trapped and sink.

    Personally I think it was Denver’s defense that derailed the game for them more than their O. I know they were build on Manning but I think they were playing the best defensive side. What Denver had to do was stem the bleeding long enough to give Manning a chance to get momentum back.

    And in fairness to Denver’s D they slowed the run and forced some third downs but without a big pass rush or any form of secondary they couldn’t get off the field.

  11. Denver has two chances to show they learned something. Pre-season, August 7, Seahawks come to Denver. September 21, Broncos come to Seattle. I personally think the scores will be a lot closer than 43-8, especially in the September game. I predict Seattle will get a narrow win, since they will be at home.

  12. I honestly watched a game where the leagues best offense looked like they thought it would be handed to them. I also saw a defense that made Z E R O mistakes.

    Then I saw a lot of faces with shock on them. Seattle won at every level of the game. Planning, execution, defense, offense, special teams, Gatorade mixing, helmet shining etc.

    When it’s impossible for a great team to become humble and accept what really happened (especially the leaders of that team), it is the beginning of the end for that team.

    To me, Thomas is like #2-#3 wideout in the league. Potential off the charts. But if hes gonna be megatron-esque he needs to be a leader and a leader would look at his men and say “you all just got destroyed by a better prepared and better overall team”.

  13. Offense and stats are overrated. Defence usually trumps offense at the elite level.

    All the media talking heads still get enamoured with Brady, Manning etc. but it still is a team game and the last SB result didn’t surprise me one bit. SF or Sea would have clubbed either Den or NE.

  14. Brings to mind the old John McKay quote, the initial HC of the Bucs. When asked about his teams execution, McKay responded: “I’m all in favor of it.”

  15. Donkey’s had an easy schedule…and when it came to the big dance…It showed…They were overrated from day 1…and still are

  16. The last SuperBowl result was very similar to
    the Redskins vs Raiders in the 80s. I think the final was 38-9. The ‘Skins had a record setting offense and didn’t think they would lose. They came out flat and things spiraled out of control. Broncos were likely overconfident in their offense and not as amped as they should have been. Seattle wanted it way more. The safety on the first play just got them out of sync and they never recovered. The point is if they were mentally prepared and practiced as if it was the toughest game of the season that bad snap and safety doesn’t happen

  17. Once Kam Chancellor put that hit on the other Thomas and sent him back 5 yards this game looked sealed.

    Ken Norton Jr. was screaming punish them every time they touch the ball and even the great Peyton Manning was seeing ghosts from hits from d-line (not sacks).

    One team had a great offense, the other team had an equally great defense, excellent special teams and efficient offense. Only people that didn’t see that beat-down coming were people that weren’t paying close attention. Go Hawks!

  18. Seahawks came to play. They brought a team ready to play. Denver came to celebrate the victory they were sure awaited them if they only took the field. They’d roll over the Seattle defense like a freight train.

    Denver brought Manning and Seattle brought a team. Manning could not beat that team.

    Blame Manning all you want, and he deserves to be criticized for some of the plays he ran, but the Broncos did not execute as a team.

  19. One more McKay quote that seems appropriate:

    “We didn’t tackle well today, but we made up for it by not blocking.”

  20. Following a Tampa Bay Buccaneers loss in their early seasons, Coach John McKay was asked what he thought of his team’s “execution.” He replied, “I’m all for it.”

  21. The Broncos were literally beaten in every phase of the game. It was a hard game to watch, but an easy one to call a winner because the Seahawks do what PM cannot overcome. …..they play great pass defense. Couple that with a darn good pass rush and you’ve just given birth to PM’s worst nightmare.

  22. When asked about his teams execution John Fox said, “I’m in favor of it”

  23. I have another theory.. Peyton is highly overrated. I said all year that as soon as he played a good D he’d get murdered. He only faced one good D all year (K.C.) and they too ended up being a product of a very soft schedule. Every other D he faced was bottom 20.. Nick Foles looked amazing in those games too.. He lit Oak up for 7 tds before being pulled in the 3rd quarter. It isn’t so much that Peyton chokes in playoffs he just gets embarrassed when facing good teams period. Numbers don’t lie.

  24. I thought manning was supposed to give young Wilson a “clinic” out there. All he showed was a selfish personal stats player, who, as soon as he got his own awards, let his team down by not preparing against an excellent Seattle team. He thought his name and and his “aw shucks, i’m just a country boy” persona had already put the ring on his finger.Hearty congrats to Seattle and their fans, you guys put on a clinic for manning, showed him it’s not supposed to be about personal glory, it’s about preparedness, coaching, TEAM, and heart.

  25. All those years at Indy feasting on Jax twice a year, Houston twice a year, Titans twice a year and believe it he padded as much as possible.. Peyton is no genius.. Every play he runs max protect with a run/dump off too TE option.. Every play! I’d take Brees, Brady, Rodgers etc any day before Peyton.

  26. Execution?
    I’m thinking we should refer to the quote from old Tampa Bay Bucs Coach John McKay when asked about his teams’ execution…

  27. The Seahawks just extended the contract of the player that had the most impact on that game. ET’s sideline-to-sideline ability allows Kam to play up close to the line as virtually a fourth linebacker and allows the corners to take chances and go for the pics.

    Opposing QB’s that have played the Seahawks often do NOT throw deep into Area 29. It just isn’t done, son. At this point in his career, Manning sure as hell doesn’t have the arm strength to do it.

    Manning’s bread and butter has always been reading defenses and adapting the play to whatever shift or personnel the defense may be trying. The Seahawks show substantially the same defense every time. No tricks, no gimmicks. ET deep, KC in the middle, man coverage on the outside, and two DE’s coming hard off the edge on every play.

    If the Bronc’s don’t get their running game in gear, I predict the next few games will be substantially the same outcome.

  28. The 2 best teams in the NFL played a couple weeks before in the NFC Championship. Denver’s offense was great, but they did have the opportunity to play a very easy schedule in 2013 – whereas Seattle played great teams week-in-week-out.

  29. Turn overs is why the broncos lost nothing more. 49ers beating the Seahawks all day until they turn the ball over Seahawks defense loves to cheat as long as they get away with it thanks to the referees one super bowl win in 30 years wow !!!look out nfl teams

  30. Denver lost because of turnovers. SF lost because of turnovers.

    Do you see a pattern there, denver0718?

    And it’s obviously 2014 has been a fine vintage for sour grapes over in Colorado.

    I suspect 2015 will be even a better year for the same.

    Go Hawks!

  31. @Denver0718

    Yes, one Lombardi in 37 years & the broncos have 2 in over 50. So i guess i don’t understand your criticism. Especially when this superbowl was so reminiscent of those 3 bronco appearances in the 80’s. Those bronco teams had a qb & little else & were also some of the most lopsided superbowl games ever played. Joe Montana was a great qb on a great team & it showed. John Elway was just a great qb in an era when the rules weren’t slanted toward the passing game. If Manning plays in the 80’s, he’s just another qb like his father. If you think the broncos struggled in that game, wait until they come to the clink in the regular season. Those fans will be in an absolute frenzy. It will be an atmosphere that you have to experience to understand & I’m just speaking as a fan. I can’t imagine what its like for a player on the opposing team. Many games I’ve attended I’ve actually felt sympathetic by the end of the game because the fans just don’t let up & that goes back to when they played in that bunker they called the Kingdome. And those were some really crappy Seahawk teams but if they got some momentum & the fans got into it, its an experience that makes your hair stand up. If you’re a fan of them that is.

  32. @denver0718-preseason means nothing but it certainly was an omen of things to come. Denver went into the SB as favored sons. People were looking for an easy win for an offense that dominated the league for an entire season. But in that SB game the Broncos offense looked ordinary. The game slowly, ever so slowly(Esepcially for Seahawks fans), slipped away as the TV announcing crew kept hyping the Broncos offense and how Seattle better score TD’s before Denver’s offense woke up. But then Troy Aikman started to change the tune he sang at the beginning of the game as it became clear that Denver’s offense was DOA for that game.

    49ers were truly the only team Seattle had to worry about all year long. The 49ers and Hawks are mirrors of each other. I know a lot of hawks fans hate the 49ers but I have to give the 49ers their due. They are a tough team in a tough division. Every team in the NFC West could probably have fared better in another division. Seattle and 49ers would have won whatever Divisions you put them in. Arizona could also have won a division. St Louis would have had a better record in a weaker divison perhaps ad won a few more games.

    Repeating as SB Champs will be tough, even tougher in the NFC West. Seahawks are a strong team but destiny and fate play a big role in who wins the big game.

    49ers will be there too, much as I hate to admit it as a Hawks fan. But that 49ers team is good.

    Whoever wins the AFC will have a heck of a time against whatever team wins the NFC. I’d say that the NFC is the hot Conference right now. Like it was in the 80’s. If New Orleans and Green Bay improve their defenses they could be back in the hunt. Carolina is tough. Washington may be on the road to recovery and the Eagles are a big question mark but could be a real threat for a SB ring.

    But for now Hawks fans can revel in our first SB in team history. We may repeat who knows? Who thought Brady was going to turn New England into a dynasty that first SB against the Rams? That’s why we love the game.

    Oh, and Vikings fans. Your team isn’t there….unless we experience the equivalent of Ragnarrok….

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