Mayock: Bridgewater’s bad Pro Day confuses me, confuses teams


When wearing a helmet and shoulder pads and playing against a live defense during his college career at Louisville, Teddy Bridgewater looked like a very good quarterback. When wearing shorts and a T-shirt and playing against air at his Pro Day, Bridgewater looked like a bad quarterback. The NFL world is still grappling with that disparity.

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock has dropped Bridgewater way down his draft board, and Mayock said today that when he talks to NFL personnel evaluators, they all agree that it’s hard to understand how a quarterback who looked so good on tape could look so bad at his Pro Day.

“The Bridgewater thing has confused me, it has confused teams, but I’d be surprised at this point if he goes in the first round,” Mayock said.

Mayock acknowledged that some people are now questioning him about why he has changed his own opinion on Bridgewater.

“They’re good questions, and I’m struggling myself internally with the Bridgewater thing,” Mayock said. “I’ve always believed that the tape tells everything, so I’m struggling with this because I liked him on tape . . . then I saw him throw live and I didn’t like him at all.”

According to Mayock, this was not your ordinary mediocre Pro Day. It was a Pro Day that calls into question everything that went before it.

“I struggle, tape vs. live, and I think a bunch of teams feel the same way,” Mayock said. “I’ve talked to teams that have been unnerved by it.”

If Bridgewater is falling as far on NFL teams’ draft boards as he is on Mayock’s board, he may have had the worst Pro Day in NFL history.

72 responses to “Mayock: Bridgewater’s bad Pro Day confuses me, confuses teams

  1. I think he’s crazy like a fox. Do well in college so you know you’re starting at a high draft spot, tank a single afternoon so all the terrible teams at the top of the draft skip you, get drafted by a great team at the bottom of the first round that actually knows what it’s doing, profit. Oh, but he’s giving up trillions dropping out of the top 10? Not under the new CBA!

  2. If could be very well that one team told him to ‘throw-it-in” on his Pro Day so that he drops on draft day. This wouldn’t be the first time a player and team has agreed to do that.

  3. Saying Bridgewater is a bad QB because of his pro day is kinda like saying Peyton Manning is a bad QB because he lost the Super Bowl last year.

    And by the way, Mr. Mayock- what kind of pro-day did Peyton Manning have?

  4. After Bridgewater’s pro day, everyone called it mediocre/average/okay.

    Funny that now that it’s time to hype up the draft it’s suddenly ‘the worst pro day ever’.

  5. “… Because you’ll never know which player will show up on Sundays when he has to play. The one from Saturdays in shoulder pads that played very good on game day when it mattered? Or the one that had a bad day on shorts and a t-shirt? I’m telling you, that’s why teams feel more confident with guys that had great combine and pro day workouts even if the film showed time and time again that they were up to no good. Those workout warriors like Heyward-Bey and Vernon Gholston are the guys that teams feel confident with. Nevermind the tape. The scripted throws with no pressure, the 40-yard dash and the broad jump is what the NFL is all about.”

  6. Even putting the pro day aside, the odds of Bridgewater immediately being able to step in and help a club are pretty small. His senior year was actually less impressive than what Gino Smith had. And we all saw how Smith struggled at times last season.

  7. This kid was almost everyone’s #1 QB prospect coming out of this season. He had a couple bad days and now everyone’s jumping ship. Some team is going to get a steal in the 3rd or 4th round if he falls that low…which he very well might.

    Trust the game tape!!! He came from a pro-style offense and had great stats. He may not make some plays like Manziel, but he won’t make near as many mistakes. I’d snag him in the 2nd if I was a QB needy team.

  8. I was confused all year as everyone touted Bridgewater as the sure-fire #1 QB.

    I’d watch him and never saw anything more than “pretty good” — I never was “wow!” watching the guy.

  9. The very first decision the Texans ever made was a mistake, I don’t expect this one to be any different.

    Bridgewater’s bad Pro day is a huge red flag…All that time in an enclosed evironment with his receivers and he still screws up….bad sign

  10. “The best Pro Day I ever saw as a quarterback was JaMarcus Russell” – Mike Mayock, May 30, 2010 on the Dan Patrick Show

  11. Mike Mayock isn’t making picks on may 8th, WHY do we care so much as to what he has to say? He’s been wrong before, why does his opinion matter so much to people?

  12. I think this is going to be a case of a bad pro day being used to override the entire body of Bridgewater’s work in college.

    While I’m not sure that Bridgewater is a top 10 pick (considering players at all positions in this year’s draft), he remains one of the top two or three QB prospects in this year’s draft. Any team needing a QB which passes on him may end up regretting it.

  13. Maybe he’s simply one of those guys that needs the sights and sounds of competition to do well. A ProDay sure wouldn’t give that to him. Personally, I think that there’s way too much emphasis given to these tryouts, as if the scouts, HC’s, and GM’s are trying to guarantee each prospect ahead of actually playing him. A result of the JaMarcus fiasco?

  14. What confuses me is this tape vs. live talk. If it’s on tape it was once live, and it was live against a defense trying to knock his head off. I think I would go with the tape.

  15. Reactionary ability vs. pre-planned spatial knowledge is the death of many a good college QB. in the NFL

  16. Bad pro day, but at least he can read a defense and go through his progressions. No guesswork needed there.

    The other guys, not so much. Bortles and all his NFL “size” throws a horrible deep ball and only completes 50% of his passes over 10 yards.

    Even Johnny “all world” is going to have to learn pocket presence for the first time ever. And after watching Tebow’s throwing motion look great in his pro-day and private workouts and then default to his lifelong habits during game day, I cannot help but wonder if Johnny is also a workout warrior who will default to trying to out run defenders and throwing jump balls when pressured. And at 4.7 forty-yard dash he’s not outrunning too many defenses in the NFL

  17. Bridgewater led Louisville to an impressive bowl win against a Florida State team that had several NFL prospects (from the 2013 draft class: Bjoern Werner, Xavier Rhoades, Tank Carradine, and Brandon Jenkins; from the 2014 draft class: Tim Jernigan, Lamarcus Joyner, Terrence Brooks, and Telvin Smith).

    Bridgewater looked great in that game against top competition. Hard to understand why underwear football matters.

  18. I agree with one of the posters who said he tanked on purpose to avoid getting into a career killing situation. Many of the teams drafting early are no place he would want to go.

  19. This is getting blown out of proportion. For all we know he’s had a fantastic visit with a team who’s keeping their mouth shut, hoping he’ll fall to him. Maybe I’m the only one, but I value what a player has done with a defense bearing down on him than just playing pitch and catch. I’m guessing someone will take him in the first round. Better prediction would be one of the teams at the top of the draft in need of a QB trading back in to the end of the first to get him rather than just letting the Texans take him at 33.

  20. It only takes one team to put 3 years of college games over 1 pro day to make him a 1st round pick. His final year in college he had a 71% completion percentage and 30yds shy of 4,000 yards passing. That don’t happen by accident.

  21. For those teams looking for a QB this year,,,,,,,,,,,,,,roll the dice and hope to get lucky. Bust rate looks high. If you are going to roll the dice why roll them early when you can get just as lucky late.

    QB run will be Late 2nd early 3rd.

  22. I think if you are a QB and you are not a top 5 or so pick, the top of the second round is where you want to go. If you are any good, that fifth year team option would cost you millions, that only say the top five picks cover with their deals.

    I am not saying he is gaming the system, what I am saying is, financially, it may turn out Ok for him to go on Day 2.

  23. Way too much stock put into a Pro Days. Who cares what he does in shorts and a T-shirt unless we’re going to the beach to toss frisbee’s. 3 years of playing college football at a high level tells you all you need to know. Bridgewater can play football.

  24. and btw, I don’t think any of this year’s QBs are gonna go in the top five.

  25. Maybe he’s injured and not telling anyone. Maybe it was just because he threw without a glove and he has such tiny baby hands and baby grip that he can’t throw without a glove.

  26. If i hear another word about Bridgewater’s bad pro day, my head is gonna explode. Thanks Goodell for dragging out the draft an additional 2 weeks.

  27. Someone mentioned this before.

    Just because it was ‘on tape’ doesn’t man it was fabricated like a sitcom – plenty of people who attended those games seen it live.

    Mayocks confusion regarding his own confusion is confusing.

  28. A person that is self anointed draft “guru” struggles between a tape and a pro workout? Really?? Mayock you’re a tool. Take JaMarcus with you!

  29. Rookie contracts aren’t what they used to be. Russell Wilson didn’t worry about a pro day costing him millions – he went out and proved that he is worth millions by winning.

    I’d gladly take Bridgewater in the 2nd or 3rd rd. Let him develop, earn the starting job and have a humble guy work for what he achieves.

  30. Any thoughts that maybe he is trying to collect his 5 mil from his Lloyd’s of London policy? If he drops out of the 1st rd, he is insured for 5 mil. Just sayin…

  31. I think there is a good chance he goes to Houston with the first pick in Round 2

  32. What’s the over under on how many times mayock says “kid” and “tape” over the next 2 weeks? I say 74,678

  33. Hes a bust unless Billicheat drafts him….then hes a first ballet hall of famer and the best pick ever to the media.

  34. What’s with these teams? Paralysis by Analysis. Go with the tape and the scouting. Why put so much into one ‘Pro-Day’? Maybe the guy had gas from eating some bad fish that day?

  35. My 2 cents are that Pro Days are overhyped thanks to the 24/7 media cycle; hell even at my age I’d hit 80-90 pct of scripted throws; and we used to have a term “practice All Americans”

    That said ; the film that has appeared of Bridgewater’s pro day is appallingly bad and even game highlights don’t show much arm strength – round 2 or 3 sounds about right

  36. I think this is completely relevant. Yes, the game tape matters the most but lets not forget about our friend Tim Tebow. He also won a lot of games. He completed over 65% of his throws. Threw for close to 3,000 yds every year and 25 – 30 tds.

    If Bridgewater gets in front of scouts at a pro day and looks awful throwing the ball… that should be a very real concern. Success doesn’t always carry over to the NFL as we all very well know.

    If I was putting my job on the line by investing in a franchise QB I would at the very least want him to be able to look good against air.

    He’s now squarely a 2nd round pick at best.

  37. “Mayock: Bridgewater’s bad Pro Day confuses me, confuses teams”

    Bridgewater being so high on your boards was confusing me …..

  38. Bridgewater has the smallest hands among qbs..the NFL ball is bigger than in college. It makes perfect sense that without gloves he struggled

  39. The draft should have been a month ago, which would have saved us all this needless claptrap from the talking heads.

  40. The truth is he is small; has small hands which will make him prone to fumbling and has a weird loft like delivery with each pass appearing wobbly, a very interceptable ball by NFL standards. Definitely a 3rd round pick.

  41. EZ answer. Bridgewater does not want to play for the Vikings Raiders Browns. Let draft fall so possibly you can be picked up by a good team.

  42. Sure several teams are using Mayock as a smokescreen to perhaps push Bridgewater down so they can snag him with a lower pick…..No doubt that several teams still believe the tape over the workout…..

  43. Screw the pro-day. If he made those type of throws in a real game, he wouldn’t be fit for high school football.

    It’s just one of those things…some team will get a steal.

  44. The truth is… I will be very happy if the Vikings select Bridgewater at #8.

    This guy is the real deal, and maybe whilst not a Hall of Famer, for the Vikings to succeed he need only be better than the average starting QB.

    If the Vikings go in a different direction at #8, then we either luck out and get Bridgewater later, or we select Carr, Mettenberger, or Savage.

    Mettenberger and Savage obviously have some development to do before starting in the NFL, but both have the desired intangibles, with Savage looking like a raw cross between Ben Roethlisberger and Brett Favre.

  45. Past performance is usually a good barometer for future expectations. If the NFL still plays it’s games in helmet and pads at full speed…then I would draft him.

    If they start playing game in shorts, t-shirts and without defenders, then I would take a pass on him.

    That’s the truth!

  46. Really Mike Mayock?!?!? If my memory deceives me, and it doesn’t, wasn’t it Mike Mayock who said Jamarcus Russell ” Had the greatest Pro-Day he ever saw” Pre-draft is starting to make me crazy, and really makes me think that we are all fools to even care about what The Mayocks, Kipers, Mcshays say anymore. Biggest sham in sports….

  47. Difference here is that Mike Mayock regularly admits that he had Russell has having the best QB pro day he had ever seen, and that he has to temper any judgement made about a player who has a better pro day than they showed on tape during the season.

    Not many other so called gurus who are so open about their mistakes.

  48. All the teams that are needing QB help that are picking at the top of the round are going to have to draft a QB earlier than they are worthy of, or they will risk not getting one at all.

    If these guys get past Minnesota, teams can do like the Packers did with Rodgers. Draft him, and let him learn.

    Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Dallas, Denver, New England all have starters over 30, but arent in the QB conversation of needing one.

    Teams like Baltimore ($30 million bonus to Flacco due next year), Cincy (Dalton hasnt won a playoff game), Giants (Eli getting old).

    A lot of teams picking in the middle dont NEED a QB, but that doesnt mean they wont take one if they are available.

    Best spot to be drafting this year is the pick after the first QB is selected. Then all the teams at the top of Round 2 will be begging to trade up with you.

  49. Early first-round quarterbacks are a huge gamble for bad teams. I think Bridgewater might have done himself a favor. Look for a good and/or playoff team to pick him up, coach him up slowly, and watch Bridgewater develop into a top performing and WINNING qb with a stable team and coaching staff.

  50. If you’re not 100% sure about a guy, wait a round and see if he’s still there. Maybe even two. Any ounce of doubt or confusion should be enough to pass in the 1st round.

  51. Mayock & the rest of these scouts are such idiots it’s crazy.

    These people contradict themselves every single year.

  52. It was a bad “Pro-Day”, big deal. They’re throwing in shorts. If he flopped at private workouts then yes, be concerned. Otherwise, go on his history on the field.

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