McCarron’s big talk could bite him

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Quarterbacks need confidence.  Swagger.  To borrow one of Steve Young’s favorite terms, moxie.

But when that self-belief crosses over to delusion and possibly dishonesty, the red flags start a-flyin’.

The flag is decidedly crimson at the quarterback position, where multiple scouts are befuddled by Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron’s recent insistence that he’s being consistently told by multiple teams that a first-round grade has been applied to him — and that he could go as high as No. 16, to the Cowboys.

While ESPN’s Chris Mortensen says there’s one team that loves McCarron as a potential first-round or second-round pick, McCarron’s belief of extensive round-one interest doesn’t mesh with reality.

Then there’s the issue of McCarron’s tattoos.  To be entirely clear on this point, we believe tattoos bear no relevance at all to a player’s abilities.  Still, we’re told that some scouts are put off by the extensive presence of tattoos on quarterbacks.  While concealed on game day, McCarron has an extensive collection of ink.

The tattoo issue was raised (and loudly shot down) in 2012 regarding 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  The year before, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson made waves by explaining on Charlie Rose’s show that Richardson told quarterback Cam Newton to keep his body tattoo and piercings free.

Again, to be entirely clear (is there an echo in here?), we don’t care what a quarterbacks does when it comes to tattoos or piercings.  But some scouts do, and that provides another potential obstacle for McCarron.

Could he be a first-round pick?  Sure.  Teams are like snowflakes when it comes to certain players, with no two opinions being even remotely the same.  Thirty-one teams can loathe McCarron.  All it takes is one to make him a first-round pick.

And if there really is a team that loves him as a potential first- or second-round selection, maybe McCarron’s big talk will prompt that team to pull the trigger in round one.

33 responses to “McCarron’s big talk could bite him

  1. Cam Newton has one of the best images of any qb in the league.

    Stays out of trouble, finishing college this semester, doing community work in Charlotte and Atlanta almost all of the time, clean cut no piercing or tats, setting records, home depot if he has enough time, stuff like that.

    T.O. voice “that’s my quarterback”

  2. Chad Pennington was a damn good QB – smart, accurate, a humble leader….he just lacked arm-strength and eventually, a shoulder/elbow.

    McCarron is a moron who was born on 3rd base.
    Other than the weak arm, I just don’t see the comparison.

  3. Derek Carr has more visible ink on gamedays than McCarron does. Seems like an unfounded, unfair knock on a good kid.

  4. It’s all about being clean-cut. Just look at the Red Sox and their hobo beards. On the other hand, the Yankees with their clean-shaven faces and the World Series they just… oh wait…

  5. I just do not see him getting picked in the first round with all the talent in this draft. Most teams do not draft backups in the first round…and the teams that need a franchise QB are picking in the top 15.

  6. The tats may look beyond pointless (IMO), but it’d be completely dumb to pass on a guy who is a talented player because of them.

    Does anyone actually think Indy would have passed on Andrew Luck if he had these exact tats? I highly doubt it. As long as he had the same talent and character, they’d have taken him #1 every time.

  7. With the fixed salary structure for rookies, it ONLY makes sense to pick a QB in the first round for teams that need one. Even if you fail, you don’t really lose anything. Lots of first round picks don’t pan out.

    He’ll get picked in the first round and I’d put money on it. All this talk is just scouts and execs hoping he’ll fall to them later in the first instead of going in the top half.

    Tattoos? Pfffffft. That’s when you know you’re being gamed.

  8. Hopefully real soon, the league will not allow QB’s WITHOUT tattoos to be starters.

    McCarron will be a stud. I haven’t seen him play once. If the other tattooed QB in the league is any resemblance. McCarron will win multiple Superbowls very,very soon


  9. I love tattoos and have quite a few myself. Wouldn’t care if my QB was covered in them as long as he performed well on and off the field.

    That said, McCarrons tattoo’s look terrible. Especially the chest piece.

  10. I’m not so much worried about his tats as I am that he is slow and fat .

  11. OK…. Let me get this straight. People are gonna have issues with a good kid that has tattoo’s, comes from a good family and has never been in trouble with the law and is a good q’back and yet we allow present players to get away with domestic violence, bomb threats, etc with no justification or suspension? WOW…. I really must be nieve. I just don’t get that?

  12. I too don’t get the double standard between tattoos and kids who actually get into trouble. But here’s the thing… tattoos are are associated with business trouble for a reason. And you gotta be smart enough to know that it can affect you if you choose to go into most businesses.

  13. Back in my day, tattoos and earrings in both ears were considered quite avant-garde. In this day and age I’m more surprised when I see a young person WITHOUT a tattoo.

    They have become so commonplace, that I think the “real” cool kids are the ones who don’t have any, IMO

  14. It’s been said that Mccarron grew up a Cowboys fan. So that’s where you get his whole “as high as 16” estimation/wish. But it all comes down to one team falling in love with the kid. Let’s not forget, Tebow was a 1st round QB. Personally, I think he’ll go in rounds 3 or 4 but you never know what each team is thinking

  15. If a scout that worked for me ever mentioned tattoos in a player evaluation he would be fired on the spot. To waste one second of my time on something so stupid is inexcusable.

  16. Come on, really? How many kids coming out of high school are covered in tattoos? That stops literally zero teams from signing them to their universities and offering them scholarships. If they have talent, NFL teams will line up to draft them and toss big money at them regardless of what kind if art they have on their bodies. I mean, some of these kids commit crimes and still get highly drafted. I really doubt tattoos will affect where he goes

  17. First off, Chad Pennington was a great Pro. He worked hard, played smart and is near the top all-time in accuracy of QBs. Unfortunately for him he never had a full complimentary cast around him with the Jets and Dolphins.

    The Tattoo thing is purely good advice to them because of endorsements. Personally, I and most of the country think it is a fad and looks stupid. One or two is OK to express yourself, but a whole generation is going to look like a big ol’ black-n-blue, sagging birthmark in a few years. Its cool while your young, but 73% all regret them later in life. I just wish I become the Inventor of a Laser Removal system that actually works. More money than Zuckerberg!

  18. I have no idea why people think McCarron has what it takes to be anything other than a career backup. He doesn’t have the arm, the accuracy or the vision of a special quarterback. He has blown his fair share of easy TD passes.

    It would be a reach to take him in the third round.

  19. His words might come ’round to bite him – but his fame-hungry fiance will take him for all he’s worth as soon as she can’t get any more from him.

  20. He’s trying to put pressure on Jerry to pick him. But Jerry wants Johnny Football.

  21. Generally speaking, tats are for short-sighted d-bags. It’s remarkable how trendy it has become to make this type of poor decision. And 90% of the time it is a poor decision.
    Sorry. Just being honest.

  22. The tat thing is more about whether you take the role of face of a franchise seriously. When you have huge amounts of tattoos you’re telling teams you don’t care about that.

    An extreme version of that is someone with neck tats. Good for you, but you’re limited in what kind of job you get. You have the right to have them, and as an employer I have a right to not hire someone who looks ridiculous.

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