Ravens see more draftable prospects this year than in past years

A team known for its success selecting collegiate talent believes there are more prospects worth drafting this year than in other years.

At the Ravens’ pre-draft press conference on Wednesday, assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta said the club had “about 180 players” it had rated skilled enough to be drafted.

In other years, the Ravens have given 140 or 150 prospects a draftable grade, DeCosta said, according to a transcript furnished by the club.

Using those numbers as a rough estimate, it appears the Ravens believe there is at least a 20 percent increase in draftable talent this year relative to other years.

DeCosta believes the increased number of draftable prospects should help the club in rookie free agency, too.

“That tells me that if we’re doing our jobs, we should do a really nice job in undrafted free agency, because we’re going to target a lot of those guys that we think are good players that don’t get drafted and try to add those guys after the draft,” DeCosta said.

The Ravens have had a good eye for rookie free agents over the years, with Bart Scott, Dannell Ellerbe and Justin Tucker among their post-draft signings.

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  1. I read earlier today that Ozzie said teams have already been calling about trading up for the Ravens’ first round pick (#17). Now he says this draft is 20% deeper than normal. Ozzie is telegraphing that he wants to trade down to acquire more picks. I think it is a wise move.

  2. The Ravens are one of the few teams that use their own people to evaluate talent and not use a contractor. I trust they know what they are doing.

  3. I have noticed over the years that there are only a certain number of rookies you can incorporate into your team in any one year, unless you are willing to let serviceable veterans go before their time. If you choose that option, a good portion of your team all become free agents at the same time, making you unable to resign many of them. More than 10 rookie players in unworkable and even that amount is problematic. 7 or 8 is probably the most that you can do without disrupting the team.

  4. Seven rounds of 32 picks or more. That’s over 210 picks. That means, per the Ravens, in an average year, two whole rounds worth of players are drafted that are not “draftable”.

  5. Yes, of course they do. Defections to other teams, legal troubles and lackluster play would make any team see “more draft able prospects.”
    Shame that Ozzie the Great and Powerful hamstrung the organization by signing a QB who only had 4 consecutive good games to his credit.
    Hey, draft away, Oz.

  6. We don’t rely on the same universal scouting notes and grades that the rest of the league shares. The owner has invested the money to have our own full time network of scouts in every region of the country writing reports for the Ravens eyes only. All these scouts have an annual pre-draft gathering to share their knowledge at the Castle.

  7. “The Ravens have had a good eye for rookie free agents over the years, with Bart Scott, Dannell Ellerbe and Justin Tucker among their post-draft signings.”

    Can’t forget Priest Holmes.

  8. And while he was not undrafted, let’s not forget about the 6th rd selection of Adalius Thomas. They know how to find gems in the late rounds and I think that’s one thing that sets their scouting department apart from most teams in the league.

  9. That’s just a nice way to say the team is weak at so many positions that almost anyone can help.

  10. With 8 draft picks, and 4 in the top 100 selections, I expect the Ravens to add more pieces to the strong foundation already in place.

    Otherwise, we’ll have to start overspending for NFL vagabonds and former busts like other teams in the division who are picking ahead of us again this year.

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