Matt Kalil held out of minicamp, expects to be ready in a few weeks

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The Vikings had running back Adrian Peterson back on the field at minicamp on Wednesday, but another member of the starting offense is still limited to watching from the sideline at this point in the offseason.

Tackle Matt Kalil, who was bothered by shoulder issues last season, was held out of practice with an injury he chose not to disclose. He did admit the shoulder contributed to a drop in effectiveness last year, though, and said it was “all fixed.” Kalil does not expect to remain on the sideline for much longer.

“Just some things I got cleaned up. Not a big deal,” Kalil said, via the Pioneer Press. “I’ll be back in a few weeks. Nothing real serious.”

Kalil said he was determined to make 2014 his best season and an inconsistent 2013 didn’t set a particularly high bar for him to clear. If he is able to make a complete return to strength, it would be a big boost to the chances of success for a new-look Vikings offense.

33 responses to “Matt Kalil held out of minicamp, expects to be ready in a few weeks

  1. “New look offense”?? what is new look about it. Same issues at QB as ususal, with pretty much the same decent supporting cast.
    In fact, other than a backup RB and a Redshirt QB in this draft, it will look about exactly the same.

  2. If he slides a bit, Matt Kalil could hang out with new outside backer Khalil Mack!

  3. By saying “inconsistent 2013”, they mean – bad. As in turnstile. His once promising career has been completely derailed by chronic shoulder injuries.

    Even with the 4th pick in the draft, Spieldope whiffed again.

  4. He’s not officially a bust but when you take a player #4 overall in any draft, you expect dominance, all pro status, and a very productive career. But this is the Vikings we are talking about.

    Case in point, when you draft a Qb at #12 overall, is it too much to expect that he starts?

    And yet, Rick Spielman is hailed as a genius. In the land of the blind, the one-eye man is king.

  5. Kalil was a pro bowler in his rookie year, and at least has played full seasons as opposed to the raptor-armed, oft-injured bust Bulaga.

    Fact: over the past 6 years, with fewer draft picks, Spielman has selected more Pro Bowlers than TT. The only difference is that TT lucked out at QB, and as a result, when he comes out of his mom’s basement, he’s labeled a genius.

    Who cares about this stuff right now anyway — Minnesota is enjoying a hockey team that just won a game 7 Stanley Cup series. Wisconsin is, well, watching lake ice melt.

  6. When your draft picks are consistently in the top ten because your prior year team sucks, you SHOULD have Pro Bowlers on your roster frequently. I think it is interesting that with less talent (according to Viking fan experts,) the Packers continue to own the Vikings, year in and year out.

    What are your thoughts on that?

  7. Love the pic. Clay is stuffed and boldly going nowhere! Get used to that feeling this year Clay going up against a 100% Matt Kalil….Can’t wait!

  8. He was in the voting for top 100 players in the league. Lets see where he tops out. packer fans are just jealous that most their offensive lineman end up being busts. Perhaps they could have done a better job protecting Aaron Rodgers’ shoulder. Watch Jared Allen snap it this year.

  9. These gang of troll packer fans have serious issues if they think that kalil is a bust. Haha wow. Thats hilarious. If kalil is a bust than every packer lineman to ever play for the packers are a bust. Vikes got 3 potential pro bowl o lineman. One of the best centers in the league sully. Kalil is always going to be perennial pro bowler. And loadholt is a big mauler who should always be considered if adrian peterson is beasting like he always does. Haha packet fans. Wow.

  10. Cant wait for the Vikings offense to shock everyone
    They were even good last year competing in most the games. It was the defense that gave up 3 games. If they didn’t lose those 3 games we would have had the same record as the packers. If the Vikings can get a consistent game manager qb we will be a playoff team. Its all about establishing a team chemistry when you get a new coaching staff, if they can get that down rite away and start out hot rite out the gates, the Vikings will be competing for a playoff berth. Gotta end up with a winning record or atleast .500 after wk 4. Cant wait!

  11. You guys keep talking about the pro bowl as though it’s a great indicator of talent.

    You do realize that the ProBowl has become a joke, right? That the NFL is trying to phase it out, right?

    I guess I don’t expect too much from a fan base that celebrates division championships from 4 decades ago over other teams League Championships.

    If some of the Packers championships mean less because they won them when there weren’t many teams, how can you celebrate winning a division, when there were 5 teams max? It’s not like you did anything with them.


    (Oh, and Adrian has lost a step)

  12. Theres one word for the packers winning over the Vikings as of recently. Its consistency. They have a coaching staff thats been in place for awhile now. Going from favre (the best qb ever) to Aaron Rodger s (who will finish a top lets say 7 to 10 qb ever) they have had a system thats been in place awhile now. Their system is designed to exploit secondarys and when your secondary has been bad awhile now you better win majority of the games. And the packers only have a few more all time regular season wins over us. Things are a changing packer trolls! Wait and see.

  13. Vikings playoff appearances 46. Packers 49. Haha packers established 1921. Vikings established 1961. Haha. Why have we caught up with such little time. We dominated the packers for a much longer period of time than the packers have us. Its truly not a packer bear rivalry but a Vikings packer rivarly. Its true. Oh yeah bears playoff all time playoff appearances…29… and only god knows what the lions have….

  14. Some interesting facts:

    The Vikings all time playoff record (losing) is 19-27.
    The Vikings Superbowl (losing) record is 0-4.

    The Vikings have finished last in the division in 3 of the past 4 years (losing).
    The Vikings have a (losing) record dating all the way back to the beginning of this millennium.
    The Vikings have lost the season series (losing) to the Packers 4 years in a row, and counting.

    So as we can all plainly see, even going way back in history to when they actually won some, they ultimately lost (losing). Every single time.

    When you boil it down to the root cause that the Viking franchise is perpetually putrid (losing) is because their fans don’t deserve better.

    However, they do have a nice kicker.

  15. Everybody in the NFL; GM, coaches and players are ultimately judged on winning the Superbowl.

    Ted Thompson has a Superbowl ring, Rick Spielman does not. It hardly matters how many pro bowl players are drafted, it only matters if you win.

    Ted Thompson’s squad has won the NFC North for three straight years, in two out of those same 3 years, the Vikings finished dead last.

    Finally, the Packers have made it to 5 Superbowls, winning 4. The Vikings haven’t been to a Superbowl in over 30 years but when they did, they lost all 4. And in the last 5 NFC Championship games the Vikings made it to in the last 30 years, they lost all 5. That’s amazing consistent, consistently choking that is.

  16. Glad to know you actually know the facts. Yes we choke in big games I know the last 5 nfc champ games we lost. Its funny that your qb lost the last one for us!. I just want you to admit there are far worse franchises than the vikings. The vikings are average I know that. Id put them smack dab in the middle of the 32 teams all time. And the vikings are only average because of failure in the big games.If we win a few of those superbowls we are rite up with the pack. What about the bills going to the superbowl 4 years in a row and losing them all. What about the teams that have been in the league awhile now without any superbowl appearances or hall of fame players. You guys talk like the vikings are the worst franchise to step foot on an nfl field when they are not even close. People say things like we are just like the gophers. There is not one college team that could beat in nfl team ever. Vikings are a great regular season team. And there is a qb who is considered the greatest who is only good in the regular season. Why is he gonna be the greatest when he cant get it done in the postseason just like the vikes. I think its amazing that the vikings have 3rd most playoff appearances since the merger. You cant be one of the worst teams in the league with stats like the vikings got. Just think about how many times the vikes could have made it to the superbowl. Please inform me on how many nfc champ games the pack have played in. Thing is your team can talk about the stats we dont have. And we can talk about stats your team doesnt have. Respect the vikings!

  17. The only thing you guys talk about is the vikings finishing last 3 times out of the last 4 years. Big deal. Im not to worried about it. Every team has had their woes.
    Id like to know which team in the nfc north has finished last the most times in a row. Its probably the lions, but it would be intresting to know. Dont make me find all the packers terrible stats. Im sure they got some good ones! They have had troubling times like any team. But like I said going from best qb to play the game to another possible hall of fame qb (if he continues playing the way he does and doesnt have a career ending injury) its something rare. Every team had their shot at Rodgers, everyone passed. If Rodgers didn’t sit behind favre, would he be the bad man that he is! If he ended up on any other team anything could have happened.

  18. What the hell does no respect for winning mean! Im sure that every fan is happy for a win and ‘respect’ the win haha. Anytime my team loses It ruins the rest of the Sunday. Anytime they win it makes the rest of the Sunday much better! No respect for winning…wow…

  19. The “no respect for winning” refers to the lack of respect shown to an historic and winning team like the Packers, by the fans of a rival team that SHOULD show the deserved respect the Packers have earned.

    THAT’S what he meant……and I agree. If you want respect as a Viking fan, you have to show respect. That’s how it works. Bears fans understand mutual respect.

  20. All this history guys….doesn’t mean a thing! All that matters is what happens next!

    Bring on the new season, I just want football!

    Peace to you packer fans, we all love football, we all have ups and downs….I’ve just got a feeling that Zimmer is going to drag us up in spite of Speilman so get used to the new, winning Vikings!


  21. Vikings fans respect packers more than packer fans respect vikings. I cant believe you actually posted that. Do you not read the comments. Do you not see the disrespect that the packer fans show the Vikings. Its very hard for me to not snap back when I see these comments. But I truly respect division rivals. Unlike packer fans do. And all and all your average NFL fan does NOT respect their rivals my friend.

  22. If the Vikings ever become a division rival, I’ll definitely respect them. But they’re really just a division participant, because they’ve never won anything.

    Respect is earned. You Viking fans aren’t entitled to anything.

  23. I honestly believe that any team without a franchise quarterback should use all their draft picks on quarterbacks until they find one.. and at that point start building the rest of your roster..

    As good as the vikings supporting cast is until they find that QB they will never be considered real contenders.

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