Lions guard Larry Warford says he wore down last season

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The Detroit Lions found a gem in last year’s draft with the selection of Kentucky guard Larry Warford in the third round.

Warford started all 16 games for the Lions last season and was a consistent force on the right side of the line.

However, Warford believes he wore down last season and wasn’t fully prepared for the rigors of a 16 game NFL season.

Looking back on my last three games and comparing it to my first four or five, the difference in explosion was significant,” Warford said, via Tim Twentyman of the Lions’ team website. “I wasn’t coming off the ball as hard as I used to. I was still getting good movement and all that, but it wasn’t a snap like it used to be. I didn’t realize how much it would tear me down.”

Warford never played more than 13 games in a season in college. With the inclusion of the preseason, Warford played in 20 games last season with the Lions. The long grind of the season eventually started to have an effect late in the year. He expects to be in a better position to handle the length of the season this fall.

Despite his strong performances last year, Warford still feels he has plenty of room for improvement in the technical areas of the game as well.

“I have so much more to improve on,” Warford said. “Honestly, I feel like I didn’t even come close to what I could have done in terms of more technical stuff and technical issues I can improve on.”

18 responses to “Lions guard Larry Warford says he wore down last season

  1. Good for him wanting to improve. He was arguably the best offensive rookie in the NFC last year. If only Stafford had the same attitude…

  2. Warford was an absolute stud last year and seems to have the work ethic to be a future all pro

  3. From my first game watching Larry Warford I was jealous of the Lions getting such a steal at guard. The guy looks like such a stud and has great technique as a rookie. Even listening to him talk about his weaknesses/struggles there is no way this guy doesn’t even get better. This guy will be to the Pro Bowl year after year.

  4. Steal of the draft. 3rd rounder who didn’t give up a sack all year. Seeing him getting out on screens and crushing Palamalu and launching Sean Lee 5 yards were memorable. Very bright future.

  5. don’t care who your team is, that’s what you want to hear from a player. candidness and motivation

  6. If lineman got as much attention as skill players, he would have won OROY. I think he played every snap and didn’t give up a sack. And the way the Lions throw the ball, that’s pretty impressive.

  7. I hope this attitude and work ethic is infectious to the rest of the team… Maybe the other big name guys will live up to half of their potential. This guys self assessment is refreshing to hear. Let’s you know that there are still guys that care about how they play and not just about how “tough” they look for the TV cameras.

  8. Warford was a true find last season, an impressive, intelligent rookie that looks like he could be an anchor for ten years. If the Lions are smart with their picks this year and draft more guys like him, they might finally see some consistent success after decades of misery.

  9. Warford is a hard worker and an exceptional talent on the O-line. I’m glad he recognizes the shortcomings he had in his rookie season, and don’t doubt he’ll work hard this summer to rectify them.

  10. This kid is an absolute stud and PFFs OROY last year. Didn’t allow a single sack and was getting consistent push in the run game.

    He’ll be a long time fixture in the ProBowl, he should have gone last year.

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